Saturday, December 26, 2015

Mika Travels: PART 1: Pom Pom Purin Cafe in Harajuku!

Hello, Hero(ine)/s!

How are you, darling? Today, I wanted to talk to you about the ever-so popular Pom Pom Purin cafe in Harajuku, Tokyo! I suppose it was due time for me to start talking about my travels in Japan. I'll be back in Tokyo this February 15, 2016! (More pictures then?) Ah, I'm so stoked to share my stories and photographs with you all! Tokyo is my second home, after all.

Hopefully I can inspire you all to travel to Japan, too? Please say you will consider!

It was a dream come true for a Purin fan as myself to visit the cafe! He's my favourite Sanrio character after all! (If you're a fan, you should definitely come and visit.) Inside, the interiors are so intricate and delicious-looking~ *mouth waters* Everything is bright and kawaii! The waitresses and employees are also so sweet!

It's a very girly cafe~ So, men who are not fond of cuteness, watch out! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

I saw plenty of Dads looking exasperated with their daughters! 

That's the price of love! 

I'm taking my Dad here next year, too! (Along with Ojipan Cafe!) 



Is that a 'no'? Oh, I think I misheard. That was definitely a yes. Yup. That was a yes. Thank you, Future Darling~

Look at all the cute girls enjoying their lunch~

Can I say I'm part of that group, too? OH HOH. 

Everything is way too cute for my life! I would like to live here. It's such a happy atmosphere. I wish I could take my friends here, too. It's just the perfect place to sit down, chat, chill and have some sweet / delicious treats. I honestly wanted to have everything on the menu! Let me save that though for the next post. ;-) 

In my group of friends, I'm the only one who likes the Japanese version of ~cute~. Well, to be quite honest, I'm the only one among my friends who like Japan.  *shifty eyes in front of friends* They let me do as I please but it would be nice to have friends who like the same stuff you do. Not that I'm complaining of course because my best friends have saved my butt thousands of times and I love them to death!

Pom Pom Purin merch corner~

My Mom and I hauled almost every single thing. Well, mostly my Mom. She bought plenty of things for herself and our house! And boy, were they a burden to carry! ˭̡̞(◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰ Walking all the way home back to Ningyocho was a pain in the butt! Next time, I'll purchase more plushies~ I only got one and until now, it feels like such a huge splurge! 

They are infinitely cheaper there than the Sanrio store here! I'll say that much!

Imagine being able to live this life with the person you love! Ahh! I was speaking about the furniture, too. Oh as well as the adorable animals! It's kind of Snow White-esque if you think about it! This illustration is so much fun! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ Again, I would like to have this life~ And furniture. Just being able to live in such a cozy, cute place gives me those fluffy feelings inside! I know I'm speaking roundabout here on this but... * u * /

I've always loved animals and have imagined living a life wherein I could talk to them. I know it's pretty weird when I voice it out like this, but... I do understand that there's more to them than meets the eye! 

Imagine seeing this in real life! Adorable animals baking! If only I could bring this mural home! I wish they made a merch of this~ ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ I would have bought plenty!

Just look at the squirrel carrying an egg!


The area is incredibly clean and the motif is really simple: PURIN. EVERYWHERE. (゜▼゜*) Yellow, brown and white surround the entire cafe!

Note to self: Buy that pencil case with Macaroon on February!

I came on a weekday afternoon so there wasn't much people. In fact, there wasn't even a line. I just went inside like it was no one's business and the ladies happily accommodated me! ໒( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७ I'm not sure what it would be like on weekends. If you're traveling, please go on a weekday possibly on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays would be great bets.

I've seen the line once from the outside. It reached down the Cube. You wouldn't want to line-up unless you really have to.

Please don't waste your time and line up. Go on a weekday. *has no patience*

I'll post 2 more parts so that would be a total of 3 parts! Food and lastly merch! I was able to get lots of things here for cheaper! (Or so I'd like to believe I did.)


POM POM PURIN IS A GOLDEN RETRIEVER. Not a Pomeranian. His girlfriend's name is Macaroon. Also a Golden Retriever. (๑♡3♡๑)

Like whaaaaaa? Say whaaaaaa? Isn't Macaroon white though?'

Please wait for Part 2! (aka: Mika pigs out! Eh heh heh...)