Sunday, January 24, 2016

FREE! AGF Masking Tapes (Space & Flower)

Hello, Hero(ine)/s!

Remember when I said that I will do my best to review (and own) every possible Free! item? Let's do this! Last month, I was able to purchase Free! items from the AGF / Animate Girls Festival online.   AGF was held last November 7 and 8 at Ikebukuro's Sunshine City. They are quite rare so I'm excited to share them with you all!

If my schedule allows, I can actually go there and cover the event myself? ⌒゚(❀>◞౪◟<)゚⌒ I'll do my best! This is my dream after all!

For today, I would like to do a quick post on the FREE! Space and Flower masking tapes. Ah, I'm quite in love! Each set contains 2 pieces! What a good deal! There are only 2 kinds~ Space and Flower! Space has the Star Night Kuji designs while the Flower has the Flower Afternoon illustrations.

How cute! (๑♡3♡๑)

LET'S TAKE A PEEK! ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

For scrapbook / journaling lovers, this is very appealing! The design on top of the Flower set is really cute! There are mushrooms everywhere and the cast looks like fairies~ Oh hoh! I do hope they make a kuji out of these illustrations! (If you check out the Flower Afternoon multi cloth, they're Taito / chibified versions of the characters!)



(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ I have plenty more items to come~ Please watch out!


Saturday, January 23, 2016

FREE! Starting Days Taito Kuji Figures

Hello, Hero(ine)/s!

Okay, so I know.


*Dave Chapelle voice* I'm sorry. I am sorry.

A girl has to make a living, y'know! Or... study. And play with her chickens and dogs~ Okay, well, mostly study. This future doctor needs to learn her lessons so she can save lives! o(^∀^*)o

Pushing those things aside, look what I have for you guys today! Are you stoked? You should be! Finally, after a long time of delay... *drum roll, onegaishimasu!* 

The HIGH SPEED FREE! Starting Day Taito Kuji figures! 

What a mouthful!


So I lined them up properly not to stir up any ~bias~ 

You guys are so g! 

I have no Free! shipping bias! *coughsSOUMAKOcoughs*

The boxes are so hyrdrolicious.

... are you guys laughing? I hope not! IT'S THE CUTEST THING MY MIND COULD THINK OF NOW AT 12:59 AM! Forgive me!

Or do you guys prefer waterlicious? Hmm...

Haruka-chan, help Mika-neechan to think of a better water-related description! 

The boxes are similar to the previous Taito Kuji boxes. It's glossy, cute and just the perfect size to house these babies in while they wait to get opened by their mommies and daddies! They aren't the sturdiest of boxes so if you'd like to keep them, put them somewhere safe!


OH-HOH! The frowny face of this set goes to Ikuya-chan! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

I know you're just shy, baby!

I honestly really love how much detail goes into Taito Kuji figures. They pack a huge punch for such small, adorable things. I suppose it's true what they say! The best things come in the smallest packages. The characters' personalities are well represented in each of the figures they create. They're not out of character, and they very well be animate! 

Haru-chan's with his usual straight face. Σ(・A゜) No surprise there, right? 

Front face = SPOTLESS!

Turn back, please!

Ikuya: ... Hmph.
Haru: Okay...
Me: *Sweats*

The painting on their hair is scarily smooth and nice. (●♡∀♡) *touches again and again* There's a small part on Ikuya's sleeve that's missed but it's OK. I forgive them. Painting these figures are such a burden, and I can understand if there are inconsistencies! Haru-chan, on the other hand, is perfect!

If there is anything I can comment on (as a whole) is that the base is pretty plain. It does fit in well with the theme, but they could've done more.

They could have added rails or flags at the side...? :(




Look at that happy Mako! ლζ*♡ε♡*ζლ

... Asahi-chan, are you okay? Shall we push our luck again today?


Their front of the figures are perfect. Again. I love how these kujis have the perfect faces. EVER. 



Well, I don't care! I still love him! *pokes figure*

Mako-chan's flawless! *claps*

Who's your favourite in the set?


FREE! Bitter Chocolate Taito Kuji Figures

Hello, Hero(ine)/s!

Who here is obsessed with chocolate? ( ゚∀ ゚) I know I am! One of my good friends Bryan is also in love with sweets. I always see him being poked fun at because of his obsession! I don't think it's that much of a big deal though~ It's kinda cute seeing boys like sweets. All my guy best friends love alcohol and greasy burgers and those comprise 90% of their diet which is almost laughable at times. Ah, youth. I should probably sneak in a lettuce and tomato (or two) whenever we eat out, eh?

Growing-up, I had this obnoxious obsession with chocolate Milo bars. (Those mini green rectangular bars, remember...? AKA: HELL.) I'd mix them with hot milk and it was like a party in my mouth! OM NOM NOM BOM. o((◕ฺ∀ ◕✿ฺ))o

Until I developed tonsillitis and ultimately gave it up because my throat burned for around 2 weeks. I remember weeping as a chubby 7th grader and cursing the creators of the chocolate at the back of my mind.

Bye bye~

Today, I wanted to talk about a new Free! kuji called Bitter Chocolate! Quite possibly one of the cutest! (or should I say chocolatiest? *gets kicked* There's a commercial here about a chocolate drink that says that. I thought it was quite appropriate to say for this collection!)

You can get them at my shop here!


They legitimately look like chocolate figures. I wouldn't be surprised if someone unfamiliar with Free! kujis think they're food! There's something about how they're painted that gives them the illusion of being so! (m*´∀`)m

Haru: I kind-of like this outfit but... I want to swim now.

Haru-chan looks a little bored again! Will I ever see him joyful in a kuji? Maybe one day! I think he's really cute, don't you? He seems to be mulling something over. I also like the way his hair is styled here.

Rin: I don't like this at all. Boo. :P
Me: Stop it, Rin-chan! Just a little longer!

Ah, the ever so cute Rin-chan! He doesn't seem to like this series...? Or chocolate in general? But he is still cute! He has his hair on a ponytail, and it's such a cute detail! Please tell me you love Rin-chan here as much as I do! I just want to give him a hug!

Rei: Oho! I see. We look like chocolate men!

Well, yes, technically you guys are here in this kuji... *sweats* (´・∀・`)

Rei: I see...

Rei-chan seems a little unhappy being near chocolate. Is it because he finds it unhealthy? Oh no! Rei-chan's figures always involve something with his glasses. I think the creators put in a lot of effort in making him. His kujis really represent him well, don't you think so?

Nagisa: I think it's cute, Mika-chan! Eheh.
Me: Yes, Nagisa-chan. But your forced smile says so otherwise...!

The Pink-Yellow combination of Nagisa's kuji is a breath of fresh air! I do enjoy it! But quite strange how his expression is uncomfortable in this one? Am I not seeing it right? I'd have to say that he's adorable! (ノ `・∀・)ノ゙

And lastly, Mako-chan! How pleasant is his expression? He is my favourite in this bunch! Just seeing his calm expression makes me feel the same way! *in Mika's head* Yes, I will be your chocolate man, Mika-chan! 

>///////< SQUEES

Makoto: Eh? I'm not with anyone?
Me: Well, Sousuke's not in this kuji yet...
Mako: I see. I will wait for him then.


OH! Rin-chan puts up a hard bargain! (.﹒︣︿﹒︣.)

He still won't be happy with a kitkat!

(⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)゚ R E J E C T E D ? !

Here they are altogether! What a cute squad! (It's just missing Sousuke!) Please consider getting them! They would be happy to be with you~ (★ ̄∀ ̄★)

Haru: So long as they live somewhere near water...
Rei: I would like to see their papers to see if they followed building code first!
Nagisa: I hope I don't be apart from Rei-chan...
Rin: I don't care who gets me.
Makoto: I'll be happy anywhere so long as Haru's with me... 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mika Travels: Sanrio Puroland Cafe Part 1

Hello, Hero(ine)/s!

So, as you can probably tell... I flipped out when I saw the cafe!

But Mika-chan, you haven't even posted about Puro Land...


My Mom and I already had lunch at the Food Factory upstairs so I was still a bit full when I got here.  (*glutton*) Nevertheless, I force fed myself because Tama is waaaaay too far from Ningyocho (like an hour and 45 minutes) and there was also the possibility that we could get lost so... ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Nah, just kidding. I just wanted to try the ever-so popular Sanrio Puro Land rice meals! How could I not after all?! 

Live while you're young!

A lot of people have also been hyping it in Instagram so why the hell not---?

I'm not sure if I'll be back here in February because I have an entirely different itinerary. (A lot of business stuff...) I already planned to go to Namja Town in Ikebukuro for the Free! event! ( ゚▽゚)/ (And mostly the merch because those are love~) We'll see. But since I may not be able to go to Puro Land ... even if I went out extremely stuffed, I'm glad I was able to try everything I could fit inside my tummy.

Good thing I wore a stretchable dress, right?!

( ◞・౪・) Mika, you and your amazing psychic powers~


Not that I needed to foresee that I was going to eat a lot... that was pretty obvious...

The cafe's separated into two meal stations! You can go to the Puro Land rice meals on the left which I'm guessing are targeted for the girls because of the cute plates~ The other is more of a Ramen based station on the right. (≡^∇^≡) (Probably for the men/adults/boys!) I didn't try anything from the right side because it's really just noodles and I could get that everywhere in Tokyo. The place looks like it's inside a castle. *googly eyes*

The pink chairs and tables made my heart beat so fast! o(〃^▽^〃)o This is my favourite shade of Pink!

In a way, I wish I was still young...? The kids were wearing probably the cutest outfits, and I wanted to do that, too. > w < I'm unabashed by this at all! Do what you love irregardless of what anyone else thinks because it's your life!


The whole time my Mom and I were in line I was going back and forth which to get! I was literally begging Mom to get something just so I could try it but she said she was too full! (Buzzkill...) I still ended up getting two, and I know you're all like, "YOU GLUTTONOUS POTATO!" My response? Yup. But this gluttonous potato had the time of her life because...

THEY WERE SO GOOD! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

I'll talk about them more on the 2nd part~ I think Gudetama's character plate and Kirrimi's are both appetising as well! *sings KIRRIMI's jingle KIRI-KI-KI-KIRRIMI!!!" If I get the chance to return soon, those two are definitely on my TRY list!

*takes notes*

The pretty, pretty interiors on the ceiling~ It's like a Princess's room~ Can I live here, please?

When I was young, Hello Kitty was my life. My Dad would come home from Japan and just shower me with Sanrio. I grew-up quite spoiled. O(≧∇≦)O After all, I was the only daughter. Also in my younger years, I had no female cousins. I was the only girl. In a way, it was a blessing because there was never a time that I didn't get what I want. A lot of people peg me as a spoiled brat but at the same time, I put other people first. I don't really mind that so long as I get to continue my happy life!

The Sanrio character plates are definitely the most popular with the visitors!

... and the boy's section! Don't get me wrong! They still look good! 

But totally uncute... 」( ̄▽ ̄」)

Pink / Strawberry Popcorn!

These were so popular with the adorable kids! MyMelody looks so cute on the logo. 

You can get these mugs when you purchase some of the treats! They'll be filled with chocolate / strawberry mousse and cream and you can bring home the mug it goes in! It's a pretty good deal if you ask me! There are also mochis in small plates that you can bring home! *pokes photos below* 

My Mom and I got the MyMelody and Hello Kitty ones! (o^∀^o)

Halloween special treats!

Forgive me for the blurry photograph! I was so excited!

Did I make your mouths water? I bet I did! o((◕ฺ∀ ◕✿ฺ))o

The Kirrimi Shake salad looks so good~ I wasn't really in the mood for veggies then though! 

I still have plenty of things to talk about regarding Sanrio Puro Land so please expect more of that!


Saturday, January 16, 2016

FREE! Starting Days Taito Kuji Preview

Hello, Hero(ine)/s!

*removes headphones* 

Oh, please excuse me. I was just listening to OLDCODEX's Aching Horns for the nth time.


HIGH SPEED! FREE! Starting Days Taito Kuji!

Well, finally, it's here! (Actually, I got it over a week ago.) Here's a small overview of everything that's included in the set. I'll be having more sets incoming in the near future so please watch out for them! 

Free! Starting Days Taito Kuji Multi Cloth!

What do you think about them so far? Please expect more in the very near future!


Sunday, January 10, 2016

FREE! Sugar Cake Taito Kuji Preview

Hello, Hero(ine)/s!


(I literally actually laugh like this. Old school Hime-sama laugh!)

What do we have here? An unexpected arrival...!

I'm so excited to share this Taito Kuji set with you today! It's 5:49 AM, and I have to be at the EMS post office by 8 (and traffic in Manila is horrible! ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ) so here I am with you all ready to go through probably the best kuji set in existence. (No bias!) This is quite fun to do, and I'll be sure to do more as my other sets come in. I'll be expounding on all the kujis in this set and talk about each item in greater detail within my succeeding posts. (人´㉨`)♡


An overview of the complete an entire 60 pcs mastercase! ヽ( ★ω★)ノ Check out all the lovely pastel colours surrounding the set. The theme is absolutely perfect for my ~discriminating taste~! And by that, I mean, it has to be really cute! As you all know, Pastel Pink is my favourite colour of all time and this set is beaming with it! How cute! (⑅´•⌔•`)*✲゚*。 Also, I've noticed that this is probably one of the more unified cohesive Taito kuji sets. 


I know y'all want this~ *winks* I'll do a review on these and scan each character's but as you can probably tell from the photo that they're pretty fancy to say the least! They come with stickers and not to mention a nail file! How efficient, right? Thank you, Taito, for being so considerate! Now please create more food-themed Taito Kujis! I kindly ask of you!

I have tiny and long fingers so I can't really use these unless I get fake nails. Blessed are those with long slim fingers and nails! I have long fingers, too. But my nails are those mini nails.

Rin and Sousuke's are a must get! It's the first item I began to freak out over when I opened the set, and I was honestly truly pleased. I love listening to these CDs while I'm working on doing blog posts and studying. For some reason, it puts me at ease! Right now, I'm currently listening to Rei and Nagisa's. Theirs is the most fun (in my opinion)! ( ິ•ᆺ⃘• )ິฅ✧

But I'm sure you guys are all wanting MakoHaru or SouRin's right...? *nudges*

It pains me to see that Sousuke was already included in the drama cd but was neglected in the other parts of the kuji. I thought he was such a popular character that honestly had a rightful place in line with the other characters.

They didn't make a MakoRin combination!!! (Shut up, Mika. You ship everyone with everyone.)

I am slightly disappointed.

Actually, wait a minute! 



The boxes are so colourful. ٩(๑∂▿∂๑)۶♡ Just being able to see the box makes me so happy! They're also of good quality! Please try wearing them on the lapels / collars of your shirts. I'll do the same! How adorable to have these babies on!

*wiggles eyebrows* 


More is more, indeed! These are A3 sized and are large! They're poster sets that can be used to decorate your walls~ Who doesn't want to see these when I wake-up?! *is currently staring at hers* Sigh, Rin. \(●⁰౪⁰●\)(//●⁰౪⁰●)//

... and the most sought out item in every Free! Taito set! Free! Sugar Cake Taito Kuji Figures!

BUT... THEY DIDN'T ADD SOUSUKE. ✧(๑✪д✪)۶ㅂ٩(✪д✪๑)✧

My heart is bleeding... a lot.

Imagine a Free! Taito Kuji Sugar Cake ver. Sousuke! I dare you not say that was a missed opportunity! 

Alright, alright. I'll give them credit though. These may be the cutest things I've ever laid my eyes on. ( ˃̆ૢ௰˂̆ૢഃ ) I'm not even kidding!

I hope you enjoyed my first thoughts on these! Please check out Heroine Complex for more! (༶ૢ˃̵̑◡˂̵̑༶ૢ)


Saturday, January 9, 2016

FREE! Flower Afternoon Taito Kuji Figures

Hello, Hero(ine)/s!

Don't you just adore flowers? There aren't much flowers during this Winter season but I still love seeing them as decorative motifs anywhere! (Especially on Cath Kidston items!) How's your holiday so far? Mine's been so amazing! Compared to last year, I made tons of people in need happier by helping out in my parents' charity events at our province, gave to way more people and reached out to a lot of people! I think that's what the holidays is about any way! It's to remind other people that they are well loved and important!

Back when I was in Tokyo last October for Halloween, one of my favourite shops stocked these Flower Afternoon kujis! They were already out of their boxes, and you could purchase individual characters. I believe this was what sparked my love for these adorable figures (and not to mention series!)~ I bought 2 Makotos back then thinking that I would just like one! When I look back, I'm glad I pursued kujis~ They are such fun figures to have!


I love them all! o(〃^▽^〃)o

Is it possible to buy just one? I don't think so.

But seriously, the Flower Afternoon kuji set is one of the most memorable sets for me not only because it's the first set I was able to complete but they are all just adorable. I know I say ~adorable~ a lot in my blog but is there even another word to define these kujis? Nope, there aren't. I'll say it as often as I please! When you line them all up together like this, the cuteness magnifies up to a million! 

My Mom loves this series a lot as well!

These were released on September which is entering in Autumn. Quite strange they'd release such a Spring-themed collection at that time, eh? I'm not complaining though! 

Rin-chan! The bird's flying towards his arms. He must have it trained or something! This is definitely my favourite kuji in the entire series. 10 points to you, son! (⋆ʾ ˙̫̮ ʿ⋆)

Rin: "Look and see what I can do!"

Me: *claps* So proud of Rin-chan!

Haru looks like this shy guy who wants to give you a flower. His expression can also be interpreted as someone who looks completely disinterested. Haru-chan: "Hold it like this? Err, okay. Are we done yet? Ho hum." It depends on your perspective but I'd rather think of it as the latter! (Only because I believe in Haru! HA HA HA!) ♡✧( ु•⌄• )

His head looks shiny! Ahh, so black~ o(`・∀・´)○

Nagisa-chan's hair has been used by a bird! Be careful not to keep that bird on your head, baby! Or else it might lay an egg on it! (‐^▽^‐)

And of course Rei-chan's glasses take centre stage on his figure! Is it just me or does it look a bit big on his face? 


Let me go back to saying that these figures are painted quite well for something so small! I own plenty of figures and some have really messy paint jobs! Taito kujis are done good for a margin of the price. They have a slight sheen on their paintwork. It's a particular detail that I enjoy! Makoto's hair color is also very accurate! * u *


Of course! How could I ever forget these two~ UGUUUUU~ I have no words! Is it just me or does these two look good together? That is to say the other is smiling, the other is frowning! Oh no! > w < I also have the tendency to blush when I photograph these babies together. (Can anyone guess why?)

This is how I imagine it's playing out in my head:

Sousuke: Please hurry and take the photo already, Mika-san. I would rather train myself than do this.
Mika: Sousuke-kun, please smile...!
Makoto: Ah, maa maa~  I'm sure she'll take a good photo! ^ o ^ /
Sousuke: This is the best I can do.

Sousuke---! SUCH A VIRGO!

Please consider getting a Sousuke merch and putting him together with Mako-chan! It's such a refreshing pair~!  ҉*\( ‘ω’ )/*҉

You can put them together back with Haru or Rin but... maybe you'll like these two together if you give them a chance? Eh, eh? Who knows, right? *wiggles eyebrows*

This was such a fun article to write~ I'm definitely doing more in the near future! Enjoy your holidays, everyone! *hugs you all* ⊂((・▽・))⊃


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Mika Travels: Part 02: Pom Pom Purin Cafe in Harajuku!

Hello, Hero(ine)/s!

LET ME BEGIN BY SAYING THIS: I LOVE POM POM PURIN AND HIS FRIENDS. PuriRoon forever! <3 (Purin + Macaroon, okay~) ⊂(♡⌂♡)⊃

I've read plenty of blogs that say that the food in Pom Pom Purin cafe's pretty average. I'm a see (or should I say eat...?) to believe person so no 3/5 review was gonna stop me from running all the way to Q Cube and eating there! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

I was actually pretty surprised! Where I come from, this is already pretty high class! (I know a lot of you guys are all ~Poor Mika, she must come from such a horrible place to consider food in Pom Pom Purin cafe as high class~ well, I guess... in a way! o(〃^▽^〃)o) All I can comment on is that the foods are a bit overpriced for what you're getting so unless you're willing to shelve out cash then this isn't really the place to be!

But please do visit if you're in Harajuku! It was such a happy and fun time for me! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, and I do plan on returning this coming February! 

I went around a week before Halloween!

I kept this placemat and brought it home! I thought it was too cute to just leave behind! I have it in my clear file. I want to be able to see these cuties 20 years from now and remember the beautiful moments I had! I'm sure I'll be crying happy tears in front of my future family~ Ah, to be able to relive these moments! 

Note: If you're going to travel, always bring a clear file with you to keep your tickets, souvenirs and goodies!

The menu! (๑′ڡ‵๑)۶४४yϋᵐᵐӵ♡॰⋆̥

Now please don't tell me you don't want to eat and try everything! What I did ordering plenty of stuff was totally justified! I've always been pegged as 'takaw tingin' or in English someone who orders a lot because everything looks good. I don't mind being called greedy! You never know when they might change their menus after all.  (ˆ ڡ ˆ)

They haven't changed their menu but whatever...

Carpe diem!

I kept the coaster, too! You only get one per drink.

The Cafe Latte was a bit too sweet in my opinion. And that's coming from me who adores anything sweet. The whipped cream was rich and glorious~ (ノ≧ڡ≦) It had a milky taste which is making my mouth water just by thinking about it! The syrup was your kind of generic but over-all, I loved it! It makes me happy just knowing that I've had this at some point in my life!

KAWAII OVERLOAD! *foams at mouth* ᕕ[ ˵ ☯ ڡ ☯ ˵ ]┐

I won't order it again simply because there are other items on the menu, but it was really delicious.

I know, I know. I sound a little enthusiastic over this. If you were there, you'd feel the same way, too. TRUST ME.


*mouth waters*

*Scientist voice* The taco rice was definitely brilliant!

Everything about this meal was perfect. It still had the typical Mexican elements and taste to it but had a Japanese twist~ It doesn't taste as strong or flavorful as what you'd get in a typical Taco Rice (WHUUUUT, MIKAAAAA. WHUUUUUUT?).  ( ՞ ڡ ՞ ) It was really mild! Was it just me or was it a bit sweet, too? If I had a daughter, I'd take her here the very moment we land in Japan. Heck I'd take my son here! Kids are definitely going to enjoy! 

I sound like a Mom... but that's the dream.

Pom Pom Purin's face was drawn on a chocolate pen! Also his hat is a portobello mushroom! Ahh~ Kawaii! I can't begin to explain how much I gushed the whole time. > w < 

The squirrel's sour cream! OH HOH HOH! Σ_(꒪ཀ꒪」∠)_

Need a little sweetness in my life~  ( ՞ ڡ ՞ )─∈

The fruits on the side have this syrup on them and it's so good! It tasted so fresh~ It's quite rare to have this quality of produce where I'm from so whenever I get the chance to eat such delicious fruits, I gobble them all up within 10 seconds after receiving my plate! Everything looks so cute and is presented so well. I love this so much! The pancakes had delicious cream on the centre and it was so yummy! It was a bit expensive but totally worth it!

You get to keep the container after your meal! (Actually, they'll give you a new one in a box!) 

I won't order it again for the sake of other items on the menu... but it really was good! (っ˘ڡ˘)っ─∈

I was about to be rolled out Takeshita Dori (OR THE NEAREST HOSPITAL) because I was so damn full after. But I couldn't! I couldn't help it! *COVERS FACE* Please don't ever stop me from eating in Japan. I'd rather starve for days and save my money than not eat everything I want in Tokyo.

Mika in Japan: OM NOM NOM NOM NOM ٩(♡ε♡ )۶