Friday, January 1, 2016

Mika's Diary: 3-Day Juice Cleanse (Day 01)

Hello, Hero(ine)/s!


I say that a lot even in real life. Whenever I greet my best friends, I say, "Hey, it's my favourite hero~". I think everyone can be a hero or a heroine if they choose to! I've had a major Heroine Complex even as a child. I've always wanted to save people, and honestly, I think I'm doing a really good job at it with all the charity works I've been doing~ Upupu~ 

I hope I make even more people happier this year! ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

My best friend Kana and I have been mulling over doing a juice cleanse. We have a hectic life in our university and although our schedules don't pile up as much as those who join organisations and whatnot, we have our own businesses/projects to take care of. (灬♥ω♥灬) As for me, I handle not only Heroine Complex but my family's resorts and farms, too! (as well as this amazing opportunity I will talk about in the near future!) I never really have the time to plan out my meals. During our breaks, we just go to Maginhawa (which is near our university) and eat whatever we fancy.

We should probably invest in Crazy Katsu by now because we are there almost every lunch time.

Anyway, we didn't try cleanses from the same place. She got hers somewhere else near her place in Makati and decided to take up 5 days. Crazy! Kana-chan, don't push yourself too hard! (๑♡⌓♡๑)

I only choose 3 days because I know it would be such a shock to my system. I bet right now as I do my 3rd bottle, my organs are like, "WHERE'S THE SUGAR! WHERE'S MY CUPCAKE?! WHERE'S THE CHOCOLATE?! IS IT THE APOCALYPSE?! MIKA-SAMA, ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!?!?!?! *panics*"

And somewhere in my body, there is a quiet organ called 'Liver' who is somewhere in the Caribbean chilling out. Have a nice 3 day-vacation, ne? Σ(*ノ´>ω<。`)ノ

Now before you do this, I suggest do some research first! I've always read about cleanses in magazines and health articles so I was quite familiar. I knew that there were certain side effects such as major hunger pangs, food withdrawals, lightheadedness/dizziness, tiredness, etc. I thought I was prepared to do it because I was used to fasting. It's still a different experience doing one though! I feel so different... and not necessarily in a good way.

Please check it out with your doctor first if you have any medical conditions. Over-all, I'm really healthy and have no underlying conditions so I went ahead with it!

The swiftest and most potent combination of our signature juices in terms of toxin flush and rebooting your system. Created with maximum micronutrient intake to boost nourishment to the vital organs such as the stomach, kidneys and liver at the time when they are most receptive, during minimal function, or during a juice fast. Also ideal for people who take regular maintenance medication or those who have recently taken antibiotics and prescription medication.

If only there was a cleanse for my soul. Heh. (≧д≦ヾ)

God: *stares from the distance and prepares a 100 bottles of holy water*


You're supposed to drink it in the morning, mid-morning, lunch, mid-afternoon and dinner. They give you 2 packs of teas to drink during lunch and dinnertime, too.

8 AM: (Green) This ain't so bad. It's actually really good! I'd drink this on a normal day with a meal. I don't mind it at all. They taste really refreshing. Alright, I'm feeling healthy already! I'm used to skipping breakfast so this feels like a breeze. On to work! 

12 PM: (Green) Whoops. Forgot to drink mid-morning. I'm feeling extremely lightheaded as I work on my shop and government requirements. I take my tea and continue with typing. Everyone here's eating delicious food and here I am drinking juice. Ah, well. For the sake of health and a long life!

5 PM: (Gold) Dizzy. Dizzy. Dizzy. I can't focus on my work. I've taken as much water as I can. The shock that I haven't eaten anything and didn't really fast / eat healthy or do any pre-cleanse ritual is showing. I'm alright but it's getting a bit hard to focus. I double my intake of water and drink some vitamins. This is really good though. Now if I can only eat some meat to go with it.

8 PM: (Green) YAAAAAAAAAAAAWN. I feel so sleepy. My body had difficulty adjusting without a cupcake or two. I feel healthier definitely and I didn't bloat today... but I'm yawning 90% of the time. I think I'll be sleeping earlier today. I need to finish everything before I actually fall asleep. Why is my Youtube only showing videos of people eating? 

9PM: (Lemon) I'm okay. My senses are heightened 10x and I can smell things from far away. (LOL.) This is really early for me to rest, but I'm feeling tired. I feel extremely good but my body doesn't seem to like the idea of this just yet. It's craving for a lot of things. I suppose it's because I've been living off from fast food and sugary treats. Off to bed~

First day is up, and I'm OK!

As a person who does things on a whim, it was hard to stick to a schedule. You really have to be disciplined with this. ଽ (৺ੋ ௦ ৺ੋ )৴ I didn't eat or falter, but I had to distract myself from thinking about food. (FOOD'S MAH LYFE) /(@゚ペ@)

If I'm able to keep up with the 3 days, I'll definitely extend up to 2 days. My body is toxic because 1.) I used to drink antidepressants and other medications. I was sick for the past 3 years on and off the hospital so I had to do this. (;^◇^;)ゝ My body deserved justice because for something so fragile, it was able to keep me alive / sustain me and I thought it needed it, 2.) I needed to kick-off the year with a high note and decided that I'd prioritise myself and 3.) I have the money and might as well invest in myself.

2 more days! Let's see what happens!

So far, I think I might start doing a 3-day cleanse every month! (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。