Saturday, February 27, 2016

FREE! Starting Days Taito Kuji Pouches

Hello, Hero(ine)/s!


Forgive me on the inconsistencies of the photos!

The weather is acting weird today. It'll be really sunny the go cloudy and fade darker. Strange enough, December was hardly cold. When I was younger, it would begin to feel chilly around November. Now, it's that pre-December weather in January. How strange. Climate change is real, people.



Today, what I have for you all is the new HIGH SPEED! FREE! Starting Days Taito Kuji pouches. It was one of the items that I was truly excited about in this set! (What a mouthful to say though!) Anything that has Taito's FREE! character designs make my heart go doki doki~


Now, I don't like sugarcoating anything... but these are wonderfully vibrant! When I first saw them on Taito's website, I was a bit... meh. How sad are the colours? I loved the designs but they looked really pale on the product photos. 

What a nice surprise! 

I didn't expect the colours to be this bright. As I took them out of the box, I was like, "YAAAAAAS!" I can get down with these. I'm a convert! I also like how they're packaged. You can also see what you're getting unlike the pin charms where it's a gamble as to which character you're getting.



I don't necessarily have a favourite ship (*coughs SOUMAKO*), but I do know that a lot of you guys have a bias with these two! And quite frankly, I don't blame any of you! I love these two together as well. Actually, let me just ship everyone with everyone! Free! characters are so lovable... it doesn't matter who you pair with anyone!

*is clearly excited by the idea*

Go crazy, yo!


Asahi and Ikuya baby! 

This pouch is quite nice. They took the time to make both sides different. <3 I like this side better because Asahi-chan is here. ^ o ^ /

So much blue! These are the same illustrations used for the Taito Kuji figures~ They have the same design on both sides!


This one's pretty basic but rather really cute!

Which is your favourite?