Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mika in Tokyo: Oji-Pan Cafe! (Part 1)

Hello Heroes and Heroines!

I will be returning to Tokyo on May 23, 2016. I've currently scheduled this post on the 26th of March so that's still a long way to go (2 months) but I thought I'd tell everyone now lest I forget later on and end up worrying some people! I queue all my posts simply because I never really have the time to post during the weekends as I have classes on Saturdays. This term has been a period of adjusting as I go along and... it still annoys me at this point.

Also, err... note to thyself: buy a chiropractic bed. My back has been aching as heck. I cleaned up all my shop's stocks earlier and organized everything as well as carry all my boxes from the post office. Now my lower back is aching... Darn.

Sort of-like my favorite middle-aged Panda... Oji-Pan!

See how smooth my intro was eh, eh? *nudges you*

But, no, seriously... my back legitimately hurts. *puts salonpas all over* I remember buying around 3 20 piece packs in Tokyo over at Tomod's. I tend to live a rather sedentary lifestyle though I do exercise regularly.

Inside the cafe!

At first, I was a bit intimated to go inside. I thought it was closed. Good thing a nice staff member saw me and went outside to take us in! Arigatou, Manager-san! I still feel a little bit shy when I speak in Nihongo. It's my fourth language, and I am certainly no good at it yet. I still have a lot to learn but my travels are helping me out a lot! I'm growing with confidence as I go along! FIGHT-O!

It was a sunny day in Harajuku and what perfect way to top off your day but with some Omurice! (Well, not really some... but a lot.) I've been meaning to visit this place again~ Oji-Pan cafe isn't as popular as Pom Pom Purin cafe but let me be the first to say that their meals are just as amazing! My Mom absolutely loved their eggs!

I believe Oji-Pan wins in terms of simplicity! You can certainly bring your boyfriends here! Ho ho ho! (Without having them feel an air of despair!) It's a guy-friendly place if you ask me! Certainly they should go anyway if they truly love you!

Future Darling, I shall bring you here! And you will have no choice. *sends kisses into the future*

God, I pray for a kind Prince to come to me!

The interiors are bright and happy! I was extremely ecstatic to be here! Their set-up is easily one of my favourites. There's an air of vibrance that keeps me at peace. I would like to have a colourful home in the future with bold colours that play well with Earth tones.

Forgive me, as a Libra, design and balance is my thing. I love to talk about these kinds of things whenever I get the chance. It gets a bit gloomy in the Science part of the academe every now and then. *sweats*

Moving on!

The kind waitress brought the window blinds down because it was so bright~ How thoughtful! The place is strewn with childlike elements that surely will bring your ID out! ^ o ^ / I'm sure anyone who visits will be feeling extremely giddy~ I know I was. *coughs coughs I am always giddy*

Such a wonderful place, ne?

Look at the Panda footprints on the floor! * u * The Japanese are so attentive to detail! You'd never see something like this in the Philippines! 

The menu~

Next time, I'll have to try the Carbonara! I loved their Omurice meals so much that I couldn't fit anymore pasta in my tummy!

Doesn't everything look so good...!?

*stomach grumbles*

OH. OH. OH. Did that disturb you?


Apparently, they don't sell much merchandise. They're not even selling the Omurainu Tsum Tsum or the plushes. >__< I was gravely disappointed. Some of their meals come with freebies (as I will explain on my follow-up post) but they don't have merch. I'm assuming it's because Oji-Pan is relatively new but I'd expect more items up for sale at this point! I would have bought everything. I am serious! 

I've always wanted a middle-aged Panda somewhere in my collection!

Ah, this is so cute! The condiment area has so much finesse! 

More shots of the interiors~

Oh~ Hello, Oji-Pan! <3 *waves* I would have liked to bring this adorable Panda home but my Mom would certainly freak out about that.

AHHHHH~ Doesn't the interior feel like such a breath of fresh air? It's so lovely. I'm so thankful God allowed me to go here. My heart is very happy, God! Thank you so much!

If the lights don't convince you about how detail-oriented the Japanese are then I'm pretty sure you may have vision problems! >__< I am so appreciative of the little details!

Oji-pan learns to cook! I know someone who would have been laughing if I shared that last image on the right~ Ah, too bad we are no longer speaking. There are so many things I want to tell him.

I hope you enjoyed my short post on the Oji-Pan cafe! I'll post a follow-up with the meals soon!


Saturday, March 19, 2016

Adores x Dance with Devils Collaboration Cafe (Second Visit)

Hello, Heroes & Heroines!

I'm still a but woozy from my trip.

(I'll be returning in a few weeks to Tokyo after my responsibilities in Uni.)

When you live your life 70% of the time in a tropical country and in those rare occasions return to Tokyo (or somewhere with a cooler climate), it can definitely mess up your system. Whenever I go back to Tokyo on a January or February, I steel my mind and try not to think about the weather. In the Philippines, our weather ranges 20-28 degrees even worse during the Summer. In Tokyo, I've experienced 15 degrees as the hottest. It just plays tricks in my head!

If you know me personally, you'd know that I don't deal well with the cold. I love taking naps in the afternoon when the sun is beaming out. My best friend Kana knows this all too well. Whenever we have sleepovers, I'd open the AC but pile on 3 blankets on me! 

I know, I'm... weird.

A part of me didn't want to post this at all. I refuse to believe that when I return in a few weeks, there will be no more Dance with Devils cafe! (It's just a collaboration cafe... I know, I get it.) It feels bittersweet. For people in Tokyo, I'm assuming they're used to it. I tend to have attachments to certain places hence it makes me sad to know that it'll be gone by then. 

Moving on, these photos were from my second visit. I'll post my first visit soon~ These photos were on my camera roll first so I thought, 'Meh. Why not?'. I took over 100,000 photographs and I just couldn't bother to sift through all those photos at that point. The day before I left Tokyo, I returned to the Dance with Devils cafe to say my goodbyes. It was a rainy day and after going to Animate, Mom asked me if I wanted to visit for the last time. I hesitated at first because  as my Mom is rather conservative and going to a cafe called 'Dance with Devils' for the second time...?! I was a bit embarrassed. However, my Mom is a trooper and allowed me to go anyway. AKA: 'Pinagbigyan'.

Disclaimer: I have only reached Episode 02 so forgive me for not being able to fan girl about this!

This was at the third floor! 

The third floor of the plaza is where they sell merchandise from the Adores collaborations as well as exclusive crane games. Their Akiba location isn't that spacious to put these up so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw them here. There were standees of the Diabolik Lover boys as well as chibi standees of the Boueibu babes at their respective cafes so I'm glad they did one for Dance with Devils! 

*eyes goes to the Pomeranian*

Who as I edit this a week since I began this draft is actually Roen. Woops. Spoiler?

*sees Rem's ballet flats*

*looks at shoe organiser and sees that I have something similar*


They could've given him some stylish boots! That's all I'm saying.

I still love you, Rem.

Some girls borrowed the guest book so I couldn't photograph it here! 

Ah, I love this display so much! 

Look at Roen being the adorable baby he is! 

Yes, as I write this, I am now aware that Roen is the Pom. 

There is something about this series' color scheme that appeals to me a lot. I also do love this anime's art style. It's definitely unique and the color scheme is pleasing to me. I heard from Kuri that they're turning this into an otome game so... ooh! 

God, if you're listening, I would like a reverse harem in my life, too!

If you follow me in Twitter, you'd know that my main plight for the entire trip was to visit the anime cafes. I didn't really visit for the anime itself because at that time, I had no clue about what Dance with Devils was. I just wanted to experience the feeling of being at an anime cafe. I was truly happy and they were honestly the highlight of my trip! I'm glad I did this!

Before leaving, I bought myself Rem-chan's tumbler which I now use for school. (Yes, I do parade my fandoms. I am not ashamed one bit.) I also got Mage and Shiki for two customers! Their chibi arts are distinctive and unique! I love them so much! <3

Oh, how I wish I bought a Lindo for myself! 

Thank God for Yahoo! Auctions, eh?

I'm slowly growing to become more partial of Lindo. For Ritsuka, I think Rem's the guy for her. For me? Well, definitely Lindo! 


... I'm not gonna -sama anyone. Ever. It's just not gonna happen. 

Not at my age. Nope.

The Lindo posters were sold out when I got here already. 

Y'all fangirls are savage!

//myself included

Shiki's were also sold-out. I guess the sadistic type is still popular, huh? Well, I guess they are quite appealing if you ask me. Although I'd probably join Shiki in that category... *jumps to that category with him* I do love this spirit of ~fangirlness~ that overwhelms the atmosphere whenever we go to an anime cafe. Something about it is so great!

On my second visit, I definitely ran up to Rem's table! There were still plenty of empty spots when I got there so I chose to sit on Rem's side!

Since I'm still in the early episodes of the show, my favourite may still change. I am starting to appreciate Lindo's character even more as I do love the big brother types! Also, Lindo's voice is so HNGGGGGGGH. 


When you enter, you can ring the doorbell if no one's around. The staff are usually inside the cafe serving the guests!

The ending theme played on and on. I can honestly day that I've memorized it at this point!

Of course they had every right to loop the OP and ED so it... did get a bit annoying. I like quiet and peaceful places so as a newcomer, it did overwhelm me!

You get a coaster per order of any meal! 

They're unfortunately random though so even if you ordered Rem's meal, you can still get another character's coaster. For my visit, I ended up getting Shiki, Roen and Urie~

At the end of your meal, you can also get your placemats depending on how many items you ordered 1 order = 1 placemat! It's the same as the coaster rule. If you would like it laminated, you need to pay an extra 100 yen!

I ordered Rem's drink and Lindo's stew? 

(If anyone can tell me the specific translation to their meals then I'll be most grateful! I would like to know about them, too.)

I believe it was beef stew with tomatoes not so much as a curry! I loved the extra touch of tomatoes as it gave the dish some form of acidity. The egg inside was so fresh! I don't know how the Japanese are able to skilfully prepare eggs~ They're soft on the outside and fluffy on the inside! Ah~ This is heaven for me though I know people in Tokyo probably eat better for less...

Also, yes, yes. I'm sure you noticed... my 3DS XL is falling apart. I'd buy a new one but I have to prioritise my business first. 

Somewhere at the sidelines:

Though that image of my friends weeping and wiping their tears with handkerchiefs makes me feel uncomfortable considering 90% of my friends list and friends in general are men.



A lot of people are going to argue with me that collaboration cafes' food aren't that good. Personally, I wouldn't go as far as to say they're not delicious. They taste basic but you can always count on the fact that they are presented quite well and consistently. What you see on the menu? That's really what you get. Same portion size and exactly what it looks like. It's as though it stepped out from the menu itself!

Over-all, they are expensive for what you're getting. But being able to surround yourself with other girls who are in that same fandom and with your favourite anime? Priceless. It's always an enjoyable experience so if you have time and extra cash, please do visit these cafes!

I'll upload Part 01 soon! 

God, please let me visit more cafes! I couldn't have done this without You. 

Ah, I'm truly blessed indeed. Thank you for reading!


Sunday, March 13, 2016

FREE! KyoAni Shop Eternal Summer Birthday Party! Rubber Straps

Hello, Heroes and Heroines!

... I finally did it. *cue in dramatic music*

I completed the entire FREE! ES Birthday Party! rubber straps. They began preorders for these items waaaaaay before I began my FREE! collection so I thought they would be so pricey in the aftermarket! Thankfully, they were still... reasonable. I got most of these for a good price. I believe only Nagisa's strap was the most expensive item I paid for at 2200+ yen (locally converted)? Other than that I'm quite pleased!

God, you are so good!



Ah, I treasure them all so much!


Saturday, March 12, 2016

[Haul] Listen Flavor and Art Book Haul from Tokyo (last October)

Hello, Hero(ine)/s!

So by the time I post this, I'm probably in Tokyo or have returned from Tokyo (depending on my queue) but here are the items I hauled on my birthday trip to Japan last October. I thought these items deserved a place in my blog anyway. I promised myself that I wouldn't post any haul posts... but, meh! (´∇ノ`*)ノ These are such lovely items that I cannot not share them with you!

So much happiness~ Fuwaa~ Fuwaa~

I will surely haul more items in my coming trip that's for sure! I've already made a list of what I'll purchase. Huzzah! I'll do my best! ( ᐛ )و

I got to the Harajuku Listen Flavour shop! The salesladies there was so nice and accommodating. There was one particular lady who was wearing the Chiaki Nanami sweater. (*pokes on the photot*) My mom didn't want to go in because of the ~designs~ but the lady stayed with me the whole time and spoke to me about my favourite series! She asked me if I loved Danganronpa and if Nanami was my favourite character! _へ__(‾◡◝ )>

Of course she is!

I'll never forget her!

... and the art books + books I purchased!


Sunday, March 6, 2016

HIGH SPEED! FREE! Starting Days Part 02 Taito Kuji B Figures

Hello, Heroes and Heroines!


I bet I know what you're thinking right now. "Mika, why are you starting with the B figures if you haven't finished the A figures yet?" Well, they were the first kujis I saw, and I was extremely stoked at Sousuke being included! How is any Sousuke fan not gushing at the thought of him being in this set? Come on, guys! I'm sure y'all are more excited for the second set? Yes? Yes! 

You can get these from my online shop here!


I am so happy! 

The boxes are so cute~

*calls out Sousuke and Nagisa to the front*

Mikacchi: Sousuke-chan! Nagisa-chan! Please walk to the stage~
Nagisa: Present!
Sousuke: Let's get this over with.

Sousuke...! So cold!

You're lucky I love you!

They're your usual adorable Taito Kuji figures. Much like their predecessors, however, their current design is far simpler.

Free! producers are really doing their best to market 


January-March 2016 Skincare Routine

Hello, Heroes and Heroines!

I've been meaning to do this post for quite awhile now, but as it doesn't really pertain to anime and manga, I hesitated a bit. During my younger years, I spoke a lot about beauty. My Mom was always particular about skin care as she always taught me to invest in my skin. I even considered becoming a Dermatologist (but decided against it because I realised that I would rather be out of a clinic 99% of the time). 

Ever since I was 15 years old, I've been particular to Clinique. I loved their Clarifying Toner, and it's my go-to toner every time I break out. However, after much research, I learned that Western type skin care focuses on treating from the outside in as opposed to the Eastern type which prioritises treating beneath. (Hence the popularity of abrasive scrubs and alcoholic toners in the former...)

My skin age is a mere 15 years old which is great considering I'm already 22. My Dermatologist tested my skin and thankfully, it's still as great as ever. I intend on learning more and living well so that this keeps up! And, well, I guess having childish facial features help as well. Heh. 

Moving on, before anything... please know that what works for me may not work for you! I have fairly good skin and I only get a pimple during THAT TIME of the month so it doesn't require much upkeep nor any correctional products. My main skin concern are my freckles, and I know for some of you guys, that's not even an issue. 

Let's get started!

Cleansing Products!


Well, yes.

Biore is always a staple in my arsenal. This is the reformulated version (just this 2016). This version is the Scrub-In version supposedly for 'rough pores' which I don't have. I have extremely fine pores. I use this once a week to remove all the gunk from my face. They market this for women in their 30s and claim that they remove excess sebum and dirt without damaging the skin with SPT or Skin Purifying Technology. I find that it's very gentle on my skin and would recommend it to anyone but perhaps getting a different type if they intend on using it daily.

Next is Shiseido's Whip Premium. I purchased this in Tokyo at the clearance section and thought, 'Hey, why not?'. A lady purchased over 10 of these so I just hoped she liked it and got one for myself. I am a huge fan of Shiseido's Perfect Whip. It was cheap and did the job well. This is a similar product and honestly I couldn't tell the difference. I use this on days wherein I just stay at home and laze around. It cleanses well without harming my skin~

Lastly, I team up Hada Labo's Gokujyun Cleansing Foam and Make-Up Remover Oil. On normal days, I don't even wear foundation as I don't want to bother with reapplying. I walk a lot and don't really care for what I look like outside. However, I do pile-up on the sunscreen. I first use the oil on dry skin to dissolve any remaining residue, wash it off, pat dry with a tissue and proceed with the foam. In my experience, it's when I don't cleanse properly that I end up getting a blemish so I make sure I remove dirt well even if it's just sunscreen residue. If I've just gone out, I never skip on cleansing because if I did... a pimple would definitely be on my face the next day. *shrugs*

Also, I don't get how some people could just plop on their bed without cleansing properly? The dirt would go all over the pillows and sheets. *projectile vomits* I've gone to concerts and have gotten back home at 4 AM, and I'll still be sitting on my vanity to remove all that gunk by sunrise.

Just. No.

Main Event! Skincare!

I use a total of 8 products within the day. 

Bioderma's Hydrabio H2O is a gift from God! I chose this over the Crealine Sensibio / pink one as this is for dehydrated, dull, uneven and flaky skin. When I purchased this at Tomod's in Tokyo, my skin was flaking from the cold that even my foundation was wiping off! It was really horrible. When I began to use this, my skin began to ease up with the weather. It's not as moisturizing as people claim it to be in my opinion. However, I do love how it literally removes every dirt on your skin! I would never just use this by itself though.

I follow-up with the beloved Hada Labo Gokyujun lotion and Shirosuzuku toner. I've been using the lotion for 3 years now, and it has never failed me. With that said, I also believe it's time to try something new. If you're in your teens, this is what I would recommend the most out of their entire line. It moisturises well. The serum has Vitamin C and helps fade spots. At first I was a bit skeptical as the packaging is a bit flimsy for a serum... but I was wrong! My skin is radiant and has aided in fading my old acne marks. I'd advise to you this as well!

Now this may seem overkill to some of you guys but I use 2 moisturizers. I'm often somewhere with AC so it dries up my skin! After patting my serum, I add a layer of Hada Labo's Arbutin Perfect Gel. It's a 3 in 1 product that includes the power of essence, moisturizer and a mask! It isn't heavy at all. After, I slather on Meishoku's Organic Rose Skin Conditioning Gel. Meishoku claims that it's an all in one perfect gel that that ~conditions skin troubles~. I've only used it fairly recently so I can't say much about it yet. I do love the rose or should I say lychee-esque scent?

Next, I use Biore's Perfect Bright Milk. It's pink! The product looks slightly greasy on the skin but dries up well.

Sana Nameraka Eye Cream is really moisturising! This is a wrinkle-focued product so I also add some at the corner of my eyes, at the sides of my mouth and nose. I don't have wrinkles yet so I wouldn't really be able to tell its efficacy but it does moisturise, and I'm hoping it'll prevent any possible lines.

Within the day, if I feel that my skin is getting a bit dry, I spray on Hada Labo's Gokyujun Hyaluronic Acid Face Mist. It feels like I'm just spraying on water! It doesn't smell like anything in particular and is handy whenever I exercise / run around the campus. This item dries up quickly.


I use masks every other day to take care of my skin! Here are some that I use! I usually purchase in bulk at Don Quixote at Akihabara~ I'm actually finishing up my remaining items so I can buy new ones when I return in a few weeks! I'll be honest. I don't have a particular favourite when it comes to masks. I just use them... and, yeah. That's it! They all work similarly to me... if I were to be upfront about it. 

Perhaps it's because I use Japanese masks and they all work well?

I hope this post helps, and I'll try to do a new one whenever I switch up products!


Saturday, March 5, 2016

FREE! Omanjuu Pouches

Hello, Hero(ine)/s!

Just a quick post on these adorable omanjuus! 

Last November, I bought my first set of Omanjuu pouches of the Free! characters. I bought 1 of Sousuke, Makoto, Rin and Haru-chan! (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡ They ended up being so cute and soft that I decided to purchase the entire set the following month~ 

A lot of people thought that it would just be a small pouch for coins but they're actually rather big in size. I can fit my iPod Touch, earphones, loose bills, a sanitiser and some medicine in them. They're actually rather convenient! (Not to mention cheap, too!) (///◔(ェ)◔///)

Now if I can only get the real omanjuus... 

I'm definitely buying every possible Omanjuu in Tokyo this coming February! (And the big ones, too!)


*WHISPERS* It's impossible... I know, I tried...

The Senpais! 

My Mom and friends love Mako-chan the most! I think they love the colour and his expression...? I think Rin's the cutest in my opinion! He gets my vote.  Hands down. You can see his shark teeth detailed on the Omanjuu, and it's so cute~ ✧(๑•́ᄌ⃝ก̀๑)⋆*ೃ:. Whenever the creators make merchandise and not forget small details like Rin's pointy teeth, it makes me very happy!

Sousuke looks pretty great, too! He looks handsome at every single merch and (anime) frame! And Haru, well, is definitely himself... *sweats*

Mika-chan's Babies! ( ິ•ᆺ⃘• )ິฅ✧

Is there anything more to say except *flails hands*! ʕ ⊃・ ◡ ・ ʔ⊃


I ordered them together in a way that ~glorifies ~ (KIDDING) my ultimate ship (SouMako) and prevent ship wars from RinHaru, etc.! (*ノ・ω・)

I'm actually fond of every ship! There are good points to RinTori, RinRei, etc. Whenever I see people online argue about their favorite pairings, it makes me very sad! I think KyoAni and the different makers are doing their best. The are merch with Sou + Mako together. There are merch with Momo and Rin... so there's no point in arguing with others... ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

It's just a matter of preference at the end of the day!

Now, let me hunt for the real omanjuus! I hope you all have an awesome day!