Saturday, March 19, 2016

Adores x Dance with Devils Collaboration Cafe (Second Visit)

Hello, Heroes & Heroines!

I'm still a but woozy from my trip.

(I'll be returning in a few weeks to Tokyo after my responsibilities in Uni.)

When you live your life 70% of the time in a tropical country and in those rare occasions return to Tokyo (or somewhere with a cooler climate), it can definitely mess up your system. Whenever I go back to Tokyo on a January or February, I steel my mind and try not to think about the weather. In the Philippines, our weather ranges 20-28 degrees even worse during the Summer. In Tokyo, I've experienced 15 degrees as the hottest. It just plays tricks in my head!

If you know me personally, you'd know that I don't deal well with the cold. I love taking naps in the afternoon when the sun is beaming out. My best friend Kana knows this all too well. Whenever we have sleepovers, I'd open the AC but pile on 3 blankets on me! 

I know, I'm... weird.

A part of me didn't want to post this at all. I refuse to believe that when I return in a few weeks, there will be no more Dance with Devils cafe! (It's just a collaboration cafe... I know, I get it.) It feels bittersweet. For people in Tokyo, I'm assuming they're used to it. I tend to have attachments to certain places hence it makes me sad to know that it'll be gone by then. 

Moving on, these photos were from my second visit. I'll post my first visit soon~ These photos were on my camera roll first so I thought, 'Meh. Why not?'. I took over 100,000 photographs and I just couldn't bother to sift through all those photos at that point. The day before I left Tokyo, I returned to the Dance with Devils cafe to say my goodbyes. It was a rainy day and after going to Animate, Mom asked me if I wanted to visit for the last time. I hesitated at first because  as my Mom is rather conservative and going to a cafe called 'Dance with Devils' for the second time...?! I was a bit embarrassed. However, my Mom is a trooper and allowed me to go anyway. AKA: 'Pinagbigyan'.

Disclaimer: I have only reached Episode 02 so forgive me for not being able to fan girl about this!

This was at the third floor! 

The third floor of the plaza is where they sell merchandise from the Adores collaborations as well as exclusive crane games. Their Akiba location isn't that spacious to put these up so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw them here. There were standees of the Diabolik Lover boys as well as chibi standees of the Boueibu babes at their respective cafes so I'm glad they did one for Dance with Devils! 

*eyes goes to the Pomeranian*

Who as I edit this a week since I began this draft is actually Roen. Woops. Spoiler?

*sees Rem's ballet flats*

*looks at shoe organiser and sees that I have something similar*


They could've given him some stylish boots! That's all I'm saying.

I still love you, Rem.

Some girls borrowed the guest book so I couldn't photograph it here! 

Ah, I love this display so much! 

Look at Roen being the adorable baby he is! 

Yes, as I write this, I am now aware that Roen is the Pom. 

There is something about this series' color scheme that appeals to me a lot. I also do love this anime's art style. It's definitely unique and the color scheme is pleasing to me. I heard from Kuri that they're turning this into an otome game so... ooh! 

God, if you're listening, I would like a reverse harem in my life, too!

If you follow me in Twitter, you'd know that my main plight for the entire trip was to visit the anime cafes. I didn't really visit for the anime itself because at that time, I had no clue about what Dance with Devils was. I just wanted to experience the feeling of being at an anime cafe. I was truly happy and they were honestly the highlight of my trip! I'm glad I did this!

Before leaving, I bought myself Rem-chan's tumbler which I now use for school. (Yes, I do parade my fandoms. I am not ashamed one bit.) I also got Mage and Shiki for two customers! Their chibi arts are distinctive and unique! I love them so much! <3

Oh, how I wish I bought a Lindo for myself! 

Thank God for Yahoo! Auctions, eh?

I'm slowly growing to become more partial of Lindo. For Ritsuka, I think Rem's the guy for her. For me? Well, definitely Lindo! 


... I'm not gonna -sama anyone. Ever. It's just not gonna happen. 

Not at my age. Nope.

The Lindo posters were sold out when I got here already. 

Y'all fangirls are savage!

//myself included

Shiki's were also sold-out. I guess the sadistic type is still popular, huh? Well, I guess they are quite appealing if you ask me. Although I'd probably join Shiki in that category... *jumps to that category with him* I do love this spirit of ~fangirlness~ that overwhelms the atmosphere whenever we go to an anime cafe. Something about it is so great!

On my second visit, I definitely ran up to Rem's table! There were still plenty of empty spots when I got there so I chose to sit on Rem's side!

Since I'm still in the early episodes of the show, my favourite may still change. I am starting to appreciate Lindo's character even more as I do love the big brother types! Also, Lindo's voice is so HNGGGGGGGH. 


When you enter, you can ring the doorbell if no one's around. The staff are usually inside the cafe serving the guests!

The ending theme played on and on. I can honestly day that I've memorized it at this point!

Of course they had every right to loop the OP and ED so it... did get a bit annoying. I like quiet and peaceful places so as a newcomer, it did overwhelm me!

You get a coaster per order of any meal! 

They're unfortunately random though so even if you ordered Rem's meal, you can still get another character's coaster. For my visit, I ended up getting Shiki, Roen and Urie~

At the end of your meal, you can also get your placemats depending on how many items you ordered 1 order = 1 placemat! It's the same as the coaster rule. If you would like it laminated, you need to pay an extra 100 yen!

I ordered Rem's drink and Lindo's stew? 

(If anyone can tell me the specific translation to their meals then I'll be most grateful! I would like to know about them, too.)

I believe it was beef stew with tomatoes not so much as a curry! I loved the extra touch of tomatoes as it gave the dish some form of acidity. The egg inside was so fresh! I don't know how the Japanese are able to skilfully prepare eggs~ They're soft on the outside and fluffy on the inside! Ah~ This is heaven for me though I know people in Tokyo probably eat better for less...

Also, yes, yes. I'm sure you noticed... my 3DS XL is falling apart. I'd buy a new one but I have to prioritise my business first. 

Somewhere at the sidelines:

Though that image of my friends weeping and wiping their tears with handkerchiefs makes me feel uncomfortable considering 90% of my friends list and friends in general are men.



A lot of people are going to argue with me that collaboration cafes' food aren't that good. Personally, I wouldn't go as far as to say they're not delicious. They taste basic but you can always count on the fact that they are presented quite well and consistently. What you see on the menu? That's really what you get. Same portion size and exactly what it looks like. It's as though it stepped out from the menu itself!

Over-all, they are expensive for what you're getting. But being able to surround yourself with other girls who are in that same fandom and with your favourite anime? Priceless. It's always an enjoyable experience so if you have time and extra cash, please do visit these cafes!

I'll upload Part 01 soon! 

God, please let me visit more cafes! I couldn't have done this without You. 

Ah, I'm truly blessed indeed. Thank you for reading!