Sunday, March 6, 2016

HIGH SPEED! FREE! Starting Days Part 02 Taito Kuji B Figures

Hello, Heroes and Heroines!


I bet I know what you're thinking right now. "Mika, why are you starting with the B figures if you haven't finished the A figures yet?" Well, they were the first kujis I saw, and I was extremely stoked at Sousuke being included! How is any Sousuke fan not gushing at the thought of him being in this set? Come on, guys! I'm sure y'all are more excited for the second set? Yes? Yes! 

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I am so happy! 

The boxes are so cute~

*calls out Sousuke and Nagisa to the front*

Mikacchi: Sousuke-chan! Nagisa-chan! Please walk to the stage~
Nagisa: Present!
Sousuke: Let's get this over with.

Sousuke...! So cold!

You're lucky I love you!

They're your usual adorable Taito Kuji figures. Much like their predecessors, however, their current design is far simpler.

Free! producers are really doing their best to market