Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mika in Tokyo: Oji-Pan Cafe! (Part 1)

Hello Heroes and Heroines!

I will be returning to Tokyo on May 23, 2016. I've currently scheduled this post on the 26th of March so that's still a long way to go (2 months) but I thought I'd tell everyone now lest I forget later on and end up worrying some people! I queue all my posts simply because I never really have the time to post during the weekends as I have classes on Saturdays. This term has been a period of adjusting as I go along and... it still annoys me at this point.

Also, err... note to thyself: buy a chiropractic bed. My back has been aching as heck. I cleaned up all my shop's stocks earlier and organized everything as well as carry all my boxes from the post office. Now my lower back is aching... Darn.

Sort of-like my favorite middle-aged Panda... Oji-Pan!

See how smooth my intro was eh, eh? *nudges you*

But, no, seriously... my back legitimately hurts. *puts salonpas all over* I remember buying around 3 20 piece packs in Tokyo over at Tomod's. I tend to live a rather sedentary lifestyle though I do exercise regularly.

Inside the cafe!

At first, I was a bit intimated to go inside. I thought it was closed. Good thing a nice staff member saw me and went outside to take us in! Arigatou, Manager-san! I still feel a little bit shy when I speak in Nihongo. It's my fourth language, and I am certainly no good at it yet. I still have a lot to learn but my travels are helping me out a lot! I'm growing with confidence as I go along! FIGHT-O!

It was a sunny day in Harajuku and what perfect way to top off your day but with some Omurice! (Well, not really some... but a lot.) I've been meaning to visit this place again~ Oji-Pan cafe isn't as popular as Pom Pom Purin cafe but let me be the first to say that their meals are just as amazing! My Mom absolutely loved their eggs!

I believe Oji-Pan wins in terms of simplicity! You can certainly bring your boyfriends here! Ho ho ho! (Without having them feel an air of despair!) It's a guy-friendly place if you ask me! Certainly they should go anyway if they truly love you!

Future Darling, I shall bring you here! And you will have no choice. *sends kisses into the future*

God, I pray for a kind Prince to come to me!

The interiors are bright and happy! I was extremely ecstatic to be here! Their set-up is easily one of my favourites. There's an air of vibrance that keeps me at peace. I would like to have a colourful home in the future with bold colours that play well with Earth tones.

Forgive me, as a Libra, design and balance is my thing. I love to talk about these kinds of things whenever I get the chance. It gets a bit gloomy in the Science part of the academe every now and then. *sweats*

Moving on!

The kind waitress brought the window blinds down because it was so bright~ How thoughtful! The place is strewn with childlike elements that surely will bring your ID out! ^ o ^ / I'm sure anyone who visits will be feeling extremely giddy~ I know I was. *coughs coughs I am always giddy*

Such a wonderful place, ne?

Look at the Panda footprints on the floor! * u * The Japanese are so attentive to detail! You'd never see something like this in the Philippines! 

The menu~

Next time, I'll have to try the Carbonara! I loved their Omurice meals so much that I couldn't fit anymore pasta in my tummy!

Doesn't everything look so good...!?

*stomach grumbles*

OH. OH. OH. Did that disturb you?


Apparently, they don't sell much merchandise. They're not even selling the Omurainu Tsum Tsum or the plushes. >__< I was gravely disappointed. Some of their meals come with freebies (as I will explain on my follow-up post) but they don't have merch. I'm assuming it's because Oji-Pan is relatively new but I'd expect more items up for sale at this point! I would have bought everything. I am serious! 

I've always wanted a middle-aged Panda somewhere in my collection!

Ah, this is so cute! The condiment area has so much finesse! 

More shots of the interiors~

Oh~ Hello, Oji-Pan! <3 *waves* I would have liked to bring this adorable Panda home but my Mom would certainly freak out about that.

AHHHHH~ Doesn't the interior feel like such a breath of fresh air? It's so lovely. I'm so thankful God allowed me to go here. My heart is very happy, God! Thank you so much!

If the lights don't convince you about how detail-oriented the Japanese are then I'm pretty sure you may have vision problems! >__< I am so appreciative of the little details!

Oji-pan learns to cook! I know someone who would have been laughing if I shared that last image on the right~ Ah, too bad we are no longer speaking. There are so many things I want to tell him.

I hope you enjoyed my short post on the Oji-Pan cafe! I'll post a follow-up with the meals soon!