Saturday, April 30, 2016

Adores x Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Love! Cafe Collaboration! Part 1

Hello, Heroes and Heroines!

How are you all?

It was a beautiful sunny morning when my Mom and I arrived in Shibuya! Having only visited a couple of times, it was quite tedious to find PARCO. However, as the weather coordinated with us (Praise God!), it became such a fun adventure that I will forever look back upon and cherish. I remember seeing such lovely people on their way to Godknowswhere and just admiring each person's aesthetic and stories. BoA's latest song was also beaming across the entire city, and I ended up singing the song as I waited for my Mom outside of Louis Vuitton.

Make me complete!

Well, to be quite honest... It took me awhile to get to Parco. My GPS beat confused the living daylights out of me and my Mom and I went in circles. I remember the frustrated look on my Mom's face. I felt really sorry for tiring her out!

And in the end, it was worth it!


The Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Love! Cafe Collaboration with Adores!

Please expect more entries from me as I will be back in Tokyo this May 23!

You can get special cafe merch from my shop over here! *pokes*

I've been meaning to get into this series for a long time now but various commitments have often gotten in the way! I'm pleased to be able to visit this cafe. It was definitely a great opportunity~ Thankfully, we went on a weekday so there wasn't much people. Whilst the Kanahei cafe was crowded and people lined up from 4 floors down! It was pretty crazy at that cafe! (More on that at my Kanahei cafe experience post~)

Atsushi seems to be my favourite~ Of course, I can't say anything for certain yet as I haven't dabbled into the series but I have a thing for kind looking boys! > w < Also, megane! AHHHHHHHH! I personally think he's the best looking out of everyone... (I'm sorry if you don't think so...).

Pink everywhere! As a lover of pink, I approve 100%!

The guestbooks! <3

My heart!

Everything is way too cute! My heart is pleased!

I'll do a separate entry on the merch I purchased from the shop! 

I love the colours and chibi art styles from this series. They all work so adorably and well together. Thank you, God, for giving me this lovely opportunity to be able to visit. I am honoured to see my favourite country all thanks to Your Goodness.

I apologize for the blurry photo but I got way too excited!

I hope you all enjoyed my photos! Thank you for reading!


Saturday, April 23, 2016

Mika in Tokyo, February 2016: Ojipan Cafe (Part 2)

Hello, Heroes and Heroines!

UPDATE: As of this post, the Ojipan cafe has ended!

Another food post!

Oh, my! It was difficult for me to keep my composure while typing this up! I got so hungry! As I type this post, the pizza man ignored my order and didn't arrive. *sighs* I suppose pizza can wait tomorrow. *sighs*

Moving on, I've never been so thankful in my life. God is continuously giving me opportunities to travel and see my beloved Tokyo. Never in a million years would I have imagined I'd be prancing around the city like a little girl in a candy shop so often~ Tokyo, thank you for welcoming me and making me feel so young. You are truly the place where my sugar-coated dreams are made of! I'm slowly living my dreams. I feel truly earnest pursuing them.

Whenever I write I post, I hope it inspires someone out there to dream and travel to somewhere they love. I do know that majority of my followers love Tokyo so I pray if it is your dream that you achieve it some day soon. Ever since I began to live the life of my dreams, I've been so happy. To live you desire is only a matter of decision!

I hope one day we can travel there together. Perhaps over parfaits in Harajuku, yes?

Why not go here to check my online shop?

Oh, and for reference, please go to the first part of my Ojipan cafe review!

Shall we start~? 

Omurainu-san is calling for you and I!

Before that, thank you for taking the time to read my blog~ I am grateful. I hardly ever look at my blog unless I am about to post a new entry nor do much upkeep but people continue to visit. It means a lot to me! Thank you so much. Perhaps one day, when I am not so busy, I can post more often! It's just impossible for me now. I have to bow down to my dreams first.

It's 4 AM right now, and I'm debating with myself if my photos are alright. I tend to doubt myself a lot even though I wish I was stronger when it comes to these things. I hope everyone else is alright with how I present my images. They mean a lot to me, after all.

*zooms in* 

Omurainu-chan is printed on the biscuit! How cute! It was a sugar cookie! How could you not possibly fall in love with that? I love how the light hits the delicious goodies~ Oh oh oh~ Definitely the appeal is all there!

Strawberry Milk + CC Lemon!

My Mom ordered the CC Lemon and of course I got the Strawberry Milk one! (What were you expecting?)

The Strawberry Milk drink was intensely sweet. I do, however, have a horrible sweet tooth so it was really good. It pleased me a lot. Also, the cute Ojipan print was adorable~ There were 2 mini Oreo cookies as his ear! Hihi~ Doesn't that make you very happy? They say that if you love sweet items, your personality is also sweet!

Do you think I'm sweet? Hmm...

My Mom's order!

Cream Sauce Omurainu + CC Lemon!

(I can't really speak much about this as I didn't order it...)

*pokes* They give you free soup with your order! I am reminded of the free soups at the carinderias or Mang Inasal here in the Philippines. The one they served was a chicken broth that was so delicious! I love it so much! 

The staff will give you a new cup alongside your order. You can bring that one home~

Mentaiko / Cod Roe Omurainu!

Grated Yam Mentaiko Omurainu + Strawberry Milk! The meal of a queen! 

Everything that came out of their kitchen was presented in such a wonderful manner. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't pleased. Omurainu is technically a dog (INU), and y'all know I have a horrible dog addiction! Dogs = life~ 

The mentaiko sauce was quite thick. They served it alongside a delectable ponzu sauce that complemented the meal + buttered rice. Overall, I loved this meal! How I wish I went back a second time but there were other places to eat at so I stopped myself. It was so unforgettable!

And I ordered another one because they were just so good!

Broccoli Cream Sauce + Melon Soda!

This was from the Special Menu~ It was also great! The cream sauce with broccoli was delicious. The inside was similar to the previous two but the broccoli made it extra special. I felt happy being able to eat it. And the Melon soda was refreshing.

*snap snap*

Ojipan Dessert Plate!

Mika's senses are T I N G L I N G!

This was so good! My Mom and I split desserts because I already ate two Omurainus and just forced myself to make room for dessert. The doughnut was dense and dry. The pound cake had to be accompanied with the fruit coulis otherwise it would be dry on dry. *drinks water* I loved how this was presented. Honestly, even if the dessert wasn't so great, the presentation made it more than a-okay for me!

Just look at how well it was put together!


Have you ever been to Ojipan cafe? I hope you enjoyed my photos!


Saturday, April 16, 2016

February 2016 A Visit to Pom Pom Purin Cafe (Part 2)

Hello, Heroes and Heroines!

... so we are finally at the best part of any post! The food post!

One day soon, I'll be able to try everything on the menu! Surely! 

Ah, it was a cold Saturday afternoon but that didn't stop me from purchasing an icy beverage! I believe this was the Mango float. I remember the feeling of wanting to try the other drinks but then remembered how much I missed Jollibee's peach mango pie. It was very sweet. There were mango bits at the bottom and I recalled scooping everything because it was absolutely delicious! The vanilla ice-cream on top combined everything wonderfully.

Just look how intricate Purin's face looks!

Oh, it's my OTP! PuriRoon! Another keepsake from my visit! I live for these little trinkets from my favourite shops~ *pokes 3DS*

Butternut Squash Pasta!

Mommy ordered the Butternut Squash pasta~ She said it was very good! My Mom is very picky with whatever she eats but this got her stamp of approval! That means it's definitely a must-try! From the looks of the photo, it seems to be very saucy and delicious. I wonder if some form of meat was included? Just looking at it makes me very happy!

Everything is presented extremely well! How appetising! 

Beef Stroganoff!

I dearly recall the taste of this wonderful dish~ It was that delicious sweet and tangy stroganoff sauce (clearly made using worcestershire sauce and ketchup) that I love! I believe the cream on top is evaporated milk? It's very subtle and mutes the flavours a bit but that's all. Over-all, it's a wonderful dish. The meat, tomatoes and mushrooms mix together so well... that I am now salivating. Yum! I also love the patty on top. It was so juicy and flavourful~ I'll take a shot in the dark that the rice is either saffron or turmeric. Probably the former because turmeric is very flavourful but this is is quite subtle. The cream softens the bold flavours. How lovely!


I know what you're all looking at and thinking about right now!

*eye zooms to the upper left corner*

You finished all of that, MIKA!?!?!

Yes. It was delicious after all. I'm not one to say not to anything yummy after all! This is confirmation of its taste! God doesn't like us wasting food after all... He might take our blessings away from us if we're not grateful, and I am not taking my chances.

*scoops everything inside my mouth*

*whistles as you scroll down and chugs down the fries I'm currently eating from McDonalds*

Moving on, they call this the....

Picnic Plate!

Ah, I really loved this meal. There are plenty of components to this dish which not only makes it the perfect brunch meal but quite expensive as well. (Hey, you get what you pay for though!) I wouldn't say it's an extremely heavy meal but it does hit the right spots well.  I'd eat this every day for brunch if I could~ (I'd probably have to roll out of bed the next succeeding days!)

First, there's the Egg Benedict. The egg wasn't perfectly done but I forgive them for that as everything else was absolutely spot on! (An egg is an egg after all and it's delicious in every way!) Second, the salad with corn dressing. It tasted like a standard bought dressing but it was so GOOD. I can still remember its taste so fondly! Third, there's a pound cake. It was a bit hard so I have it to my Mom! (Haha!) It came with some honey in a small container~ Lastly, there's a lovely sandwich with apples and cheese. The bread is imprinted with Purin's face on it! The cheese complimented the apple and it made such a lovely addition! <3

Those clover cakes... I'm not sure what they are. I wouldn't call them pancakes... they were just these bread-tasting but very thin and flour-y. They didn't have any particular taste either. All I know is that they are such a cute addition to the meal. :3

Lovely, right?

I hope this post brightens your day even for just a bit. God bless, everyone!


Saturday, April 9, 2016

February 2016 Visit to the Pom Pom Purin Cafe! (Part 1)

Hello, Heroes and Heroines!

I know, I know.

Another visit to the Pom Pom Purin cafe? Yes. I feel like I'll always be visiting Ojipan and Pom Pom Purin every time I return to Tokyo. It's become a ritual, and I'll never stop doing so! It was a rainy day on Harajuku that day so my Mom and I decided to spend lunch in probably my favorite place on Earth! You can read my previous post on the Pom Pom Purin cafe last year over here!

Just a short story, my Mom was lagging behind me so I was walking as quick as I can to the Cute Qube! (Where the cafe is situated, somewhere between Takeshita Dori. You can't miss it!) It was a rainy lunch time and I was really hungry. As I rushed, a foreigner man slid under my umbrella and reeked of alcohol! He was caucasian and it caught me by surprise that I hit the man with my umbrella and stepped back. *reflexes* My Mom got really worried but the man - who was clearly drunk - continued on. His pants were falling and you could see his boxers all out and exposed. He kept going under the umbrella of girls that almost every girl who was at my front was already pushing him away with their umbrellas and whatnot.


Anyway, when we got there, there was already a line at the Pom Pom Purin cafe. It was understandable seeing it was a Saturday. We didn't really wait that long to get in anyway! The staff are always so nice and cute.

Mika-chan's next in line!

I keep on forgetting to take a shot of the door for some reason. *sweats* It's really cute and quirky! (Probably because when I get in, I immediately think about the food! When I get out, I'm stuffed! Who can bear to lift their arms up anyway after such a kawaii meal?!)

A new perspective!

Cute girls of all ages gather together in this lovely place!

*licks interiors*

I kept the coaster and placemat! It's a keepsake for me, okay?!

Please watch out for the Part 2!


Sunday, April 3, 2016

FREE! Starting Days Part 2 Taito Kuji B Figures

Hello, Heroes and Heroines!

I've probably tried to publish this post 3 times! For some reason, Blogspot isn't saving my posts. *sobs* I really did my best with those previous posts, but, hey! They're gone now so it's not like I can bring them back out now! I might as well do my best with this new post, yes? Yes!

Now, I know what you're all thinking. Really, Mika? The B figures first? What about the A figures? Yes, I'll do them up next! I've been so busy! I actually took them out from my stock room to photograph but school and life is taking up my time! (Ah, even though I seem like I am complaining... I do love my life!) I've been a bit stressed and have been living on yogurt and Berocca~ Geez, I better care for myself!

I've been extremely stressed even though I do enjoy all my activities. I've come a looooooooong way from last year. Actually, there have been times in 2015 that I thought God would just take my soul because of so much devastation. Luckily, I'm alright and I'm still here. The boredom and sadness of last year has been replaced with success, victory and extreme amounts of stress. I don't understand why I feel so agitated and tired. I guess my mind is stressed so now it's manifesting on my body? Or am I just getting older (Not)?


The boxes are your typical Taito Kuji figure boxes~ Naturally, they are very colourful and cute! Honestly, I wanted a special themed set like the previous ones (Sugar Cake, Sweet Macaron, etc.). That would have been really cute! I suppose KyoAni is still promoting the movie which is alright but I expected more!

This set contains Sousuke (<3333), Nagisa, Natsuya and Nao!

First up: Nagisa and Sousuke!

Ah, as usual! Sousuke is his serious self. Honestly, seeing a smiling Sousuke in a figure is quite a rarity! Not that I'm complaining! I do love him. <3 He's a Virgo which is an Earth sign... why am I not surprised? Those people are serious than most. It's quite interesting how the creators are so detailed when conjuring up characters! *STARES AT CLUCKY JR* I don't want to spoil anything for those who haven't watched the movie yet so I'll try to be as vague as possible. Heh.

Nagisa is such a baby~ (of course, in a good way!) I think those who aren't familiar with the series would find him as their favourite character! My Mom absolutely loves Nagisa. She even bought his stuff from Animate while I was shopping! I love the expression on his face. Just seeing it makes me smile as well. :3

Turn your backs, please!

The senpais!

Natsuya's merch have skyrocketed now so I'm glad I purchased several master cases for this set! A lot of girls really do like him. After all, why not? He's so dreamy~ * u * <3 Even I am swayed! I wish my Prince was just like him. I can feel all the kira kira sparkles around him each time I watch the movie and see his merch~ *hugs* 

And the ever reliable Nao! These two are so adorable.... I just... I just can't explain in words how much I adore them both! > w < <3 Their paintwork is also so perfect! My goodness! What effort these must have taken!

The paintwork is spotless!

Please pose for one final photo!


They are just too cute! What a wonderful set Taito has blessed us with! Overall, I'm truly pleased that they made one of Nagisa and Sousuke! They are great additions even though they were side characters in the series.

Please get yours now before they are sold out!


Saturday, April 2, 2016

HIGH SPEED! FREE! Starting Days Part 2 Taito Kuji Rubber Straps

 Hello, Heroes and Heroines!

It's been a long time since I made a review post! I remember starting this blog months ago just thinking about sharing my love for Anime items but clearly things have turned out for the better~ I do love talking about everything I'm interested in with you guys whether it's travel, personal thoughts or just anime! It makes me so happy whenever I get to post something new. I hope you all feel the same way!

Right now, I'm replaying the Ace Attorney series. It's so fun! I've been playing this game since I was a mere 6th grader. I'm almost out of college now! How fast does time fly, eh? Soon, Ace Attorney 6 will be out and the new Dai Gyakuten Saiban series! I am extremely pleased with all of these, so yes, please! I've been praying for more merch especially with the release of the anime but... there hasn't been much out yet! I'm still expecting quite a lot!

Today, I'd like to talk to you all about the latest FREE! Taito Kuji rubber straps. I'll have to say that these are so much fun to receive especially if you're doing the kuji lottery in person! I think the Part 2 of the Free! Starting Days series is awesome. Everything is just so cute and if you happen to want to draw lots at any kuji shop... almost all the prizes are okay to get, like you wouldn't feel bad about trying for them at all!

Goodness! How cute!

At the back~


What do you think...? I told you they are just the most splendid things!


Just the quality of these are amazing. They are quite thick as well. Plus, as you've probably already noticed... the colours are vibrant. I didn't edit these photos in any way! (Believe me when I say it. Nope, no VSCO filters here. Partly because of my sleepiness as well~ Heh.) I think Taito did a great job in conceptualising these straps or just the Part 2 Taito Kuji set in general. I hoped that the figures would be more on the creative side, but I guess they're still into promoting the Starting Days! movie, eh? Nothing wrong with that at all!

The secret characters were Rei and Nagisa as well as a Kisumi strap. (Seriously, Taito? Still no Kisumi figure?) A part of me truly wanted Nitori and Momo to appear somewhere but I guess that's a long shot! 

And these two best friends are my favourites! Their strap compliments each other wonderfully! Just look at Rin-chan's pen~ (UGUUUUUUUU. MY ACHING HEART.) You can also check out the adorable detail on the envelopes. The one Sousuke is reading is from Rin. I appreciate this so much. *raises fist up in the air* I love these two to bits!


I hope you get yours soon!