Saturday, April 16, 2016

February 2016 A Visit to Pom Pom Purin Cafe (Part 2)

Hello, Heroes and Heroines!

... so we are finally at the best part of any post! The food post!

One day soon, I'll be able to try everything on the menu! Surely! 

Ah, it was a cold Saturday afternoon but that didn't stop me from purchasing an icy beverage! I believe this was the Mango float. I remember the feeling of wanting to try the other drinks but then remembered how much I missed Jollibee's peach mango pie. It was very sweet. There were mango bits at the bottom and I recalled scooping everything because it was absolutely delicious! The vanilla ice-cream on top combined everything wonderfully.

Just look how intricate Purin's face looks!

Oh, it's my OTP! PuriRoon! Another keepsake from my visit! I live for these little trinkets from my favourite shops~ *pokes 3DS*

Butternut Squash Pasta!

Mommy ordered the Butternut Squash pasta~ She said it was very good! My Mom is very picky with whatever she eats but this got her stamp of approval! That means it's definitely a must-try! From the looks of the photo, it seems to be very saucy and delicious. I wonder if some form of meat was included? Just looking at it makes me very happy!

Everything is presented extremely well! How appetising! 

Beef Stroganoff!

I dearly recall the taste of this wonderful dish~ It was that delicious sweet and tangy stroganoff sauce (clearly made using worcestershire sauce and ketchup) that I love! I believe the cream on top is evaporated milk? It's very subtle and mutes the flavours a bit but that's all. Over-all, it's a wonderful dish. The meat, tomatoes and mushrooms mix together so well... that I am now salivating. Yum! I also love the patty on top. It was so juicy and flavourful~ I'll take a shot in the dark that the rice is either saffron or turmeric. Probably the former because turmeric is very flavourful but this is is quite subtle. The cream softens the bold flavours. How lovely!


I know what you're all looking at and thinking about right now!

*eye zooms to the upper left corner*

You finished all of that, MIKA!?!?!

Yes. It was delicious after all. I'm not one to say not to anything yummy after all! This is confirmation of its taste! God doesn't like us wasting food after all... He might take our blessings away from us if we're not grateful, and I am not taking my chances.

*scoops everything inside my mouth*

*whistles as you scroll down and chugs down the fries I'm currently eating from McDonalds*

Moving on, they call this the....

Picnic Plate!

Ah, I really loved this meal. There are plenty of components to this dish which not only makes it the perfect brunch meal but quite expensive as well. (Hey, you get what you pay for though!) I wouldn't say it's an extremely heavy meal but it does hit the right spots well.  I'd eat this every day for brunch if I could~ (I'd probably have to roll out of bed the next succeeding days!)

First, there's the Egg Benedict. The egg wasn't perfectly done but I forgive them for that as everything else was absolutely spot on! (An egg is an egg after all and it's delicious in every way!) Second, the salad with corn dressing. It tasted like a standard bought dressing but it was so GOOD. I can still remember its taste so fondly! Third, there's a pound cake. It was a bit hard so I have it to my Mom! (Haha!) It came with some honey in a small container~ Lastly, there's a lovely sandwich with apples and cheese. The bread is imprinted with Purin's face on it! The cheese complimented the apple and it made such a lovely addition! <3

Those clover cakes... I'm not sure what they are. I wouldn't call them pancakes... they were just these bread-tasting but very thin and flour-y. They didn't have any particular taste either. All I know is that they are such a cute addition to the meal. :3

Lovely, right?

I hope this post brightens your day even for just a bit. God bless, everyone!