Sunday, April 3, 2016

FREE! Starting Days Part 2 Taito Kuji B Figures

Hello, Heroes and Heroines!

I've probably tried to publish this post 3 times! For some reason, Blogspot isn't saving my posts. *sobs* I really did my best with those previous posts, but, hey! They're gone now so it's not like I can bring them back out now! I might as well do my best with this new post, yes? Yes!

Now, I know what you're all thinking. Really, Mika? The B figures first? What about the A figures? Yes, I'll do them up next! I've been so busy! I actually took them out from my stock room to photograph but school and life is taking up my time! (Ah, even though I seem like I am complaining... I do love my life!) I've been a bit stressed and have been living on yogurt and Berocca~ Geez, I better care for myself!

I've been extremely stressed even though I do enjoy all my activities. I've come a looooooooong way from last year. Actually, there have been times in 2015 that I thought God would just take my soul because of so much devastation. Luckily, I'm alright and I'm still here. The boredom and sadness of last year has been replaced with success, victory and extreme amounts of stress. I don't understand why I feel so agitated and tired. I guess my mind is stressed so now it's manifesting on my body? Or am I just getting older (Not)?


The boxes are your typical Taito Kuji figure boxes~ Naturally, they are very colourful and cute! Honestly, I wanted a special themed set like the previous ones (Sugar Cake, Sweet Macaron, etc.). That would have been really cute! I suppose KyoAni is still promoting the movie which is alright but I expected more!

This set contains Sousuke (<3333), Nagisa, Natsuya and Nao!

First up: Nagisa and Sousuke!

Ah, as usual! Sousuke is his serious self. Honestly, seeing a smiling Sousuke in a figure is quite a rarity! Not that I'm complaining! I do love him. <3 He's a Virgo which is an Earth sign... why am I not surprised? Those people are serious than most. It's quite interesting how the creators are so detailed when conjuring up characters! *STARES AT CLUCKY JR* I don't want to spoil anything for those who haven't watched the movie yet so I'll try to be as vague as possible. Heh.

Nagisa is such a baby~ (of course, in a good way!) I think those who aren't familiar with the series would find him as their favourite character! My Mom absolutely loves Nagisa. She even bought his stuff from Animate while I was shopping! I love the expression on his face. Just seeing it makes me smile as well. :3

Turn your backs, please!

The senpais!

Natsuya's merch have skyrocketed now so I'm glad I purchased several master cases for this set! A lot of girls really do like him. After all, why not? He's so dreamy~ * u * <3 Even I am swayed! I wish my Prince was just like him. I can feel all the kira kira sparkles around him each time I watch the movie and see his merch~ *hugs* 

And the ever reliable Nao! These two are so adorable.... I just... I just can't explain in words how much I adore them both! > w < <3 Their paintwork is also so perfect! My goodness! What effort these must have taken!

The paintwork is spotless!

Please pose for one final photo!


They are just too cute! What a wonderful set Taito has blessed us with! Overall, I'm truly pleased that they made one of Nagisa and Sousuke! They are great additions even though they were side characters in the series.

Please get yours now before they are sold out!