Saturday, April 2, 2016

HIGH SPEED! FREE! Starting Days Part 2 Taito Kuji Rubber Straps

 Hello, Heroes and Heroines!

It's been a long time since I made a review post! I remember starting this blog months ago just thinking about sharing my love for Anime items but clearly things have turned out for the better~ I do love talking about everything I'm interested in with you guys whether it's travel, personal thoughts or just anime! It makes me so happy whenever I get to post something new. I hope you all feel the same way!

Right now, I'm replaying the Ace Attorney series. It's so fun! I've been playing this game since I was a mere 6th grader. I'm almost out of college now! How fast does time fly, eh? Soon, Ace Attorney 6 will be out and the new Dai Gyakuten Saiban series! I am extremely pleased with all of these, so yes, please! I've been praying for more merch especially with the release of the anime but... there hasn't been much out yet! I'm still expecting quite a lot!

Today, I'd like to talk to you all about the latest FREE! Taito Kuji rubber straps. I'll have to say that these are so much fun to receive especially if you're doing the kuji lottery in person! I think the Part 2 of the Free! Starting Days series is awesome. Everything is just so cute and if you happen to want to draw lots at any kuji shop... almost all the prizes are okay to get, like you wouldn't feel bad about trying for them at all!

Goodness! How cute!

At the back~


What do you think...? I told you they are just the most splendid things!


Just the quality of these are amazing. They are quite thick as well. Plus, as you've probably already noticed... the colours are vibrant. I didn't edit these photos in any way! (Believe me when I say it. Nope, no VSCO filters here. Partly because of my sleepiness as well~ Heh.) I think Taito did a great job in conceptualising these straps or just the Part 2 Taito Kuji set in general. I hoped that the figures would be more on the creative side, but I guess they're still into promoting the Starting Days! movie, eh? Nothing wrong with that at all!

The secret characters were Rei and Nagisa as well as a Kisumi strap. (Seriously, Taito? Still no Kisumi figure?) A part of me truly wanted Nitori and Momo to appear somewhere but I guess that's a long shot! 

And these two best friends are my favourites! Their strap compliments each other wonderfully! Just look at Rin-chan's pen~ (UGUUUUUUUU. MY ACHING HEART.) You can also check out the adorable detail on the envelopes. The one Sousuke is reading is from Rin. I appreciate this so much. *raises fist up in the air* I love these two to bits!


I hope you get yours soon!