Saturday, April 23, 2016

Mika in Tokyo, February 2016: Ojipan Cafe (Part 2)

Hello, Heroes and Heroines!

UPDATE: As of this post, the Ojipan cafe has ended!

Another food post!

Oh, my! It was difficult for me to keep my composure while typing this up! I got so hungry! As I type this post, the pizza man ignored my order and didn't arrive. *sighs* I suppose pizza can wait tomorrow. *sighs*

Moving on, I've never been so thankful in my life. God is continuously giving me opportunities to travel and see my beloved Tokyo. Never in a million years would I have imagined I'd be prancing around the city like a little girl in a candy shop so often~ Tokyo, thank you for welcoming me and making me feel so young. You are truly the place where my sugar-coated dreams are made of! I'm slowly living my dreams. I feel truly earnest pursuing them.

Whenever I write I post, I hope it inspires someone out there to dream and travel to somewhere they love. I do know that majority of my followers love Tokyo so I pray if it is your dream that you achieve it some day soon. Ever since I began to live the life of my dreams, I've been so happy. To live you desire is only a matter of decision!

I hope one day we can travel there together. Perhaps over parfaits in Harajuku, yes?

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Oh, and for reference, please go to the first part of my Ojipan cafe review!

Shall we start~? 

Omurainu-san is calling for you and I!

Before that, thank you for taking the time to read my blog~ I am grateful. I hardly ever look at my blog unless I am about to post a new entry nor do much upkeep but people continue to visit. It means a lot to me! Thank you so much. Perhaps one day, when I am not so busy, I can post more often! It's just impossible for me now. I have to bow down to my dreams first.

It's 4 AM right now, and I'm debating with myself if my photos are alright. I tend to doubt myself a lot even though I wish I was stronger when it comes to these things. I hope everyone else is alright with how I present my images. They mean a lot to me, after all.

*zooms in* 

Omurainu-chan is printed on the biscuit! How cute! It was a sugar cookie! How could you not possibly fall in love with that? I love how the light hits the delicious goodies~ Oh oh oh~ Definitely the appeal is all there!

Strawberry Milk + CC Lemon!

My Mom ordered the CC Lemon and of course I got the Strawberry Milk one! (What were you expecting?)

The Strawberry Milk drink was intensely sweet. I do, however, have a horrible sweet tooth so it was really good. It pleased me a lot. Also, the cute Ojipan print was adorable~ There were 2 mini Oreo cookies as his ear! Hihi~ Doesn't that make you very happy? They say that if you love sweet items, your personality is also sweet!

Do you think I'm sweet? Hmm...

My Mom's order!

Cream Sauce Omurainu + CC Lemon!

(I can't really speak much about this as I didn't order it...)

*pokes* They give you free soup with your order! I am reminded of the free soups at the carinderias or Mang Inasal here in the Philippines. The one they served was a chicken broth that was so delicious! I love it so much! 

The staff will give you a new cup alongside your order. You can bring that one home~

Mentaiko / Cod Roe Omurainu!

Grated Yam Mentaiko Omurainu + Strawberry Milk! The meal of a queen! 

Everything that came out of their kitchen was presented in such a wonderful manner. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't pleased. Omurainu is technically a dog (INU), and y'all know I have a horrible dog addiction! Dogs = life~ 

The mentaiko sauce was quite thick. They served it alongside a delectable ponzu sauce that complemented the meal + buttered rice. Overall, I loved this meal! How I wish I went back a second time but there were other places to eat at so I stopped myself. It was so unforgettable!

And I ordered another one because they were just so good!

Broccoli Cream Sauce + Melon Soda!

This was from the Special Menu~ It was also great! The cream sauce with broccoli was delicious. The inside was similar to the previous two but the broccoli made it extra special. I felt happy being able to eat it. And the Melon soda was refreshing.

*snap snap*

Ojipan Dessert Plate!

Mika's senses are T I N G L I N G!

This was so good! My Mom and I split desserts because I already ate two Omurainus and just forced myself to make room for dessert. The doughnut was dense and dry. The pound cake had to be accompanied with the fruit coulis otherwise it would be dry on dry. *drinks water* I loved how this was presented. Honestly, even if the dessert wasn't so great, the presentation made it more than a-okay for me!

Just look at how well it was put together!


Have you ever been to Ojipan cafe? I hope you enjoyed my photos!