Saturday, May 28, 2016

Adores x Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Cafe Collaboration Part 2

Hello, Heroes and Heroines!

It's April 27, 2016. If you've been reading my blog, you would know that I queue my posts as I have classes during Saturdays.

In a few days, the election is coming. What's going to happen? I can't help but feel uncertain to the point that I become fearful of the future. When people defend what is wrong, what is immoral, what does that say about us as a people? As Filipinos? It's as though the Filipino people have traded their conscience for a so-called "better life". The most viable of all choices ranks in the middle. The most decent, kind-hearted and hard-working man is seen as 'boring' and people throw him with insults and laughs at him and his wife.

What's going to happen to the economy? If the country plunges into the depths, what's my recourse? Am I prepared to live out of the Philippines for years? As of the moment, I am considering studying abroad in Japan. I'll start off at a language school and continue my education. I've never felt such a need to have a back-up plan in my entire life, but these days, I'm beginning to feel like there is no other choice.

However, I still have my hope. I still have God. At the end of the day, light will always overcome darkness. The good will always triumph.

I'll stand by my candidate Mar Roxas no matter what happens. I believe in him.

When this post is published, it'll be on May 28. I'll be in Tokyo for a short vacation. My heart is that when I read this when I return, I hope I'll be able to give good news.

Anyway, that was a bit dark. I apologise if I went off-topic and set such a moody tone!

What's more important than where you come from or the blood that runs course through your veins... is what you choose to become.

I refuse to look back.

Moving on...

You can get the merch up on my Storenvy!

The collaboration menu looks the most colourful among all the other cafes I visited last February!

Initially, I wasn't planning on visiting this cafe as I wasn't too familiar with Shibuya. Not only that but I've never watched Boueibu before! All I know of this series was that Kris often drew it and that it was a magical boys show! I do, however, admit that its vibrant colours often caught my eye. I'm definitely going to begin watching when I have the time!

After visiting Kanahei Cafe, my Mom offered that we stop by as it was basically on the same floor. I haven't eaten much, and she was worried that I might pass out if I didn't eat up~ (I love you, Mom! Hehe!) It was serendipity at its finest.

I regret not trying out En's dessert and Wombat's meal. That egg dish looked great! I wonder if there will come a time when external stomachs may be added to our bodies? Eh, eh? *nudges you* Akoya's Ice-Cream Sandwich dessert looked heavy. I assumed that the bagels would be dense... and between you and I, I was looking around to see if anyone ordered it... not a single soul did!

I took that as a sign...

Here lies many of Mika's regrets~

I wanted something refreshing at that time. My Mom and I walked a looooong way to get to PARCO so underneath the warm sun just had to get something cooling. On any normal circumstance, I definitely would have chosen to get Akoya's Angelic Perla Milk Tea! There would have been no doubt about it!

Yumoto and Kinshiro's looked great as well!

I apologise if the photos look a bit on the lower quality side! I used my iPhone! Awkwardly enough, I like to forget my camera when I need it most.


I keep on getting him from blind draws. 

I ordered Ryu's Cutie Lady Cherry Pink!

Mom bought Atsushi's drink!

This was actually my first choice but Mom beat me to it!

dat egg tho

Kinshiro's ~ Never Know Pasta ~ is basically carbonara with fettuccine pasta along with veggie and onsen tamago! It looked so good~ 

I got Atsushi's Green Curry dish!

It was a pretty standard Thai Green curry with small pieces of meat strewn with the curry sauce. There's nothing THAT spectacular about it. You could easily purchase a pack of green curry from the convenience store, and it would probably taste quite similar... but I'm a Filipino so I'm used to these kind of things. Haha! It had a mild spiciness to it that I like very much! I also like the way it was presented. 

Over-all, I think if you go to anime cafes, it's best to order the dishes that are plated the best! You go to cafes for the experience after all. 

At this point, my Mom already ordered dessert... but I still wanted to eat a meal! I should have probably posted my Mom's dessert first but meh! I like to work in categories.

I ordered Yumoto's Karaage dish! 

A lot of girls were ordering this so I thought, why not?

As you can see, my dearest Mother has finished hers and is judging me for not finishing mine quickly!

The chef here at Shibuya Parco AniPlaza was so kind! He would cook and simultaneously deliver our meals after he made them! There were only 2-3 waitresses, and they also had to manage the counter so they work hard!

Now, Yumoto's meal is basically my ideal meal.

It's chicken-egg heaven!

In Aniplaza, they have a sign there to finish eating your rice and not waste anything. Anime cafes tend to pile on the rice which is kind-of frustrating! I finished it though. I'm Filipino, after all. I appreciate the farmers' efforts.

The tamagoyaki was freshly done. Unlike your store bought bento Tamagoyakis, these were FLUFFY! Ah~ Fuwaa fuwaa~ The karaage was also freshly done! Crispy and juicy! Too bad there were only 2 pieces... sigh.

The quail egg was a nice touch!

I appreciate that very much!

I also ordered En's drink!

Mom's dessert~ Io's!

For dessert, I ordered Zundar's Matcha cake!

It's not as sweet as you'd expect~ The cake was of good quality, too. Not dense, not all that airy. Just right! I love the matcha filling inside as well as the green syrup at the bottom!

Thank you for reading! If you stuck with me for this long, I'm grateful!