Saturday, May 14, 2016

Adores x Diabolik Lovers MORE BLOOD Cafe Collaboration Part 1

Hello, Heroes and Heroines!

... mostly Heroines, I'm assuming...

Because, today, we shall be discussing the Adores x Diabolik Lovers Cafe Collaboration!

*guys have now officially began to click the x on the upper left corner of their browsers* 

It's okay, bros. I understand. Am I being pretentious? Do I even have male readers to begin with? Probably not.

This was my first ever anime cafe! I was first intrigued by the various posts on the FREE! Adores Cafe collaboration from the lovely people of the internet! Unfortunately, I was never able to visit the Eternal Summer cafe. I even missed it for a few days when it returned to Akihabara (from Sapporo) after I left home for Manila. I'd rather not talk about it. It breaks my heart too much! *pats self* It's okay, it's okay! There are plenty of opportunities in the future! That is for certain!


Anyway, it was an early morning when I randomly decided that I'd be going to Ikebukuro! I was never that familiar with the area as I've only gone once so it was a bit scary at first! Eventually, I got used to the area quickly. It's something I'm quite proud of! I even asked my friends over to help me out online which was fun, too! 

I wish I had more friends who like anime...

Should I set-up a Periscope account so I can bring you guys with me in my adventures?

My Mom was a trooper that day, and we had breakfast here before heading over to Namja Town! Or should I say before she shopped a lot and made me carry everything? Hmm... Well, I don't mind carrying lots of things so long as I'm not hungry!

Ah, I've never seen such a big gathering of fellow Diabolik Lovers fans! It makes me happy that I finally got into the cafe scene and can be surrounded with people who share the same interests as I do. I'm truly pleased that I was able to go!

It was my first time to ever visit an anime cafe, so I was extremely nervous! We were shopping at the third floor of the Adores shop. At some point, I was losing hope about going directly and just telling myself that this wasn't for me (because I'm generally a very shy person). I asked my Mom if she could ask the kind lady if we could join in and the lady just brought us there! Normally, you'd need a reservation first but as it was the first slot of the day, there weren't so much people!

God, thank you!

This sparked my love for anime cafes! Now I'm hooked! Please expect more cafe reviews in the near future!

Wall of the Mukami and Sakamaki twins!

I can't believe I cut Kanato off!

Why, self! WHY!!!

As this is a rather ~provacative~ series, I wasn't sure how my Mom would feel about bringing her to such a cafe. I mean, it doesn't really play well with our conservative family but I just tried to talk to her about how cute the chibified characters were and the food! It ended up well, and we even returned for a couple of times. I'm glad I have such a kind Mom!

During my first visit, I sat at Kou-chan's table by default. I didn't know you could pick your own tables! If I did, I would have sat at Kanato's spot right then and there! There were 2 friends who sat beside us who loved Kanato that they traded every merch possible for him~ I was kinda sad that I couldn't interact much at first as I was shy. Plus, my Japanese speaking skills are still rather poor...

On my second visit, I sat at Shu-san's table!

Now, I'm not sure if I spoke about this before but on the tables, you can get the merch list to which you can write down as much / the quantity you want to buy! Very enterprising! You can purchase your items at the cashier after your meal~ Just bring that piece of paper with you, pick your items from the front and pay!

Shuu-san, y u so cute!!!

Mom sat on Reiji's side. She actually likes him!

... and Reiji loves me, too much. Along with Subaru. 

Wall decorations!

Mom likes to point out that she likes Ruki the most. She often likes to discuss who the most handsome characters are. I guess she does this to join in on my fangirlness. I truly appreciate her efforts~ A lot of girls would probably be embarrassed to bring their parents. Myself included! Not because she's my Mom but I didn't really want to expose her to the fangirling atmospher which can be a little too much at times!

The otaku culture is too much for my Mom who is conservative! I appreciate her love and kindness though.

Just like the Dandevi cafe, there's also a television set here and it replayed a trailer of MORE BLOOD again and again!

*replaces Yui with my face*

There, much better. Let's just imagine it's my face, yes?

There was a communal table for single diners. I would have stayed here if I didn't go with my Mom! I think it's a good place to interact with your fellow fans and try to get to know each other. That said, I did make friends on my third visit!

The wall stickers were already sold out by the time I got there. I was disappointed I couldn't get a Kanato one. 

The cashier + merch corner!

Please await the 2nd part! I'll be posting it soon!