Sunday, May 22, 2016

[GIVEAWAY] Heroine Complex x Krisppie!

Welcome to Heroine Complex's first giveaway! It's been a good few months, so Kris and I decided to  collaborate and do something special for all of you. I've included some other things, but I do know for a fact that FREE!'s Taito Kujis are quite difficult to procure for a few of you and decided to give away some of my special sons to a lucky winner!

  • Must be following @heroinecomplex and @krisppie_ on Instagram.
  • Must be following @MIKAHULIPAS and @krisppie_ on Twitter.
  • Yes, you may unfollow us after. 
  • Must be allowed to receive packages. We do not allow packages to be shipped to another person/house for security purposes. (My address will be there SO...) PO Boxes are fine.
  • We will ship internationally / locally. So long as your country is located in the list of the countries here that our shipper is willing to ship to, you're good.
  • We will send you a tracking number but do note that transit times differ depending on your post office. You may receive your packages within a span of 2 weeks to a few months.
  • I WILL REMOVE THE KUJIS FROM THE BOXES because it'll increase the price of shipping. We will double wrap them in bubble wrap to make sure they don't break.
  • Leave your inboxes / DMs / Messages open. Otherwise, how will we be able to contact you? 
  • If we contact you and you go beyond 48 hours without responding, we will select a NEW WINNER. I have daily shipments via Xend and it throws me off if I've already prepared something and can't ship it on that day. 


  • 2 FREE! Starting Days! Taito Kuji Figures
  • 1 Sousuke Hair Tie
  • 1 Neko Atsume Pouch
  • 1 Neko Atsume Origami Set
  • 1 Pin from Krisppie
  • 1 Charm from Krisppie
... and of course the notorious Clucky Jr. siblings!

With that said, please join and may God's luck be in your side!

God bless!

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