Saturday, May 7, 2016

Namja Town Part 1: FREE! Collaboration

Hello, Heroes and Heroines!

I finally managed to take some time off to do more Japan posts! To be quite honest, I haven't pulled out enough motivation from the deepest crevices of my brain to recall what happened months ago. As I type this, it's already mid-April and this post will be published on May 07. I keep on trying to convince myself that motivation will come eventually but I might as well force it out off me at this point. 

Whenever I remember my first blog (here!), I remember how fond of telling stories I once was. Growing-up, I loved to read books and write stories so it truly hurts to see myself not enjoy the same things I was - at some point - passionate about. I've been speaking to my good friend Wayne about Photography, and I hope I get right back on track! I feel my day to day existence has been weighing me down!

Anyway, let's move on to the entry!

My Mom wasn't too excited about me going to Namja Town because it was an Anime filled area. Although I'm blessed that my parents often allow me to indulge in my flights of fancy, staying in Anime area for hours on end may have annoyed Mom! Haha! Going there was also a bit tedious. We took the underground path from Tokyu Hands and it was ways to go!

In the end, it was worth it though!

The entrance fee was around 1000 yen per person so it was quite expensive! The lady advised that since I wasn't too well-versed in Nihongo to just purchase the basic ticket (without any privileges) as I wouldn't be able to understand the instructions! My heart was a little down-trodden after realising that even after all this time, I still sucked at speaking it. However, when I did get inside, it was alright as I had fun browsing around!


At first, I was expecting Namja Town to be that of a theme park with huge rides. (It was my first time visiting!) Apparently, it was more of a park / arcade combination! We went on a weekday and yet it was packed with lots of lovely people, mostly children with their parents! Whenever I see a strong family, it makes me very happy and gives me hope for my future family. 

I truly hope I'll be able to bring my child(ren) and husband here someday! I'm sure we'll have the best time!

Kitties galore! 

Hello, Kitty-chan! (I'm sorry! I forgot his name! It slipped through my mind.) See you again in a few weeks? *winks*

Imagine how riled up I felt after seeing Danganronpa and Yowamushi Pedal!

I wish I had a big(ger) stomach to fit in more food in my tummy! The main reason why I went to Namja Town was because of FREE!. I wish I was able to return a second time though so I could've had a more focused visit for YowaPeda or DR! *crosses finger there will be a next time* My Mom isn't much of a glutton as I am so... boo.

It took us awhile to get here as my Mom was browsing around the mall. In the end, she purchased way too much after my visit! I'm honestly glad I was able to visit! I love this place so much~ I'm SO happy God allowed me to visit this place for you guys to read~ ^ o ^ / 

FREE! and Uta No Prince-Sama were some of the anime featured! I hope when I return in a few weeks, there will be more collaborations! I would rather have more otome series featured because then that'll be so cool!

*fuwaa fuwaa feeling*

I regret not trying more of the Uta-Pri meals! They looked so good!

Sticker post-its for the FREE! Starting Days! movie! You get a Sakura post-it whenever you purchase something from the shop~ I placed one there, of course! ^ o ^ /

FREE! Games!

I hope you all enjoyed this brief post! I shall return with a Part 2. 

For now, I shall pack my bags for Tokyo as my schedule is piling up!