Saturday, May 21, 2016

Namja Town Part 2: FREE! Collaboration (FOOD!)

Hello, Heroes and Heroines!

As I type this entry, it would be exactly 1 month (2 days on the day this is published) before I return back to Tokyo! 

I truly miss Japan.

Today, I'll talk about the food I ate in Namja Town! I like to divide the posts of the area and the foods I eat, because it's probably overkill to my readers who have poor internet. I love posting large photos, too. I think you can only truly appreciate a photo if you see its little details~ I believe that's one of the things that constitutes a good photo, y'know? At the same time, how I wish I could take better photos! There was a point in my life wherein I wanted to take photographs for a living but I realised that my passion for helping others was more important to me than anything else.

ANYWAY... (Got sidetracked there...)

We spent over half a day at Namja Town, and I played tons of games and lotteries so as you can probably tell... I ate a lot! (Sporadically from 1 PM to 7 PM... that is! Please note that this wasn't all at once! XD *sweats*)

Again, please note that this was not all at once!

If I did, you'd see me rolling down the street instead of walking! *rolls*

I got translations from Audrey's awesome site~

For lunch, I had Ikuya's Berry Grape Juice. This was honestly the best drink I had at Namja Town. It surprisingly didn't taste generic at all. I was quite pleased with how it came out. Originally, I wanted to try Haru's but... if you know me well, you'd know how much I'm in love with berries. I figured purple was definitely grape or something with a berry in it. I'm glad I tried it as it was so good and refreshing~

Now before we continue, which of these two photos do you think was the one taken from my iPhone 6S Plus and Samsung NX3000 (Yes, I know, Mika... have you really degraded from your Canon Mark II? Well, yes.) This photo directly above is from my iPhone! Imagine that! It's quite amazing how technology has developed!

My meal was Nao's Gift Karuta Gyoza! Staying at Namja Town is such a penny sucker. Most of their servings are small. Especially this meal! (I demand justice!) However, I have to give it to them. IT WAS GOOD. Basically, they're steamed dumplings with a thicker and softer wrapping. I can't quite explain it! We don't have anything similar here locally, but I suppose I can compare it to a Xiao Long Bao with meat bun fillings. Please do correct me if you know the proper term for this meal! It's the first time I've ever had it, you see. The cream sauce at the bottom was a delicious addition. It muted down the flavour of the fillings. (I wanted to order more but there were plenty of other things to try!)

Also, the star-shaped cornflakes was an adorable addition!

Let me zoom in for you!

Merienda (Mid-Afternoon Meal) time, I was feeling doozy from playing around Namja Town. (Too much shooting games... I am ashamed to admit it.) From my coin purse, I purchased Natsuya's Pork Cutlet-like Gyoza. It was freshly cooked so I gobbled it up in an instant before I continued playing! For hours... eh heh heh.

My Mom says I have way too much energy for a 22 year-old!

Funny story: The lady who was making this rolled cabbage up was way too kind. I was quite nervous as I wasn't sure when she was going to give it to me. It was freshly rolled. I kept going back to her stall to check if it was made. (I didn't want to be a bother...) She kept smiling at me and said x more minutes. *sweats* 

My Mom ate this and it was really mild. Makoto's Rolled Cabbage Gyoza was alright! At least it was served hot1

I thought the Makoto Tachibana print was a biscuit. I ate it...


My Mom giggled at me as I frowned much to my displeasure.

Up next,


Makoto's Melon Calpis!

Ikuya and Haru's Teamwork! Gyoza with Soup looked gorgeous but tasted absolutely average. I mean, I'm sure a lot of people would find its taste very nice but it wasn't as flavourful as I hoped it would be. The colours meshed together made it great, but for the price + quality, I wasn't as keen on it.

Inside Haruka's Special Mackerel Bento! Err, another... average offering. The bento was premade so everything was cold + dry. Everything tasted alright together, please don't get me wrong. But again, for the price plus quality? Just go to the convenience instead and get yourself a better meal. Again, these are just my opinions. I do understand that meals from this kind of theme parks are on the average side as presentation precedes quality more than anything else.

*snap, snap*

At least, they made the packaging cute! I bought this home as a remembrance! 

My Mom ordered this and I just photographed it! Just a small addition! I didn't eat here for dessert! I had parfait somewhere in Ikebukuro instead~

I hope you enjoyed my post!