Saturday, June 4, 2016

Adores x Dance with Devils Cafe Collaboration (First Visit)

Hello, Heroes and Heroines!

As of the moment, I'm watching this beautiful documentary called Children Full of Life. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but it's a wonderful documentary on a Grade 4 Japanese class and their teacher Mr. Kanamori. Please do watch it if you can! This video was inspiring and affirming in plenty of ways. I really want to work with children in the near future! I think it would make me the happiest if I can see children smile on a daily basis! (Of course apart from my own children!)

I have such a soft (or should I say sensitive?) heart it's unbelievable. I easily cry when it comes to these things.

At the end of the day, I believe we must all protect and love one another. Irregardless of differences or no matter how strained our relationship with one another is. There's no other way. We must all band together and be on each other's side instead of besting one another. I hope one day I get to see that goal reached.

But that's not our topic for today!

Also, if you haven't read Part 1, it's over here!

The menu of the Dance with Devils cafe is quite small as compared to the other 2 Adores cafe I visited during my visit. As you can see there are a mere 4 meals (which have small servings nonetheless) and 3 desserts. 

When I was there, there were only 2-4 staff members so I find the menu good enough to work with! I empathise with them, of course. My Mom didn't order any of the meals as she loves the ramen we eat over at Akihabara!

The Drinks menu were also a good amount! As compared to the other 2 cafes, the Dance with Devils drinks are way more vibrant. A part of me regrets not trying out the Dance with Devils drink and Ritsuka's drink! (Or the one with Lindo and Ritsuka at the bottom!)


I have to admit that the merch doesn't have much variation on the designs, but it's alright! The fact that Dance with Devils is even getting this much merch is quite fascinating. There were never plenty of people during my 2 visits but you can tell that this series has its devoted fans. I bought a Rem mug for myself!

Some photos of the cafe from my iPhone!

Let's move on to the dishes!

On my first visit, this was the first drink I ordered! I definitely loved this! The bottom portion has apple-tasting jelly and the purple part tastes like Yakult? (I'm obsessed with Yakult, hehe!) Oh, and I got my darling Lindo as a coaster~ *SCREAMS*

My Mom ordered Roen's chocolate drink.

I'm going to be honest... I'm not going to continuously pretend that my Mom and I always agree on going to anime cafes. She doesn't mind the atmosphere, the series or the characters... but my Mom loves HUGE and savoury meals. In fact, Mama always goes to Yoshinoya to order a 3-piece Unagi / eel set every other day so when I ask to go to these cafes, she's always a bit iffy. Why? Well, they are quite expensive. 980 yen can get you a huge bowl of ramen or a big rice bowl. Second, well, my Mom EATS big. Haha! Myself included. Small servings at anime cafes won't do it for her!

I also got Mage's meal!

They're Inarizushi wrapped with bacon, tamagoyaki and two small meat buns. I loved the Bacon-wrapped Inarizushi. They were the best! The tamagoyakis were fluffy but cold. And the meat buns were average, haha!

My Mom also ordered Roen's dessert!

It's a chestnut Mont Blac! How lovely!

... and I, naturally, ordered Ritsuka!

We basically tried all the desserts! I'd say Ritsuka's was the best.

But I'm biased because everyone knows I have a love affair with berries.

Roen bids you goodbye after your meal!

You're so adorable, Roen! 

I had a Pomeranian named Boston until Dad decided to bring him to La Union and he got lost there... somehow. I just hope he's okay.