Saturday, June 11, 2016

Adores x Diabolik Lovers MORE BLOOD Cafe Collaboration (Food, First Visit)

Hello, Heroes and Heroines!

I had a long sleep today! (10 hours!) Ah, and now I'm feeling quite refreshed!

Having only gone to Ikebukuro a handful of times in the past, I was a bit scared to trudge onto this unfamiliar territory. As I jumped into the Yamanote line with my Mom, I did not hesitate to pull-out my handy iPhone and search for the Adores cafe on the Maps app. Unfortunately, there were no results. I remember feeling beat up after our morning breakfast at the train station. My Mom is 52, and gets easily tired to walk long distances. I never want to inconvenience here in any way! Even if she is my Mom, I get embarrassed whenever I make certain mistakes.

Thankfully, I simply followed the Sunshine City exit at the train station and it was on the way! Hooray for the awesome urban developers of Tokyo!

This was my first ever anime cafe. It sparks up such beautiful memories inside my heart. There are days when I feel as though I am not good enough, that I will never be able to fulfil anything. But as my heart longs for these kind of places, I must work hard to achieve those goals. Certainly, I will do my best!

Please get them if you're interested as they are sold out already!

I'm currently testing out a new way of colouring! What do you think?

On my first day, I sat on Kou-chan's table! He's adorable!  I also love that his table colour was pink! (or should I say magenta...?)

The drinks my Mom and I ordered were Kanato's Disease Sweet and Subaru's Destructive Ash!

Kanato's Disease Sweet was a purple berry juice. Please correct me if it's actually grape juice as that was the taste I got! The flavour was saturated so I waited for the ice to melt before drinking it. A lot of girls also purchased his drink while I was there so you just know it's one of the cafe's best sellers! Or maybe there are just plenty of Kanato fans, eh, eh? *nudges you*

*interviews Mom* 

"Mama? Anong lasa nung Destructive Ash? / Mama? What did the Destructive Ash taste?"

Mika's Mama: "Masarap! / Delicious!"

Subaru's Destruction Ash is also a hit!

Notable drinks that also looked great in my opinion: Ayato's Sadistic Cherry and Reiji's Acrimonious Mojito!

Shu's Roast Beef dish was delish!

If you looked at the original photo, you'd notice that the actual product is so much better than the one on the photo! We were here for breakfast so you can imagine how lovely it was to be able to eat this as my first meal of the day! It set a wonderful tone to my day, and I am genuinely pleased with it all! The meal included slices of roast beef along with a side salad and dressing. Underneath it was a bed of freshly cooked rice. There's also beef broth in a container and you can put it on top of your meat or salad~ 


*My Mom was so hungry that she didn't give me a chance to photograph her bamboo pasta. It was Azusa's dish!

Coasters I got!

Ah, if you know me quite well, you'd know how much I live for that shredded daikon on top of the meat! It was a wonderful compliment to the entire meal. I am happy!

This wasn't my original order!

But as you all know my Japanese is bad that I mistook Kanato's Pancakes to Yuma's Ice-Cream Sandwich! I was so sad!

However, it's all right! Why? Because it tasted amazing! Ice-cream buns are sold here in the Philippines, too! It's a popular street food!

The buns on Yuma's dish were slightly toasted. Inside are two scoops of both vanilla and chocolate along with a fruit coulis and fresh cream. Everything combined together beautifully! The serving is quite small but the flavours pack a punch!

Of course, I ordered another drink: Kou's Beauty Devil!

It's a refreshing grapefruit drink perfect for such a hot day!

Mom ordered Laito's dessert!

There's Matcha cake, a Matcha macaron along with fruits and cream. Look at that small chocolate cake shaped as Laito's hat! *screams*

It's picture perfect!

You get your place mats when you pay for your meal! You can either get them laminated for 100 yen or as is! 

One more post for Diabolik Lovers coming up! Thank you for sticking with me!