Saturday, June 25, 2016

Adores x Diabolik Lovers MORE BLOOD Cafe Collaboration (Food, Part 2)

Hello, Heroes and Heroines!

Right now, as I type this entry, I'm suffering from bouts of insomnia and depression. There are days when my depression feels as though it has become a thing of the past. I've always done my best to deny it as though it doesn't exist. But, alas, it creeps in during moments in my life wherein stress becomes too much to handle. I've always done my best to be as professional, to work and not let my personal problems get in the way of any of my activities. And if I were to be honest, that's the way by which I operate on a daily basis. It's just... there are good days and bad days. For 2 days now, a dark cloud has been following me and I try to befriend it.

I got to bed by 1 AM. In the end, I just got out of bed as The Sandman has yet to come and visit me. So I decided to type up this entry instead, hoping it'll give my mind some clarity!

No matter what happens, I must always strive for the best. I can't expect anything less from myself as I have spent so much of my time preparing. As April comes to a close, I hope I am at peace when I wave hello to May. We have so many things to do.

On my final visit at the DiaLovers cafe, I asked to be seated on Kanato's spot! 

Are those candies for me, Kanato-chi? Thank you very much, hihi! Also, a smile on Kanato-chi's face definitely brightens up anyone's day!

No matter what time of day you go to Adores Cafes, there will (always) be fans coming in to dine and surround themselves with their favourite series / characters! This lady in front of me was a die hard Shu fan! Unfortunately, I didn't bring my Shu pins and coasters at my last visit so I couldn't trade any of my Shu items for her Kanato ones. 

*sad face*

I love how she dressed Shu-kun with an adorable Christmas-like cape! It kinda suits him, don't you think?

My Mom ordered Ayato's Takoyaki dish!

Err, what to say... what to say... This is definitely an average Takoyaki, if you ask me! If you really want some Takoyaki... please get it from Gindaco instead! The batter was dense so when you bite into it, you don't get a crunchy exterior and a fluffy inside. The sauce and mayo were also an overkill. Everything layered one after the other... one dense component on top, finishing it all up was so difficult. 

Mom forced me to split it with her! Gah!

It seriously resembles Ayato's personality though... I'll give 'em that. It's nothing short of extremely overbearing...!

Another one of Mom's orders is Shu-san's Lethargy Heart!

Coasters~ Anyone want to trade?

A lovely Japanese girl gave me her extra Kanato coasters along to trade for Yuma! I've never cared much for Yuma as a character. I do know that lots of girls like him, but he's never appealed much to me! So, yes, you are free to take my Yuma anything. Haha! I guess he does look like he's one of the hottest of the bunch, eh?

... Mika-chan, please reconsider your choices for your biases / relationships...

Mika-chan's main meal is... Reiji-san's Gratin!

I've always been quite fond of gratin so it wasn't a difficult decision to choose whether to go for Reiji-san's Gratin or Shu-san's Clam Risotto. The pasta was well cooked and the cheese blended well with the cream. Over-all, it's nothing spectacular but a great snack either way! Also that cross pattern was quite adorable.

I also ordered Azusa-san's Insanity Blood Drink!

I didn't expect to love Azusa as a character. When I first went to the cafes, I DID notice him and his appearance. I thought, "Aww, hey, he looks creepy... and cute." but the more I got into the series, the more I fell in love with him.

Until... he burned Teddy. GAWD.

The refreshing drink tasted similar to that of blue gatorade but was a bit more refreshing? Like a sparkling drink, yes, that would be a more accurate description! The cream on top didn't go well with it at all! It kinda messed with my palate for a bit. Still. It looked beautiful!

For dessert, I had Ruki-san's Coffee Fondue plus Kanato's Disease Sweet!

There isn't much to say about this fondue because it's literally just fruits you dip on the coffee fondue! It looked absolutely adorable on the photo so I definitely had to try it! I wasn't disappointed!

And lastly, Subaru-san's White Rose Cake!

I loved this dish! The only thing that weighs it down is the denseness of the chocolate cake. It's very heavy but at the same time rather moist. If you lace it with the cream underneath the strawberries as well as the fresh cream with the strawberry coulis, then it tastes absolutely gorgeous! (Just like Subaru-san~ Hehe!) 

Thank you very much for reading! This is it for my Diabolik Lovers Cafe experiences!