Saturday, August 27, 2016

FREE! Iwatobi My Favorite Character Is... KyoAni Exclusive Boxes

Hello, hello!

Ah, the weather (or times in general?) is certainly getting stranger. I was working on a personal project and noticed that it was still bright and sunny out. When I peeked by the corner of my Mac, apparently, it was already 6PM! That never happens here, right? How strange. It's only August nonetheless. And even then, when I was a kid, the skies would get darker by 5PM even during December. It's not that scary, but it is quite weird. Eh, eh? *nudges*

As I'm typing this entry, I feel a mix of emotions. Earlier, I wrote long paragraphs but then I felt that people don't really come to my blog for my thoughts but its content. There are plenty of things I want to say... however, at the same time, I can't control the people who can see what I put out. The internet is this huge place where people from any part of the world (except for that remote island near Indonesia where they'll pelt you with arrows if you're within a 3-mile radius of their place) but people don't seem to understand each other at all. I mean, it's easy to say, "Hey, I've got online friends from Russia!" and to that extent it's good (great for HC, too), but deep down, people are more insecure with themselves than ever before. That and many other sad things...

I guess at times, I have this weird fantasy of living away from the internet. If I simply disconnected or sold my gadgets, I could live the same life I did years ago. (Well, not EXACTLY, I mean... I can no longer wear a sando and shorts and sit in front of my cubby couch to read 3 novels a day... sigh, even my cubby couch can't fit half my butt.) 

I do plan on limiting my time on the internet from now on. I just think that things are more misconstrued than ever.

So... moving on, I haven't done a review on a while because life has taken over! 

Okay... so not really a review, more of a what's inside these biscuit boxes... whatever, lol.

Today, I'll be sharing with you all the Iwatobi Cookie boxes exclusively sold by KyoAni!

I'm more of a Samezuka fan so when I picked these up, the first thing I thought of was: "Samezuka!" but I already got half the stairs when I realised that. Haha! The design is quite adorable. When I laid my eyes on them, I noticed that the colour scheme of the Iwatobi team was rather bland. But upon closer inspection, ahh, the animal totems pop out and I was pleased! 

The first time these were released, people were calling them, "Cookie Boxes!" so I initially thought that they were legit food inside. I was wrong. Good thing!

To be fair, the boxes are quite sturdy and durable. Just don't step on them, and they should last a long time! The printing has a soft matte finish that's smooth to the touch~ I hope KyoAni makes more of these adorable surprises.

There are 3 components to the box. A sticker set, a cookie badge and a biscuit acrylic charm. For 2,000 yen, that's not bad! If you're a huge fan of any of these characters then I suggest getting them because they are limited edition!

Here's what they look like on the inside! I love how they're packaged.


I hope you enjoyed this short entry. I'll be back with the Samezuka side soon!


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hello Kitty Cafe Philippines!

Hello, Hello!

I am truly blessed with my life. I do know that I speak about this a lot, but if I were to be honest... I never thought I would ever achieve the things I have in just the span of a year. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be opening up a business, to travel and take photographs, to be part of a bigger community, to open up my own charity and start several projects in such a short period of time. I want to be something more, to do better for others. 

I've never been happier in my life! 

If you're reading this, I'm thankful that you are with me right now. I'm not exactly the best person out there, but... I'm grateful nonetheless.

But let's talk about more mundane things!

Warning: If you're extremely hypersensitive about negative reviews, don't read this.

As I'm writing about this, yesterday, my Mom and I went to the mall to purchase wall fans for our resort. After purchasing some play mats for children (public school children) to donate, we noticed that the Hello Kitty Cafe was opened~ Since I already hyped myself up about this a long time ago, I dragged my Mom to come with me.


I got disappointed though.

A lot of people were interested in the cafe. I suppose, in a way, that would make sense. Hello Kitty is rather popular here in the Philippines. A lot of people were taking photographs and themed cafes are a rarity! That said, if all you're looking for is some form of novelty... then I guess this would be an okay cafe for you.

Note that I do live my life back and forth Tokyo and Japan so I have high standards when it comes to cafes! *POKES SIDE BAR WITH A LIST OF ALL THE CAFES I'VE VISITED*

The cafe is merely a pop-up booth at the 2nd of floor of SM North: The Block. It's not really the cosiest place to stay at as it's open and people going up the floor can see you. I wouldn't recommend going here if you're planning to chat with your friends / anyone or stay long. The chairs aren't comfy either... 

They offer sandwiches and salads as well~ which look awfully... basic.

The water's Evian only which is kinda... off-putting, too. I'd rather not spend 40 pesos on bottled water. Thanks.

More photographs of the pastries!

Compared to the ones I've visited in Japan, the cafe is average. If it wasn't for the fact that it was Sanrio, I doubt I would have gone to this cafe to be quite honest. When I was young, I do recall a Hello Kitty Cafe located in the main building of SM North. Now that was the REAL DEAL. Everything was truly Hello Kitty themed and adorable. This seems more like a copycat version, I guess? It feels a little forced.

Keroppi's Banana Cupcake! In my opinion, this was the best among the lot. I'd give it a six. *nod, nod*

P.S: That wafer thing is actually a straw. It wasn't even a wafer. (There's a Pandan flavoured Stick-o at the grocery... why use a straw... WHY...)

A plain vanilla cupcake with typical icing. It's called Classic Kitty if my memory serves me right.

Matcha cheesecake which tastes awfully... weird. I did get the hint of Matcha but the bland cream cheese overpowers everything. I ended up giving it to Spike when I got home.

Matcha cupcake... again, it has a hint of Matcha but you get the taste of the dense cupcake more than the flavour. 

What I noticed when we got there was that the tables were dirty and the staff didn't seem to know what to do. I told my Mom, "Ewwww!" but she insisted anyway because we were waiting for Kuya Sonny to pick our stuff up. We didn't finish anything and just asked to have the items taken home. Most of which were given to Spike to his delight.

They did package the items well though. Still not a cutesy packaging as what they do in Japan but it's alright...

I wouldn't go back. I think there are better places (and cheaper at that) to go to.

They did say they were still ~soft-opening~ but, really, the staff didn't know what to do and they were all leaving and entering the booth going to Godknowswhere. I dunno. I don't like typing this kinds of entries but I'd like my money back if only I had a time machine. >__<

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Adores Showcase: Akihabara!

Hello, Hello!

How is everyone? 

Everything in my life is turning out for the better! I'm really happy about this change in events. No matter what loses I incur, it seems that things turn out in my favour either way. It seems that I am truly at the palm of God's hands, and my future is certainly safe with Him! For the longest time, I felt that my life virtually had no meaning. That I was just strolling by, following my friends and orders from people. I was always cast aside and never been at the forefront of things. Still. I've always had an inkling that all will be well if I held on to what I believed is right.

I feel things have finally started to go my way, and I couldn't be any happier!

It's pretty strange that I say these things... in my blog. For sometime now, I haven't been able to properly convey my feelings. Hans once said, "Well, maybe you shouldn't say things too much! You can always say anything you want to us but keep quiet elsewhere." So I've held back on saying things I personally wanted to say. 

I've always felt that, maybe... if I say things that I wanted to say somewhere... then it would reach that person to who I intend it to, eventually. 

But, I digress... I randomly blurt things out like this. Even in real life.

Every Adores location in Tokyo has these showcases filled with items that are exclusive to them / collaboration items from different brands like Banpresto and their cafes. They're limited and are difficult to procure out of Japan! Some are from their crane games, too!

I am a huge fan of their FREE! merchandise!

Below are photographs from the Akihabara show case:

I hope you enjoyed my photographs!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Skincare Haul!

Hello, Hello!

I... can't help it.

If it's pretty, I want it.

I have too many planets with Venus, perhaps, I am predetermined to like these things? If so, then it's absolutely fine with me! With that said, I have Libra Sun and Libra Moon. It's pretty rare to have that sort-of combination, too. Hmm. 

Lately, I've been too busy overseeing our businesses (plus advanced uni work), and I haven't been to the mall in a long time! If ever I'm at a mall, I only stay for a few minutes to buy something I need / for the businesses. To leisurely go out is unknown to me at this point. But, it's okay. It's a new pace. I feel I've entered a new phase in my life, and I whole-heartedly welcome it with open arms!

Business is quite fun! The accounting aspect makes me rather nervous, but I am learning. I will forever cherish these days even though I'll be devoting myself to Medicine in the near future. To be able to create something from the ground up makes me so proud. I was never trained nor prepared for these things so to (personally) succeed in them is a surprise.

Anyway, I digress...

Recently, my best friend Kana has been raving about Althea. She works part-time and decided to treat herself some new cosmetics, so she asked me to choose stuff with her online and we ended up shopping online together... Yeah, both of us...!

The shop is from Korea so they still have to ship it here! Thankfully, they also accept CODs. Everything is packed in an adorable pink box! This is something that I hope to do with Heroine Complex eventually~

Here are what I bought~ 6 items for 1700 pesos including the delivery fee!

...Most of these items were on sale...

I'll link Kana's post here. However, unlike her, I only purchased 1 cosmetic item which is the BB cushion. I purchased Maybelline's BB cushion in Tokyo, so I wanted to try other variations, too! I'm more of a skincare kind-of person. I no longer wear as much make-up as I used to... even lesser these days as my hours drag on and I can't do much upkeep on my look. I actually just go out with sunscreen. 

Thankfully, I have good skin! I can go out and not fret too much about my face. Heh. Thank you, God!

Kana works long hours, and she has to look presentable.

I don't like anyone from UP anyway so it doesn't matter what I look like. *coughs*

Some Etude House items my Mom got for me!


Most of my items are for dry skin / moisture. I used to have intense oily skin. However, the more I travel, the more my skin has dried up which is horrible. Korean companies refer to dryness / lack of moisture as the source of all skin problems so I quickly changed my routine to products that give as much hydration as possible!

That's all for today~ Happy July! (I typed this on July 1st!)