Saturday, August 13, 2016

Adores Showcase: Akihabara!

Hello, Hello!

How is everyone? 

Everything in my life is turning out for the better! I'm really happy about this change in events. No matter what loses I incur, it seems that things turn out in my favour either way. It seems that I am truly at the palm of God's hands, and my future is certainly safe with Him! For the longest time, I felt that my life virtually had no meaning. That I was just strolling by, following my friends and orders from people. I was always cast aside and never been at the forefront of things. Still. I've always had an inkling that all will be well if I held on to what I believed is right.

I feel things have finally started to go my way, and I couldn't be any happier!

It's pretty strange that I say these things... in my blog. For sometime now, I haven't been able to properly convey my feelings. Hans once said, "Well, maybe you shouldn't say things too much! You can always say anything you want to us but keep quiet elsewhere." So I've held back on saying things I personally wanted to say. 

I've always felt that, maybe... if I say things that I wanted to say somewhere... then it would reach that person to who I intend it to, eventually. 

But, I digress... I randomly blurt things out like this. Even in real life.

Every Adores location in Tokyo has these showcases filled with items that are exclusive to them / collaboration items from different brands like Banpresto and their cafes. They're limited and are difficult to procure out of Japan! Some are from their crane games, too!

I am a huge fan of their FREE! merchandise!

Below are photographs from the Akihabara show case:

I hope you enjoyed my photographs!