Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hello Kitty Cafe Philippines!

Hello, Hello!

I am truly blessed with my life. I do know that I speak about this a lot, but if I were to be honest... I never thought I would ever achieve the things I have in just the span of a year. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be opening up a business, to travel and take photographs, to be part of a bigger community, to open up my own charity and start several projects in such a short period of time. I want to be something more, to do better for others. 

I've never been happier in my life! 

If you're reading this, I'm thankful that you are with me right now. I'm not exactly the best person out there, but... I'm grateful nonetheless.

But let's talk about more mundane things!

Warning: If you're extremely hypersensitive about negative reviews, don't read this.

As I'm writing about this, yesterday, my Mom and I went to the mall to purchase wall fans for our resort. After purchasing some play mats for children (public school children) to donate, we noticed that the Hello Kitty Cafe was opened~ Since I already hyped myself up about this a long time ago, I dragged my Mom to come with me.


I got disappointed though.

A lot of people were interested in the cafe. I suppose, in a way, that would make sense. Hello Kitty is rather popular here in the Philippines. A lot of people were taking photographs and themed cafes are a rarity! That said, if all you're looking for is some form of novelty... then I guess this would be an okay cafe for you.

Note that I do live my life back and forth Tokyo and Japan so I have high standards when it comes to cafes! *POKES SIDE BAR WITH A LIST OF ALL THE CAFES I'VE VISITED*

The cafe is merely a pop-up booth at the 2nd of floor of SM North: The Block. It's not really the cosiest place to stay at as it's open and people going up the floor can see you. I wouldn't recommend going here if you're planning to chat with your friends / anyone or stay long. The chairs aren't comfy either... 

They offer sandwiches and salads as well~ which look awfully... basic.

The water's Evian only which is kinda... off-putting, too. I'd rather not spend 40 pesos on bottled water. Thanks.

More photographs of the pastries!

Compared to the ones I've visited in Japan, the cafe is average. If it wasn't for the fact that it was Sanrio, I doubt I would have gone to this cafe to be quite honest. When I was young, I do recall a Hello Kitty Cafe located in the main building of SM North. Now that was the REAL DEAL. Everything was truly Hello Kitty themed and adorable. This seems more like a copycat version, I guess? It feels a little forced.

Keroppi's Banana Cupcake! In my opinion, this was the best among the lot. I'd give it a six. *nod, nod*

P.S: That wafer thing is actually a straw. It wasn't even a wafer. (There's a Pandan flavoured Stick-o at the grocery... why use a straw... WHY...)

A plain vanilla cupcake with typical icing. It's called Classic Kitty if my memory serves me right.

Matcha cheesecake which tastes awfully... weird. I did get the hint of Matcha but the bland cream cheese overpowers everything. I ended up giving it to Spike when I got home.

Matcha cupcake... again, it has a hint of Matcha but you get the taste of the dense cupcake more than the flavour. 

What I noticed when we got there was that the tables were dirty and the staff didn't seem to know what to do. I told my Mom, "Ewwww!" but she insisted anyway because we were waiting for Kuya Sonny to pick our stuff up. We didn't finish anything and just asked to have the items taken home. Most of which were given to Spike to his delight.

They did package the items well though. Still not a cutesy packaging as what they do in Japan but it's alright...

I wouldn't go back. I think there are better places (and cheaper at that) to go to.

They did say they were still ~soft-opening~ but, really, the staff didn't know what to do and they were all leaving and entering the booth going to Godknowswhere. I dunno. I don't like typing this kinds of entries but I'd like my money back if only I had a time machine. >__<