Friday, August 5, 2016

Skincare Haul!

Hello, Hello!

I... can't help it.

If it's pretty, I want it.

I have too many planets with Venus, perhaps, I am predetermined to like these things? If so, then it's absolutely fine with me! With that said, I have Libra Sun and Libra Moon. It's pretty rare to have that sort-of combination, too. Hmm. 

Lately, I've been too busy overseeing our businesses (plus advanced uni work), and I haven't been to the mall in a long time! If ever I'm at a mall, I only stay for a few minutes to buy something I need / for the businesses. To leisurely go out is unknown to me at this point. But, it's okay. It's a new pace. I feel I've entered a new phase in my life, and I whole-heartedly welcome it with open arms!

Business is quite fun! The accounting aspect makes me rather nervous, but I am learning. I will forever cherish these days even though I'll be devoting myself to Medicine in the near future. To be able to create something from the ground up makes me so proud. I was never trained nor prepared for these things so to (personally) succeed in them is a surprise.

Anyway, I digress...

Recently, my best friend Kana has been raving about Althea. She works part-time and decided to treat herself some new cosmetics, so she asked me to choose stuff with her online and we ended up shopping online together... Yeah, both of us...!

The shop is from Korea so they still have to ship it here! Thankfully, they also accept CODs. Everything is packed in an adorable pink box! This is something that I hope to do with Heroine Complex eventually~

Here are what I bought~ 6 items for 1700 pesos including the delivery fee!

...Most of these items were on sale...

I'll link Kana's post here. However, unlike her, I only purchased 1 cosmetic item which is the BB cushion. I purchased Maybelline's BB cushion in Tokyo, so I wanted to try other variations, too! I'm more of a skincare kind-of person. I no longer wear as much make-up as I used to... even lesser these days as my hours drag on and I can't do much upkeep on my look. I actually just go out with sunscreen. 

Thankfully, I have good skin! I can go out and not fret too much about my face. Heh. Thank you, God!

Kana works long hours, and she has to look presentable.

I don't like anyone from UP anyway so it doesn't matter what I look like. *coughs*

Some Etude House items my Mom got for me!


Most of my items are for dry skin / moisture. I used to have intense oily skin. However, the more I travel, the more my skin has dried up which is horrible. Korean companies refer to dryness / lack of moisture as the source of all skin problems so I quickly changed my routine to products that give as much hydration as possible!

That's all for today~ Happy July! (I typed this on July 1st!)