Saturday, September 10, 2016

FREE! Star Night Taito Kuji Can Mirror Review

Oh, my goodness!

The air smells of sweet and sour pork, and I'm salivating. 

Stop yourself, Mika! 

It's already 9:11 PM. It would be a horrible idea to eat at this point as I follow a certain diet and schedule to keep healthy. How I wish I could easily anything I want though and not get fat. Perhaps one day, Science will be so advanced that we can take in something that inhibits calories 100%! Now, that would be the best. It would also benefit little 'ol me, too. *sparkly eyes* 

//jogs every day and is tired by 1 lap

For the moment - while we wait for that miracle pill hand in hand together - we can refocus our attention on something just as amazing! 

My supplier and I managed to get an entire FREE! Star Night Taito Kuji set 100% brand new and complete! (I'll be doing a set review on Star Night soon. I promise!)

Oji-chan, thank you! I know you struggle with English, but I am truly grateful for all you do. Thank you for bearing with a antsy 22 year-old like me.

If you've been following me for awhile, you would know that every time I return to Akihabara, I try for the Star Night kuji. I started doing so at my last trip in February. I won Rin's figure for a lovely customer and was very happy that I got it for her! <3 In fact, during my last trip in May, I purchased the entire kuji (what was remaining of it at least).

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Star Night series was the last kuji for Eternal Summer. What followed after were the HIGH SPEED! sets. It's also one of the more colourful sets that feature all the boys which surely pleased the fans. <3

Now that a new FREE! project has been announced, we can surely expect new kujis!

One of the smaller prizes include this lovely can mirrors which is something newly introduced to the kuji line-up!

The boxes are the same size as Flower Afternoon's cookie strap packaging, and they're probably the most colourful box in the entire history of FREE! Taito kujis.

All of them lined-up!

The planners of this set probably considered that this would be one of the last (at the moment) for FREE!'s Eternal Summer line-up so they included Momo and Nitori. The two are always a welcome addition in my book as I'm a huge Samezuka fan!

This may just be a random tidbit, but you'd see that for the Samezuka fan every character is facing to the left except for Rin, haha!

Team Samezuka!

Team Iwatobi!

The designs are rather similar with a toy clock (depending on the team), jammies, slippers and with their spirit totems inside a play box. How cute!

And a special Kisumi can mirror joins the team!

I hope you enjoyed this short post and get a can mirror for yourself. I have a Momo one inside my pouch, because #makeupissues. 

Have a beautiful day!