Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mika Takes You To Hetalia's Nekotalia Cafe! Part. 1


I question myself a lot whenever I write these kinds of entries. Whenever I look at my blog's stats and read comments from you guys, I learned that most of you love reading my entries about my trips and adventures in Japan (Which really is a no-brainer because let's face it... I'm a premed student and no one would go to this blog and think to themselves, 'Hmm... I want to know if she's tackled this x subject in class.) It's very important to me as a person to figure out how I can make my readers happy. But at the same time, I want to give people a sense of hope rather than envy. I know it's kind of presumptuous for me to think that people who read this blog would become ~envious~, and I may not be saying this as tactfully as I should... But what I mean to say is, I'm writing my entries with the plight that this helps you pursue your travel dreams in Japan. Not to tell you to give up or that you can't achieve them. 

By my experience working with people and studying behaviour in general, I learned that people stumble when overcome with ill-feelings such as jealousy / envy, anger, etc. If it's your dream to travel Japan then by all means please do so. I'm rooting for you, too. And I would love to read your entries in the future. To me, there is nothing better than seeing others succeed and fulfil their goals. I feel that I am also a part of their success as I was once the same way. Let's all help each other succeed.

Today, I'd like to talk about one of the cutest cafes I've ever been to: Nekotalia Cafe!

I have a huge confession: cats terrify me.

Cats make those strange wailing human sounds whenever they're mating or fighting and that scares the living crap out of me. Next, dogs have been much kinder towards me me. I've never met a dog that I didn't like. Cats on the other hand have scratched me and threatened me with rabies. When I was studying in UST, I gave a cat my leftover hotdog. When I attempted to pet her, she scratched my finger and I ran inside the Main Building to wash my hands... and lo and behold at the first floor restrooms, there was no water and soap in the sink.

Ah, UST. 

We used to take care of a stray cat around our home named Tony, and she was a kind cat who only wanted to be loved. I liked that cat but unfortunately, we couldn't keep her around. Why? Well, she would become pregnant every few months or so and she'd keep her kittens inside a small section in our roof. Tony would literally pull apart the covers we'd seal and place her newborn kittens there. The only problem was whenever it would rain (as it was an enclosed section), her kittens would drown. We kept trying to seal it but then she'd just pull apart another section and another. One day, my Mom just got fed up with it (I remember screaming at the sight of a kitten's paw just dangling on our roof when I was in third grade) that they lured Tony with food and took her kittens to the shelter. 

... of course, I digressed. 

I wasn't sure about whether I wanted to go to this cafe or not simply because... I thought the food looked a bit bland. (And it really was, to be quite honest.) But I thought, "Hmm. Well, there probably won't be another cafe like this so why not?". On the day we went to Akihabara to eat some Kobe beef, my Mom stopped at the building where Adores was located and said, "Merienda (Mid-afternoon meal) ka muna?" And, hey, my Mom offered so why not?

On we went! If Mama suggests it, then so it must be done! *gleams*

When we got inside, I was puzzled because I kept on pressing the button to the 5th (or 6th, forgive my poor memory) floor to the cafe but it wasn't budging. I figured the cafe must've been closed but a few Japanese girls carrying merchandise came out so I pressed on. My Mom and I went to the 3rd (or 4th) floor to check out the Adores merchandise floor and apparently, we had to stop by here first for reservations. When I asked the saleslady, she said that they were still cleaning up from the previous time slot's so we had to wait on that floor.

I fell in love with the merchandise, and every girl who went to the cafe seemed to be people I would want to be friends with!

The menu!

I promise I will do an Adores cafe guide soon.

The team!

We had to line up along with the other guests and climb the backstairs to the floor where the cafe was located. I guess it's because we couldn't fit everyone inside the elevator and they wanted to be fair? I don't know the exact reason why. ;;;

If only I was a fan of the series, I would've attempted to get every one!

I liked the merchandise selection for this series. <3 The colours are a bit muted though (which I get is the series' colour palette)!

A part of me feels very lucky to be able to travel Japan. In fact, I consider it as my second home as I return often. But still, I feel like an outsider amidst all these lovely ladies. I wish I had them as friends. Whenever I go to cafes, that's what I think of immediately. I'm a bit shy to speak in Nihongo so I only do so if I must. I hope I can connect more and make friends with them someday.

Italy neko is bae! And he greets you out! How adorable, right?

I'll continue with my food post up next, so please watch out!