Saturday, September 24, 2016

Mika Takes You to Hetalia's Nekotalia Cafe Part. 2!

Hi, hi!

So, how is everyone? I've been struggling to keep my head above the water because I have overcommitted myself to so much work, events and people. Still, at the same time, I am very happy. Working and making others feel good makes me happy. To know that I will be of service to others brings me so much joy. Never in my life has it occurred to me to only think of myself. I always want to give whatever I can. To me, knowing that I have brightened someone's day is enough to tell myself, "Job well done!".

Last night, a cockroach flew on my head and even hit my face as I was studying! I got scared that I began to yell out of surprise! (Even after taking Entomology, these little buggers still disgust me. Not so much as being afraid of them but more on disgust...!) Ate Princess ran down from her room upstairs and killed the bug for me. *sighs* I had to take a bath after, and I even gargled twice to make sure that there were no germs on me. :') The day before, I was laughing at her because a cockroach flew above her head and I even recorded it on video. I guess that was my karma. Heh.

I put in these personal paragraphs up on my blog posts because at the end of the day... this isn't a travel / anime / review / photography blog. It's a personal blog. Sometimes I forget that and feel bad about talking on about my thoughts and feelings. (Which should never ever be the case.) I guess I feel apprehensive to talk about myself as other people can read and just get what's going on in my head whether I like it or not. Heck, my friend's older brother's cousin's parents can read what I have to say and opinions may form about me. Still, I'd like to continue saying what I have to say anyway.

This time of the year always feels nostalgic. I guess it's because in 2015 when my Uncle died. August isn't a favourite month of mine at all. But this August was really fun, and it's the best August I've had in years so I pray it continues! 

Today, I wanted to talk about Nekotalia Cafe's offerings! (Aka: what we ordered!)

Coasters I got! No Philippines Neko - unfortunately. :<

My Mom and I both ordered coffees. Mine was Italy Neko's milk coffee and Mom's was Russia Neko's black coffee with cat shaped gelatine and ice-cream. 

My Mom didn't finish hers because she didn't expect that it would be too sweet...! I finished mine easily, hehe. It's not like in the Philippines where I can tell them to remove the ice... I don't want to be a bother. *sweats* But it was really good and nice after walking around Akihabara the entire afternoon!

France Neko's Rose-shaped sandwiches!


My Mom told me not to get Russia Neko's stew meal because we had dinner reservations after, but now that I think about it... Russia Neko's meal looked so good...!

Japan Neko's Inarizushi! 

Nothing too special, but the artistry that went into these is A+!

Ta-dah! Our orders!

More photos of the cafe interior!

I hope you enjoyed my post on Nekotalia cafe. It was such a sweet surprise, and I ended up enjoying!