Saturday, September 3, 2016

Prince of Stride Namco Pop-Up Shop at Shibuya!

Hi, hi!


The weather in Manila is perfectly suited for taking a warm blanket, hiding inside it and taking a nap.  Was it yesterday? When there was reportedly a tornado (or buhawi) at the centre of Manila? Gnarly!  That's never happened before! I just poured hot water on my ramen, and there it was on the news! Personally, I'm not fond of the cold weather. I like the sunny days we have in Manila more than thundering skies. Like, you'd see me in the summer still sleeping under a toasty comforter. 

In a few weeks, I'll be back in Tokyo, but I've yet to do write-ups of my trips since early February. Am I starting to become lazy or has life taken its beating? Both are true, in my case. To be quite honest, I'm constantly rethinking as to what I'll end up doing on this blog. At times, I'd rather just take photographs than type up what I have to say, but a lot of people tell me that they can understand / connect with what I say so I pull back and think, "Well, if it's what they want then what are a few sentences?"

On this post, I wanted to take you all to the pop-up shop of Prince of Stride in Shibuya!

Prince of Stride recently did a collaboration with Namja Town, hence, the cat chibis of the characters!

I wasn't expecting to see this pop-up shop though I've heard (or should I say read?) on several Japanese websites that there will be an opened PoS shop at the time I will be returning home. I didn't expect that it would be at the same place we were visiting at all, so I was happy and at the same time relieved that I could do some shopping for the series. Serendipity at its finest! 

Pin sets!

The lady was so sweet, and she happily accommodated and allowed me to photograph the shop. 

It was an early Wednesday when we visited, so there weren't so much people. I took advantage of it to take plenty of photos so I can share them with you. One day, when I'm older and have established my Heroine Complex empire, I will look back on these days fondly. In life, we all have to start somewhere, right? Whatever you're seeing here now is the start of HC's future empire. I want to protect her at all cost, and hopefully, someday... you'll bring your children into one of our shops. *winks*

We've been back for several days, but at Animate in Akihabara (which is the nearest Animate from our place), most of the PoS items were sold out. I'm glad I was able to get some of the Bocchi-kun straps which are absolutely adorable there though!

Kuji corner!

Now, I'd like to believe that I'm the budding Kuji Queen. (I constantly win A-prizes during my first tries and stock-in plenty of Kujis from different series in my shop!) But, but, but...! I bow down in defeat when it comes to the Lottery Wheel. OTL; I dare not try this, and hope... hope that I can purchase these at second-hand shops around Tokyo someday. I've won the worst prizes like stickers! It's too sad for me, haha! My confidence sinks whenever the lottery wheel comes up besides series that I love.

My heart yearns for that Riku and Fujiwara pillow. Someday, my love!

I love how they displayed their items! It gave me inspiration as to how I can display items on my shop, too. <3

I regret not purchasing the other characters especially Koga's!

Blind packs! 


Clear file corner!

One of the things I find fascinating about this series is its merchandise. I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed it, but... look at how the colours blend seamlessly together on their display as well as items. I do understand that not many people will understand where I'm coming from, but... I do own a shop as well and I like to make sure that everything works harmoniously together from my decor and items.


I love the boldness of their colours. It just makes me want to breathing...

... and that, I unfortunately, did.


I hope you enjoyed this post! I will be working on better content for everyone!