Saturday, October 1, 2016

Come to Star-Myu Cafe with Mika! (Part 1)

Hey, guys! Guess where I'm going today!

But first... a litany by yours truly.

A lot of things have been changing, and I feel truly blessed by the new opportunities coming my way. Have you ever felt the need to change so bad that what ever comes and passes by, you just grab it and just find a way to deal (even though you're nowhere near prepared)? That's how I feel about myself right now. A leadership opportunity in uni? Grab. Oh, do charity works here? Yup, let me do that. I love helping others after all. Travel to Japan? Hmm, it's a bit tedious but, hey! I'll take it. A feeding program? Sure! Let me grab a piece of paper and we can outline the things we need to do.

I've fallen in love with working that sometimes, I neglect everything else. My friends have been telling me to be present and spend some time with them, but... I can't help myself. 2011-2015 was an incredibly dormant period for me. I don't recall much except that I was sad and struggling for the most part. I mainly had difficulty understand myself. Why did I do certain things? Why did I say something like that? That was very OOC of me to do... Of course at this point I know better. I want to move, explore, go on adventures and learn. I want to expose myself to others and learn about life. There are so many people I have yet to meet, so many places to visit and I feel that I want to do them all before it all ends.

The things that used to bother me before... don't even affect me anymore. I used to be so sensitive. But eventually, you learn that there are more important things to focus on. When I began to work on HC's empire, it all shifted for me. I could be rattled by a comment or I can continue persevering and find a way to make things happen. Eventually, the latter warmed up to me and here we are today.

I don't know why I felt compelled to say these things, but I just got off a phone call with Josh and we spoke about life. So, so, so many things to do and achieve. And we only live for so long.

But, that's that!

Let's go back to the main reason why you went to this blog: Star-Myu Cafe!

Just a disclaimer: I am not a huge fan of idol shows. (I know, go ahead, throw bananas at me. I will evade them just as I do with my daily responsibilities. Kidding.) So when I first heard that Star-Myu cafe was returning to Shibuya... I was a bit hesitant. Eventually, I figured... why the heck not? Aside from Star-Myu, only Nekotalia and Yugioh were the other Adores cafes and I wasn't going to throw out this opportunity to show any fans what it was like there!

I was proven wrong. I had a really fun time at the cafe~ Actually, I was drawn in by how well the cafe was run and the decorations reeled me! Every time I come to cafes without knowing an anime, I immediately pick my favourite character based upon looks. This time, I immediately fell in love with Kuga-chan. As I watched the anime, he really did end up becoming my favourite character so I don't regret visiting at all!

Truly, serendipity at work!

Just as with most anime cafes, there's a limited menu that fits into the series / characters. If you ask me, Star-Myu cafe had plenty of scrumptious meals and most looked absolutely filling. There are plenty of cafes out there that have minute portions. That wasn't the case for this cafe which is something I'm grateful for (though I only tried one thing on the meal menu).

Another new aspect to the Star-Myu cafe as compared to the past Adores cafes I've been to is the merchandise set-up. Normally, you still need to go to the cashier if you wanted to purchase something. At this cafe, you can freely browse all you want (so long as you don't open the blind packs) and can hold each merch before purchasing! Though, yeah, I do understand why the Akihabara and Ikebukuro branches don't do this due to the limited space. It's still a fun addition if you ask me!

Cafe interiors below! *pokes*

Coincidentally, I also ended up on Kuga's table which made me very happy!

I hope you enjoyed this photo post, and I'll be back soon with a part 2!