Saturday, October 29, 2016

Come to Star-Myu Cafe with Mika! (Part 2)

This is still a queued post.

But right now, I have a lot on my mind. 

I love Japan. I really do. I appreciate the people, the sights, the pleasant air. In Japan, I feel more like myself than I do here in my own country. Perhaps, being able to live here has given me a wider perspective of life. Like, that there's more than what's in here locally. There's constant chaos, deaths and bickering here and there. There's more than irrelevant showbiz news and billboards of people I don't even know anymore. And, of course, there's no traffic and hardly any car accidents. I don't know if you believe in past lives but I may have lived here in my past life. I naturally feel an attraction to Japan. It's such a strange feeling. Even if I never return to another anime cafe, I'd still like to come back just to feel that same connection.

My Mom tells me that I feel this way because I'm happy in Japan. Am I not happy here? I wonder... It's such a strange feeling. I have plenty of friends that love me. I own businesses. I serve my country proudly... but am I genuinely happy here? Perhaps, only time will tell. However, if there's anything I can say for sure, is that Japan will always be a part of my future. Certainly.

Conversations with Ate Princess soothe me a lot. I'm uncertain of what may happen in the future. In fact, I fear it a lot. But it also gives me courage to press on and believe in a beautiful outcome. I'm still apprehensive, and I know this probably sounds cryptic to the rest of you... but I still want to believe in it anyway.

Here we go with the second part of the Star-Myu Cafe!

This cafe was certainly a joy to visit. I loved the bold colours, I love the series! Ah, I really made sure that I was going to come and eat here prior to my trip. The first time it was out, I believe... the cafe was running all the way at Sapporo? Please correct me if I'm wrong. (This was during the February period?) I'm not sure, but I'm glad I got the chance to come!

My Mom told me not to order too much food as we were going to eat elsewhere after. I did enjoy our meal after, but the Star-Myu cafe certainly stole my heart!

My main meal was stir-fried veggies and shumai~ (In our country, we call it siomai. Not sure what the difference is!) The veggies were really flavourful, and I wanted to eat another meal but my Mom was looking at me to make sure I wasn't going to! Haha! She's not so fond of cafe food, and I would have to agree with her that it's not as great as what you'd get outside!

On the flipside, my Mom really liked her dessert! She finished it right away!

I ordered the molten lava cake with berries, and honestly... it was pretty average! It looked great though! Don't get me wrong. It was pretty dense and dry. I asked my Mom to finish it for me!

And our drinks!

So this was a pretty short post... and I think I'm going to focus more on photo blogs rather than typewritten litanies and rambles. There really isn't much to say about cafes. I'm no food expert either, so it's not like I can critique anything. I will say that this is one of the better cafes I've been to!