Saturday, November 5, 2016

Elmo and His Fun Friends Cafe in Harajuku!


It's a week before Cosplay Mania. And another 2 weeks before I leave for Tokyo. 

Do you know the story of Hansel and Gretel? Like, they left crumbs, right? So they won't forget where they came from. I won't say I'm either. But what I'm feeling now is the person who's searching for the crumbs, picking them up one by one and piecing them together to figure something out. But in this reality I live in, the crumbs left are far too minute and even undecipherable so I'm left clueless over-all, but I still find traces in what I can. I know this sounds pretty cryptic. Believe me, I do know that the WWW is free for all so I can't exactly say things. Not in fear of who might read. But more of, I have a certain image I want to protect. If I do say it, I'll probably look dumb. And I do savour compliments from people that I'm ~put together~. Maybe if I believe in it, then it'll happen? (Fake it till you make it? I guess?) I digress. In school, we hypothesize. In real life, I overthink things and cause myself anxiety so I lay on my bed for hours overanalyzing. 

I was feeling horribly emotional earlier with Ate Princess, and I vented to Kana about it, too. Of course, the two of them said the same thing, "Don't think about it. / Wag mo na isipin. Wag mo na tignan. Magpray." Well, of course. Yun lang naman ang kaya kong gawin at this point. It's not like I can just do the Kool-Aid dude and smash into walls and shock people into giving me answers. The point is: It's my birthday again. And I have a wish, a seemingly impossible wish that I've been hoping for for the longest time. The thing about this wish is that it's... non-material. And that's what makes me feel apprehensive for even thinking about it. I feel absolutely crappy for even thinking about it. It's been years since I made that wish and it hasn't happened. But... I continue to wish for it anyway. Sometimes, I hate myself for being this way. It's a hopeless situation but my mind goes, "Well, gee. There's still an itty bitty chance it might happen so let's hope for it anyway!"

I get called the most mature one in uni situations when really, I go online or go to my friends and that part shatters... and in a way, I'm relieved. I don't want to show people that I'm actually 5 seconds away from throwing myself out the window... not that I would. You see, I do say I've reached the light at the other end of the tunnel... but the light is actually merely grey and there's still ways to go before reaching sunlight.

Anyway, make of that what you will.

I'm grateful that I have people to cheer me up. It's what I need right now, to be quite honest. I needed a distraction so I'm glad HC is here, and I get to travel to make me loosen up a bit. Maybe eventually, I'll forget. I've been telling God to give me a sign and in the end, all I get are pleasant dreams of it. Perhaps, that's the sign but... if anything, the dreams I get provide a stark contrast to the reality at the present.

Bah, let's just talk about the Sesame Street Cafe. I apologize if any of you have to read through my head. I don't understand it either. I understand that this may just be merely a phase and things will become brighter soon.

I miss Ato so much. But there's nothing I can do about it. I may never see him again so... but I've come to terms with that. I shouldn't be feeling bad anymore because plenty of things have changed. I'll just tough it out. At least it doesn't hurt as much as it did. I don't want to think about things I can't control. I'm very happy now, and at the very least I can do to the people who actually love me is be happy. And succeed.  I, too, can play the don't give a f*ck game.

And though I know, since you've awakened her again
She depends on you, she depends on you
She'll go alone, and never speak of this again
We depend on you, we depend on you

And though I know, since you've awakened her again
She depends on you, she depends on you
She'll go alone, and never speak of this again
We depend on you, we depend (I'll depend on you)

I don't know much about your life beyond these walls
The fleeting sense of love within these God-forsaken halls

And I can hear it in his voice, in every call

This girl who's slept a hundred years has something after all

Kinda creepy if Ato does read this, huh? I used to listen to Porter Robinson's Sad Machine in 2014. It feels like such a long time ago.

She'll go alone, and never speak of this again
We depend on you, we depend (I'll depend on you)

I begged my Mom to take me to the Sesame Street cafe! We just ate over at a Asakusa so we were pretty full, but it's a new cafe. I can never seem to stop myself to visit cafes we pass by as they may not be there the next time I return. I do recall loving the food at Ojipan cafe closing the next time we returned. I really loved their Omurice so I truly regret not returning as much as I did (especially when I returned 3x before they closed!)

It recently opened when we got there, so there weren't plenty of people. It was a weekday, too! While we were shopping down Takeshita Dori, I dragged my Mom and began to point at the cafe! My Mom was all, "Mamaya na para sa merienda! Later!" Hahaha, she surely kept her word though. I'm honestly really blessed to have her as my Mom. She's growing older, so she gets angry at me quite often, haha! Still, I wouldn't want another Mom. Is that weird for me to say?

The cafe is on the second floor. The first floor is devoted to merchandise and the like.

I really liked the cafe's interiors! It's bright and happy! 

You can view details of the cafe here! Apparently, it was only up until June 30th.

The numbers above are given to you and they refer to your table number~ You'll need that to check out after! 

The menu looked absolutely great! I really loved everything featured on the menu to the point that I brought home a copy of this placemat home. I adore the selection of meals, sandwiches, deserts and drinks. Not many cafes have such a colourful menu, after all!

My Mom ordered the Salmon and Avocado sandwich! She really liked it and finished everything. However, she commented that it tasted a bit too simple. I believe that's the case with most Japanese dishes? They love to enhance flavours rather than add plenty of sauces. (Which is something I'm fond of myself.) That said, Japanese dishes are really great and creative. It just depends on which restaurant you go to, of course. 

My meal!

I ordered the Big Bird Omurice with Tomato sauce set. It came with a drink of your choice and some soup. I liked it a lot, to be quite honest! This time around, I learned--- the harder way --- that his face was styrofoam so I took that out. Everything was composed, and though it was a pretty basic meal, I enjoyed it.


I split this one with my Mom. I have the tendency to order and go overboard when visiting cafes. Like I literally order the extravagant looking ones even though deep down, I know I can't finish it. I'm partly gluttonous. My eventual downfall, probably... no... maybe not. Still, haha! There was popping boba at the bottom of the lemon drink. I let my Mom finish the gelato!

And our dessert! It was a fluffy cake with a side of cream and syrup. It wasn't the best tasting dessert. Have you heard of the Filipino dessert / bread called mamon? That's pretty much what it was but arranged in a classier way!

This is starting to become a food / travel blog. Whenever I think of this fact, I remember a special person with whom I initially planned on starting one with. In our horoscopes, it said that this person and I would work well together. So, perhaps, this would have been a better blog if s/he was included. I really wish that would have been the case.