Saturday, November 19, 2016

[KUJI SET] Ensemble Stars ~Gonin Sorotte RYUSEITAI~ Minna no Kuji

Hello, hello!

But, really, there's no way around it because I'm quite busy. It's difficult studying, traveling, planning the upcoming cafes and managing the shops. But I'm able to manage with the help of many people, so I'm blessed in that aspect. 

There are so many things I want to say. How can you deal with them if you can't say something? I feel imprisoned by this. I placed myself in a position wherein I have no choice but to deal. So I continuously work, study and ignore my feelings. Not necessarily lowering my head and walking forward. More of, keeping my head up high and trying not to look back no matter how tempted I am. It's very difficult. I want to return and fix things. But what can I do? Nothing. Because when it comes to these things, other people --- the other party/ies--- must be open to you first. It doesn't matter if you're willing to rectify something if they aren't.

The year is ending. It's important for me to end with something great. I wished for an eventful life, and I got it. I've met so many people, new friends. If I needed to talk to someone, I could easily just press a button. It was unlike before wherein I had the person I love, my barkada and a few other college friends to chat with. These days, I can strike up a conversation with people online. Dozens, too! And it's pretty amazing. Uni is awesome. Everything is awesome.

And here I am thinking of the people I've lost along the way. Ah, of course. People always think of what they don't have instead of what they do. I'm quite a selfish person, aren't I? I'm certain a lot of people roll their eyes at me a lot. I'm unreasonable and insensitive. I accept that. Really, I do. But I can't help it. I miss whomever I miss. It becomes difficult when I'm working on my businesses, and I've got to continue on and pretend that it doesn't matter.

*cue in me crying at Cosplay Mania* #NeverForget

Anyway, ta-da! The latest Ensemble Stars ~Gonin Sorotte RYUSEITAI!~ Minna no Kuji!

Sorry... if that's like an awkward transition. I didn't really have anything to add.

What do you guys think?

I'm quite pleased with this set! But, really, wall stickers? They couldn't have done something else? *gets kicked* 

The A-Prizes are tapestries of Trickstar! If you're a fan of this unit (which I'm sure many of you are), then this might please you! I absolutely love the image. Subaru's quite adorable. Actually, all of them are. (I can't seem to pick my favourite in this team. Maybe because it's the entire unit!) I constantly wonder why tapestries would be the A-Prize and not figures. Perhaps, it's because I'm not fond of them? A lot of people love these though! It's also a huge size. 

B-F-Prizes are figures of the Ryuseitai unit! I dare not complain! The previous Enstars Minna no Kuji set only had 4. This set has 5! I was afraid that they'd only put 1 in each set, but thankfully, I was wrong. (Phew. Wouldn't want to waste my money, really.) Kanata's figure looks so happy. I may keep one for myself if only to see his smile every morning by my bed side. Ryuseitai is one of my favourite units, too.

G-Prizes are cushion covers of the ra*bits and Valkyrie units. Of course, I swiped Shino's at first glance! These are popular as crane game prizes, so I was a bit shook when I learned that they were prizes in a kuji! I love the quality of these, too. They don't feel like your cheap fabric. I'm going to put mine on my ita-bag for Shino. I'd never actually use this is a pillow case. It's too precious. I doubt I can find it anywhere else for a good price either.

H-Prize Wall stickers! Now, these are pretty big! However, I think they'd be more appropriate as notebook stickers though for larger-sized ones. Or perhaps a sketchbook. (Maybe even on a clear phone case? *eyes mine*) 

I-Prizes are rubber magnets. Jesus. Need I say more? While I was fixing these, I thought they were rubber straps. As I was labelling each box, I was all, "Shoot. Why are all the boxes sticking together?" And lo and behold, they were actually magnets! I love these too much. <3 Of course, I'd still rather have these as rubber straps. Still, I refuse to complain. You get the entire roster so I can be happy with that! 

The LG prize is a beautiful blanket printed with the character's silhouettes. I can easily distinguish each one. Perhaps, my obsession is reaching an all time high?

Over-all, I'd rate this set a solid 3.5 / 5. It's great, but I wouldn't get it if it wasn't for HC. 

Anyway, that's all for this set! I intend on purchasing more kujis, so please expect more reviews in the near future.