Saturday, November 26, 2016

Yowamushi Pedal x THE GUEST CAFE in PARCO Ikebukuro!


Dare I say it? Well, I guess it would help if I spoke about it. Anyway, today... well, yesterday (as it's 2:48 AM) as I'm typing this was the Super Moon. I never liked to believe in folklore or Wiccan traditions but a good friend of mine who considers herself as Wiccan (you know how diverse people are in my university) would often tell me that Full Moons are usually a time wherein things are unearthed, things are revealed and then cleansed. So this weekend, I learned a lot about things. A lot pained me. Around Saturday, I had a massive cry out session BUT I didn't feel totally detached from my burden yet. While I was in bed yesterday, I prayed to God about something that I've been carrying around for years now. It felt heavy. I told God, "G-man, I think that was the last straw! I promise I'll never do that again!" And as I was reaching the end of my prayer, it was like a weight was lifted off me. Like, huh? I mean, it felt like I didn't have that problem in the first place. I felt nothing for it. And afterwards, I was able to sleep peacefully.

Oh, God. You really are the best. I don't care what anyone says!

Another part of that Lunar experience was with Ate Princess. Her husband's mistress finally revealed herself. To which that woman, who is unfortunately at the same age as us, attacked her. Being on her side, of course, I fought for her, too. It turns out that Ate Princess' common ~friend~ told on her. She tried diffusing the fight and even washed her hands clean. Something that pissed me off. I told Ate Princess that she wasn't a true friend and she agreed. Over-all, the mistress backed off. Probably because I threatened her that if she tried anything (to hurt or slander Ate Princess), we'll go to the police which is just a text away pretty much. She never spoke again. But you can see how riled up Ate Princess was even when she kept on repeating that she was alright.

I also learned about two of my friends' break-up which was severely unpleasant. Since Friday, I couldn't sleep. I was bothered. Even cried about it. (Well, it was an accumulation of things, of course.) When you put your trust in people, and they fall short...who is to blame? The ego-part of our brain thinks it's their fault. But it's usually ours because people are allowed to change, and we can't stop it. It's sad to see when someone you used to know has changed. And unfortunately, for the worse. People who used to be against something can be for that something. You can't stop that. It's part of life. 

Still, I'll remain hopeful in love and in people who will be committed and true to their word. 

Anyway, enough about that. I'm sure most of you don't come to my blog to read my pandering. 

I celebrated my birthday here at The Guest Cafe x Yowamushi Pedal in Parco Ikebukuro! This was the second Yowamushi Pedal cafe I've been to during my return. I've been going back and forth for the Haikyuu!! store anyway so I figured why not? Every time I'd go up to the 5th floor, I'd pass by this cafe. And I was all, I must return! So I asked my Mom if we could go here for my birthday and she agreed.

The menu

The menu, as for most anime cafes, was small. However, I can deal with that. If you know about anime cafes, most of the time, they only have a few staff. That and there are plenty of customers especially if the series is popular. Also, the food is presented in such a creative way! The staff are so meticulous so I laud them for their hard work each time I visit one. I think they deserve the high prices. As a future cafe owner, if I meticulously worked on each meal, then I think it's only right that they get paid correctly.

The table mats are super adorable, and it's nice that they include plenty of characters on one mat. Usually, in Adores or Animate, each character has their own mat so this is pretty new for me! However, for The Guest Cafe they don't seem to give it to you as a freebie. :< That's pretty disappointing! I would have wanted to display this on my wall or something. But to be fair, the freebies they give depending on the meal you purchase is of good quality.

I ordered Fuku-senpai's Cotton Candy cola drink! Ahh, when you drink this, it gives you a burst of sweetness! It's also so, so refreshing! I've always wanted to try this type of drink. I've been spotting cotton candy on desserts, but I've always been so apprehensive as I'd rather have something else on the menu. (That, and it's most of the time, quite expensive!) 

Side note: I keep on getting Manami on my coasters! I also got him at the CharaCro cafe. I think Manami-kun may have a crush on me! HOHOHO. I would instantly accept if he ever asked to be my boyfriend. (And, why not?)

My Mom's drink was a pleasant banana smoothie~ She enjoyed it a lot and commented that she was relieved it wasn't too sweet as it looked to be. I scooped up the Maki-chan frosting on top though, haha! xD 

We got free from balloons from our drinks! I kinda felt like a little girl carrying around these two balloons all around Ikebukuro. It was so much fun, but before leaving, we deflated the balloons in order to not be a burden to the people on the train. 

I ordered the Mushroom and Chestnut Risotto (from Hakone Mountain, nonetheless!). It was so good. I've never had a more pleasant 5 spoonfuls in my life. Granted, it was so expensive... But Fuku-chan and Arakita-san were on my plate. Too cute for words! ; u ; It also came with a salad on a Hakone Gakuen mug. You get to keep the mug at the end, and it sits proudly on top of my desk with pens.

If you've been reading my posts for awhile, you'd know that my Mom isn't too fond of Anime cafe meals. She prefers to go out at legit restaurants with all the frou frou and whatnot. Still, we split Tadashi-senpai's Bakery Special! The veggies were so crisp. I'm reminded that we don't get veggies this fresh in the Philippines. (I'm sorry, but it's all too sad and true at the same time). It also came with a Sohoku Gakuen mug with soup (Which you can take home later) and potato wedges. I'd say this is worth the 1500 yen price tag.

For dessert, we ordered the Dessert Tower. I ordered it mainly because it was beautiful and photogenic on the menu. And I wasn't disappointed! Pretty much an assortment of desserts strewn across beautiful plates with whipped cream and fruits.

I've always been so blessed to be able to travel freely and so often. I know I sound like a broken record but most of the time, I'm in shock as to what's come to me. That God has given me a huge opportunity to do the things I love. Sometimes, I feel so... self-absorbed and angry. But I'm reminded at times like these, it's better to become a better person and grow-up, if only to thank the Lord for what He has bestowed and blessed me with.

See you in my next entry!