Saturday, December 17, 2016

Goodsmile Cafe x Animate Cafe Feat. Tsukiuta THE ANIMATION!

Bunnies, bunnies... everywhere!

The past few weeks, months, no... probably even for a year, I've been feeling low.

No matter what I've accomplished, it always seemed to feel a bit futile. As if it wasn't enough or they felt as if it had no value, no meaning. And yet, things seem to come with me at a certain level of ease. Certainly, there are more people qualified than I am. There are people far more passionate with these games, series or even travel in general. However, things come to me, most of the time unexpectedly. They arrive and give me the opportunity to visit plenty of places and of course, allow me to share these places to everyone. I'm truly blessed. 

I got to the Tsukiuta cafe... quite late. I got the time mixed up, but thankfully, they still let us in. This happens to me quite a lot as Japan follows the 24-hour format! I only realised mid-way, walking across the Chiyoda street, haha! My Mom and I had to walk faster. I wanted to see what the hype was with this series. As the series collaborated with Good Smile, you just know it must be quite popular. I was lucky to even win a slot at such a prime time, too.

Idol groups have been all the rage recently. 

As I'm a huge fan of otome games, the genre has piqued my interest. I haven't gotten into the genre as of yet though my bestfriend - Kana - loves them especially Idolish7. So when I started HC, I built it with her in my mind. Not so much of myself though, if I were to be quite honest. I guess, I'm a fake fan? I care about her a lot, so I never really stopped it when she prodded me to stock it in. She was right when she argued it would do better for HC's feminine branding. People also responded quite well, so I couldn't be anymore pleased. 

It's my second time visiting a Good Smile x Animate Cafe Collaboration! I'm quite lucky, aren't I? Tsukiuta was one of the high demand cafes then alongside B-Project. Both were idol-themed cafes, so my return was a real eye-opener in a sense. I've decided to go to a different direction then as in order to compete in the world of shops, one must always be a different. 

I'm only (probably) realising it now, but I sat on Yoru's table. This will probably sound incredibly cryptic, but September always seems to be my favourite month. It's always this time of transformation and growth though I would happily sit on any of the other boys' tables. It's just a bit ironic I ended up seating on the September month's table.

Koi was on my napkin holder so I can happily accept this! He's the only character I recognise, if I were to be honest. Probably because of all the pink! (And pink's my favourite colour!)

More Koi!

This photo frame section is a typical element of the Good Smile cafes! 

The photo booth section~ There were plenty of girls lining up to this booth so I couldn't take a photo inside. I would have wanted a photograph with Koi!

Let's go to the menu!

Ahh, look at all that colour!

The menu looked quite great, yes? It's also relatively simple. There's a good amount of desserts and meals. Everything looked aesthetically pleasing as well. Compared to the Guest Cafe, it's cheaper, too. They also gave stickers as well as coasters. The former for the meals, the latter for the drinks. I was pretty much okay with getting any of the characters!

Much like how Manami from YowaPeda adores me, Koi seems to love me, too~ I keep on getting him whether it's on blind boxes or coasters! Rui, too.


Ah, I really like how much detail they put on this! It's quite amazing!

I also drank Koi's Strawberry hot cocoa~ I mainly ordered it for the star sprinkles~ It looked really pretty especially in person! Initially, we ordered the drinks on top. But when a waiter passed me by, I saw this beautiful cup. Immediately, I asked for another! (Of course, why wouldn't I?!) 

As you can see, I also got Rui for my sticker. I got him both which is quite a huge coincidence seeing as there are plenty of characters in the series. You basically get a 1 in 12 chance. :')

My Mom ordered this fondue dish! She said it was a bit simple, but she really liked it over all. I ended up finishing it for her as we went someplace else to eat after. 

I ordered Aoi's Blue Curry! There were small bits of chicken, haha! You can't really expect much from this, but I love how it was presented. I also found the colour interesting. Of course, back then, I wasn't invested nor did I know anything about the series. I often feel tugged at these places out of curiosity. God seems to think these places are for me as He keeps putting them in my path. For that, I'm thankful.

... and for the finale, my dessert!

The waffles... were so hard! I asked my Mom to eat it all! ;; u ;;