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Haikyuu!! Ichiban Kuji ~Karasuno Gakuen vs. Shiratorizawa Gakuen~ Set

I'm so sorry!

I accidentally published this entry without any text. I feel like I'm slowly letting this blog down, so I've decided to redo this entire entry and republish it on the succeeding week. Again, I apologize to any one who's seen the original post. I can get quite clumsy at times. Personally, I don't like how I get too caught up with something and neglect other aspects of my life. It's just not right nor acceptable, so I will work harder!

And, Happy New Year, everyone!

Shall we do amazing things again this year? I'd like to thank you all for the kindness and love you've shown me and HC. 2016 was such an amazing year filled with opportunities. I am truly, certainly blessed.

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Ah, the Last Prize (ironically, what we're starting with) is a tote bag along with straps of Ushijima and Tsukki. The design is quite simple for my liking. But at the end of the day, you're getting 2 straps along with it so it gets an acceptable grade from me! It's a horizontal shaped bag... honestly, I'm not too fond of bags like this. (Horizontal-wise, I mean.) They seem a little shallow and can easily be stolen from...? That's my opinion though, heh heh.

Bath towels for the A-F Prizes

I honestly despise selling towels... not because I don't like them. I actually do! But I've always been careful of our customers' preferences. Would customers legitimately like / buy this? I'm quite relieved whenever people purchase them as I always get scared that they won't! These towels are soft and the colours are vibrant which is rather unusual for bath towels from a kuji. With that said, I'd have a difficult time bathing in this because then >///////< 


G-Prizes are pin sets~ Karasuno vs. Shiratorizawa! These are quite a fun addition to the set! I love how they're presented in such a 'battle' themed way. 

H-Prizes are standard rubber straps featuring the Karasuno boys and (some of the) Shiratorizawa boys~ They're quite cute, aren't they? I just love Tendou's expression! <3 <3 <3 

I-Prizes are straps with our leading boys' quotes. Compared to the previous rubber strap collection, these are bigger (and not to mention cuter) with quotations beside them! I love how they just went all out and gave us 2 pieces of each character. Like, this is great especially for me, y'know? I mean, I want to keep a Kenma for myself but sometimes... well, no, not sometimes but I've got to sacrifice for the customers if they want him. It's only fair! So I'm glad that they gave us one of each. And they're quite kind to just put 1 of the Dateko boys. (Not to be rude or anything! They just hardly ever sell... I'm sorry, don't slice me.)

J-Prizes are quotation badges~ As if one set wasn't already enough, they just had to give us another pin set! This time around, you get quotation badges and a silhouette of our leading boys from each team. <3 They have the same packaging as the previous set BUT BUT BUT with an ultra cool and chic drawing. at the background and text. WOW WOW WOW. 

O-Prizes are, once again... rubber straps! And they went overboard this time, darlings! Why? Because we get plenty of Oikawas (5), Iwaizumis (4) and Akiteru (3)'s! <3 Just awesome! <3 Aoba Johsai wasn't the main forefront for this set. But fans get the awesome captain and co-captain of the series along with Tsukki's super adorable brother.

So, let's rate this set. I'd give it a 3.5/5. 

I'm not all too pleased with everything, but I can forgive it because we still get our favourites in the set. Somehow. However, if I were coming from a customer's perspective, I probably won't be all too crazy. To draw one ticket would most likely land you either a strap or a pin set. And are the items all to great to buy lots of tickets from? Honestly, no. Fans will still be able to enjoy and push their luck to try for their favourites out of fun. And if just like me, you like Haikyuu!! then you'd definitely still appreciate this set nonetheless even if you're not a fan of Shiratorizawa. 

Anyway, that's that for this short review!

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