Saturday, January 21, 2017

Idolish7 ~King Pudding~ Ichiban Kuji Set!

Phew, my blog is finally back-up!

Philhosting pretty much screwed my blog over and didn't even bother helping me set up my DNS. Since I still own the .net domain of Heroine Complex, I'll just transfer it to GoDaddy. Having said this, for a while, I was debating as to whether or not I was still going to keep this blog. I was stressed as Philhosting didn't even have instructions and would ~sass~ me whenever I'd ask for help managing my DNS. "Ask Blogger for help" tf? 

Anyhoo, I decided that this blog is such an integral part of the HC brand. It's something I just can't dismiss or throw away. A lot of people look to my blog for my travels. I couldn't just let it go because of some domain problems. Hence, I took the plunge and got a new one! I'm so glad we're back-up and running again!

We'll be changing our blog design sometime within the year. For now, it's here to stay! I'm so relieved. ; u ;

Today, we'll be talking about the much anticipated Idolish7 ~King Pudding~ Ichiban Kuji! 

This was released last December. My supplier got into a bit of conflict as Japan had year-end  + New Year holidays, but we've managed to get them now. 

I'm so happy!

Everything is so colourful and vibrant within this set.

But first, if you'd like to purchase items from this set, feel free to visit our shop!

Let's get started!

The A-Prize is a 2017 calendar which contains illustrations from this line.

Now, would I say this is worth being an A-Prize? Hardly. I mean, to me, from all my experiences with kujis... an A-Prize is a bag or a huge plush. But is it pretty? Yes, in every sense of the word. If you love the illustrations from this set, then by all means, this is a wonderful addition to your collection. It's a good size and would look great on anyone's desk!

Now, we have the highlight(s) of this set! (At least in my opinion!): The Pudding Plushies! B-M Prizes!




I honest had to resist myself from getting anyone from this set! We sold out on the other characters easily! They're made of amazing quality and has a good size, too! Honestly, get your best boys soon because they are not going to stay in stock for long! Just the sheer cuteness is enough to get your heart pumping with love!

N-Prizes are clear file sets. There are 2 pieces in each set with different characters. The clear files are translucent with opaque printing. I love these especially Tenn and Riku's image together. Absolutely beautiful!

O-Prizes are rubber straps featuring King Pudding! These are absolutely beautiful. I'm personally attracted to vibrant colours and just hit right in the KOKORO! I recommend these straps to any fan. <3 If you can't commit to a single best boy yet, get yourself a strap of your favorites! They'll be happy to accompany you everywhere you go!

Last Prize is... a King Pudding Plush! What a wonderful way to end the set!

So how do you find this set, darling?

I'd give it a solid 4.5/5! Everything is worth your buck! These kujis are only available at selected convenient stores so please do try to get them before their aftermarket prices jump to an all time high!