Saturday, February 25, 2017

Kuroko no Basuke -Eiga o Mimasen Ka?- Ichiban Kuji Review!

Oh, a few days before the con!

A lot of amazing things have been happening to me. I'm extremely fired up. When other people succeed, I'm inspired to also work harder and exceed myself. It's easy to feel as though you aren't good enough in such a competitive environment. Honestly, there have been times when I'm just simply too tempted to give-up. But why? I've come such a long way. I don't want to throw in the towel and just not even try. I want to continue working hard even if the odds are against me. I could be scared or I could grow to become hateful or whatever. It's just... if I do it then the future I want will slowly disappear from me. I don't want that at all!

I want to continue smiling in spite of adversity!

Anyway, I apologize for such a strange litany. I know I must've bored you with my pseudo-inspirational words. Even still, I want to prove to a lot of people what I'm capable of. And it starts by working my ass off.

Let's start, shall we? I don't want to keep anyone waiting!

Now, I wasn't sure about getting this set. Until I finally just caved in. I started watching Kuroko no Basuke on a whim and... then fell in love. A friend told me that the fandom is pretty dead... but after visiting the cafe? Definitely, not! I've come to love the series and now see it as an equal of Haikyuu!! (from my eyes, okay?)!

The set is divided into two. Basically, the lettered set has their bird mascot design. The numbered ones are chibi designs. I'll be talking about them simultaneously as not to bore you. Which I know most of you will be. But I hope not. Secretly. 

A + 1 prizes are tote bags. These have a rather minimalist design which I'm sure will appeal to a lot of you. I'll take a shot and say these would look cute as lunch bags perfect to pack in your bentos with! <3 I know most of you aren't into that whole bento culture, but I can imagine a cute girl just using this for such purpose! Or maybe to store in your KnB plushies and use it as a mini ita-bag? Eh, eh? *nudges you*

Last prizes are towels. Oh, the great towels of light and love! Whatever shall we do without towels in a Banpresto set? I'll tell you. FREAK THE HELL OUT. That's what. The colours have a slightly muted palette which is quite fascinating considering the set in entirety is vibrant! THESE ALSO FEEL SO SOFT. Perfect for lazy nights in and cold winter days. Or if your boyfriend is acting up then... you know what to do. XD I kid, I kid. Did that sound morbid? God, I hope not.

M and 13 prizes are rubber straps. The chibi rubber straps look rather plain. I wouldn't know about you, but... I'm far more interested in the bird mascot straps. I don't know how this movie theme is related to KnB, I'm still only on Episode 5... I know, I know... I'll hurry up. But just look at how expressive the bird straps are. I mean, come on! Just imagine how much creativity and thought process went into these...! It's a miracle. I say this because our mascots are chicks. And you really gotta think of a way to not make them look plain... ya feel? So, creators! I salute you and all that you do!

2-12 prizes are figures. Were they trying to copy Taito Kuji's deforme figures because if so... they come quite close to the cuteness factor! You just want to collect them all after seeing them sit on that adorable red movie seat. Like come on, it's way too cute. And I know most of you can't resist them, eh? Personally, as of the moment, I'm biased with Kise. 

And that is all...! Did I bore you? I'm always a bit... scared that I'm uninteresting.

A part of me is scared in something. I got news of something that was a bit unnerving because it wasn't what I expected. Honestly, I'm a bit bummed about it. But then I figured, this is just a challenge! I've been through worse. And really, I know that even if things don't go the way we planned, there's always something better. I fully believe that God has His Ways and will continue to help me prosper.

For now, I'm hopeful! And I'm very happy and inspired, I know that with God's help I can do anything so I'm not scared. A lot of people believe in me and in what I do, in who I am as a person so there's no such thing as backing out!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Idolish7 Kiradol Bunny Parka Plushies Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

Someone get me out of bed, please!

The weather has been so strange, no - scratch that! The world has been so strange. It feels as though the energy has shifted to this strange vibration. Yet still, I would like to continue being positive. I've started writing down all the things I've been grateful for, and it's working! There are plenty of times when I feel anxiety rush down my spine. I'm unsure, scared and pensive. But when I'm reminded of the future, the future that I want... then it gives me courage. Even if it's not this roaring fire, there's a light, and that's really enough to keep me going!

Please surround yourself with positive things! I've always felt that... if I can complain about something which is so taxing... then I can certainly do something more productive!

Hence, why you're reading this post. In uncertain times, even if I do believe in the less popular opinions, I'm affected by all this negativity. Even still, I want to push forward and continue creating.

I'm so glad Banpresto did a re-release on these sets. I've been meaning to get my hands on them but just couldn't when I decided that I would make idols the main theme of our shop! They were so rare and all the fangirls went rabid. Their prices skyrocketed to oblivion! I'm quite thankful that I was allowed to grab my hands on these. Indeed, they are cute and worth every buck.

Look at them all cute and cuddly together!

Close-up photos! What do you think?

I wish you all a thriving year, and God bless!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

B-Project ~Beat*Ambitious~ Minna no Kuji Review!

I feel so blessed today!

I hope you feel the same way, too. Anyway, I've started reading this book called "The Secret". I've read it at some point when I was in high school. I found the cover to be quite cool, so younger Mika decided to read it for the heck of it. And back then, I didn't understand a damn thing. Like, my mind would try to process it but... nothing. Still, I continuously read it. Now, years later, I've stumbled upon my physical copy once again and it actually does process in my brain.

There's a lot of negativity around the cyber space these days, so I've armed myself against it all by reading books and focusing on my interests instead. I even removed my Twitter and Facebook feeds. I hope other people find joy amidst their trials. I feel that it's easy to be offended by something even if being offended is a personal choice in the first place. Someone can say something, and by default, everyone is on the edge of their seat and whining. I never want to live like that so I take things with a grain of salt. 

I want to start making a bullet journal! As I'm typing this, it's the last day of January. I feel like the year's only beginning to say the least! So I'd like to start over every month. Just wiping the slate clean.

You can find out a couple more information of the kuji right here

Shall we get started?

Now, when I bought this set... I wasn't entirely sure of Minna no Kuji. First of all, I'm SO used to Ichiban Kuji (Banpresto) so when I get into other kujis, I'm a bit iffy. I'm never sure what to think of them. Some have exceeded my expectations and some... just sucked so bad. 

This set... however, is an exception. I believe this is a great set especially for all the fans out there to enjoy!

A-Prizes are Tapestries! One of the things I've noticed about Minna no Kuji is that most of the time, their A-Prizes are tapestries. The same is true in the Ensemble Stars! ~Gonin Sorotte Ryuseitai!~ set as well. This illustration was during Goushi's episode with the magazine editor which is quite a pleasant surprise. It's a very colourful drawing and if you're a fan of THRIVE, this would make your heart skip a bit everytime you saw it on your wall!

Goushi though. *ba-dum! ba-dum! Oh, my heart.*

B-D Prizes are plushes of Tomohisa (Kitakore), Kento (Thrive) and Momotaro (Moons). I love these so much, and FuRyu was generous enough to give us two of each! These are adorable and of great quality. Their texture and form is reminiscent of GIFT plushes but has a different, more-'chibi' design. I also love how faithful the creators made them from their original designs.

E Prizes are muffler towels with each team's emblem.

F-Prizes are acrylic straps. Each strap has this beautiful image per character at the center. It's also a pretty large size. How wonderful! If you really wanted to display your love for your favorite B-Projet, get this hehe!

G-Prizes are rubber straps! What's special about these rubber straps you might ask? Well, hey, hey, hey! Not only are they positively cute, but also have a free cover! A two in one product? Yes! Much like the ones you see in Animate! The chibi art is cute and amazing as well~ I recommend this so, so, so much!

 H-Prizes are rubber bands~ Display your love for your favorite team anytime, anywhere!

And lastly, the last prize is a multi cloth with all every member here!

I hope this small review made you smile. Have an awesome week ahead!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Haikyuu!! ~Give Me Luck!~ New Year Ichiban Kuji

A very prosperous start of the new year!

It's only January, and we've been doing significant progress. When the New Year comes, we tend to get rid of the old. Or at least, that's what we like to think. Still, at just the beginning of the year, new truths have come to light. For that, I'm thankful. In just a couple of weeks, I had to face difficult life lessons which I hoped never to encounter. I'm a stronger person now after this, but some things are just hard to swallow. 

No matter what happens, we must move forward. Regardless. That's what I plan to do. There's no time to waste by looking to the past as there are better things in the future.

Anyway, moving on, I do wish that 2017 is a kinder year for you and me! Positive thinking!

This set! This set! This set!

I stumbled upon this by pure luck. I believe the last Haikyuu!! kuji (before this) was around late-November (Correct me if I'm wrong) so I didn't expect they'd jump the gun and have another as soon as January! I eagerly asked our supplier to get us one set. If I missed it then my humble shop wouldn't have been able to stock this!

It would have easily been my first regret for 2017!

But alas, we pulled through. And I am so glad because... it's absolutely glorious. 

ALSO, the after market prices for these dorks... have skyrocketed. My goodness.

I love these so much! It's a rather simple set when you look at it from a top view like this.


Aoba Johsai!


Data Tech!



A-F Prizes are Omikuji Pouches. These include 2 rubber straps, 2 can badges, 2 clear files, 1 omikuji fortune and of course the bag from their respective teams. The bag's quality has a velvet-y feel and looks vibrant. I say this because most of the time, Haikyuu!! sets aren't as colourful as I would like. This time around, they went all out! Each bag has a beautiful traditional print perfect for the New Year's celebration in Japan. Absolutely gorgeous. 

Unfortunately, I can't reveal the contents as this would ruin the surprise. I believe this was the manufacturer's decision to do so. Omikujis are lottery-type fortunes you can get at shrines. As such, you don't really know what you're getting much like the omikuji you will receive here! Lastly, a clear file and can badge design's hidden --- to add to the surprise!

G-I Prizes are of course, the rubber straps! These straps are slightly bigger than the usual so you can get more bang for your buck! These are just so cute, and I love how animated they are. What I mean by that is, they're not just standing--- for once! Well, some are! But just look at Oikawa and Suga! Look how much fun they're having!

The last prize is an omikuji pouch filled with rubber straps of the guys with... animal headgears representing the Chinese Zodiac! My kuji package ended up getting the Set A which includes Hinata, Ushijima, Kuroo, Bokuto, Akaashi and Tendou. Personally, I would have wanted Set B with Oikawa and Kageyama in that absolutely cute chicken headgear but this is alright, too. The bright red bag is definitely a sign of good luck this year. 

Thank you for reading! 

I wish you a wonderful year ahead, and God bless!