Saturday, February 18, 2017

Idolish7 Kiradol Bunny Parka Plushies Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

Someone get me out of bed, please!

The weather has been so strange, no - scratch that! The world has been so strange. It feels as though the energy has shifted to this strange vibration. Yet still, I would like to continue being positive. I've started writing down all the things I've been grateful for, and it's working! There are plenty of times when I feel anxiety rush down my spine. I'm unsure, scared and pensive. But when I'm reminded of the future, the future that I want... then it gives me courage. Even if it's not this roaring fire, there's a light, and that's really enough to keep me going!

Please surround yourself with positive things! I've always felt that... if I can complain about something which is so taxing... then I can certainly do something more productive!

Hence, why you're reading this post. In uncertain times, even if I do believe in the less popular opinions, I'm affected by all this negativity. Even still, I want to push forward and continue creating.

I'm so glad Banpresto did a re-release on these sets. I've been meaning to get my hands on them but just couldn't when I decided that I would make idols the main theme of our shop! They were so rare and all the fangirls went rabid. Their prices skyrocketed to oblivion! I'm quite thankful that I was allowed to grab my hands on these. Indeed, they are cute and worth every buck.

Look at them all cute and cuddly together!

Close-up photos! What do you think?

I wish you all a thriving year, and God bless!