Sunday, March 19, 2017

Heroine Complex's Yuri On Ice!! Giveaway!

To celebrate our 1000+ order mark (1111 at the moment.), I decided to do all of you a solid and give away your precious figure skating boys. I feel extremely emotional and overwhelmed. In just 1 year of existence, I've been able to create something I never thought I would. It only seems fitting that we do something back in return. Even while I give back to all of you, there seems to be a joy that fills my heart. 

Even as a kid, whenever I'd travel to Japan... it was always for selfish reasons. Nowadays, I travel to Japan for girls who can't go at the moment. I feel like in my own way, I'm growing up. Right now, we've done 1111. Our Xend guy was the one who laughed and said it, "Ma'am Mika, 1000+ na!" and we get to touch other people's lives. 

The journey is far from over. We have more travels to go and a cafe to build!

Thank you, Mom and Dad. Mom for giving me the chance to do this and helping me in Tokyo. Dad for bearing with me and even going as far as to manage our booth. Ate Princess for being my assistant and playing on my whims. Ate Violy for helping our future and befriending everyone at the post office. Kuya Allan for picking up my packages and never failing to drop by since I gave him a whole basket of quail eggs, haha! Thank you Satoshi-san, Ojichan for supplying HC. Thank you UP for raising me sorta okay. Thank you, Kris for the art that helps us stand out and your patience. ; u ; <3 Thank you Dom, Kat, Hans, Josh, Pat, Kiko for loving me and visiting me at cons! Thank you everyone! 

... and thank you, Clucky Jr., Peggy, Eggdar, Tiny and Henrietta for being the cutest chicks in the entire world!

- YOU MUST COMMENT BELOW WHICH SET YOU WANT. I will choose a different winner if you don't specify a character.
- We will ship internationally.
- If we receive no response in 24 hours, we will choose a brand new winner. 
- Like our Facebook page and share the post.
- Winner will be posted on April 30, 2017 by 6:30 PM.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Kuroko no Basuke x Animate Cafe Collaboration Part 2!

I'm finally getting this out!

I went to the cafe last October, and yet I'm still here... at this point! It's been quite a ride. Lately, I've been feeling down with no motivation. But I need to move pass such feelings in order to succeed. I believe in my capabilities, and the assurance from other has been quite powerful. I can't be afraid. I must always continue no matter what happens, because life is something that constantly moves. Opportunities come and go, and I intend to grab them at all cost.

Let's always give it our well, so we won't live with regrets!

Cheesy sentiment but everyone needs a reminder, always.

Today, we'll be talking about the Kuroko no Basuke cafe! I was blessed enough to win a slot here! This was my first ever Kuroko no Basuke cafe, and I had so much fun. Everything looked so good that I wanted to try all the meals. Of course, I couldn't. But just the atmosphere was invigorating and inspiring. I will work hard to reach a caliber of such a cafe in the near future!

As with Animate, there are incredibly strict guidelines... which I will post in a separate entry.

I sort-of regret not purchasing Tetsuya #2's drink! A lot of girls were ordering this! Honestly, I should be a little more adventurous when it comes to ordering.

The meals looked so appetizing, but as most cafes, they were small and rather... unfilling. I love how all of them are presented though. There are 2 sets of coasters. The meal coasters were the boys with waiter uniforms, and the drinks had cute food-inspired coasters. I really liked the ones they had for drinks. ; u ; 


Even my Mom loved taking photographs of this particular cafe! 

You don't see that quite often with my Mom, hehe!

We simply ordered basic drinks to go with our meals. My Mom wasn't going to eat too much at any Animate cafe, so she didn't really bother too much.

This one's my order~ I think people are quite aware by now that I tend to order the cutest dishes in the group. I liked it, I mean it wasn't as good as what you'd probably get at a Hamburg steak restaurant but in essence, yeah! I can eat it~

My Mom ordered this French Onion soup with croquette~ I had some, and it was really hot but delicious!

... And finally dessert to top it all off!

Ah, I'm starting to feel motivated again. Whenever I put off something, I tend to lose feelings for it so I have to make sure I do things in a concise manner. ;__; 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Animate Cafe Shop Ikebukuro x Card Captor Sakura Collaboration! Part. 1

Fruits candy!

I am truly blessed. 

Will I ever stop saying that? Nope.

It's been difficult opening a business so I'm glad a lot of people come to my aid and help me. There isn't much to say other than I'm so blessed to be a part of such an amazing team. I never really saw myself as the owner. I think... in this short-circuited brain of mine, Clucky's the owner, and I feel like I'm working for him. Does that make sense? I think it's easy to get caught up in believing that you are the top of the food chain. Like, hey, you own that business. But when others feel that they are the top, it inflates a part of their ego and they lose sight of reality. I am quite cautious of feeling that way. I often talk about 'HC isn't where I want to be yet'. So we strive, strive, strive. Even if it's hard, I want to continue working as if I'm the lowest on the food chain. If I can keep that work ethic, then surely it'll pay off in the future. Maybe not now, but it will.

I wasn't able to go to the main CCS cafe itself. I think I missed it by a week or two... last October. At least I was able to go and take some drinks at the mini cafe at Ikebukuro 3.

When I was young, I recall having 2 friends named Erika and Marlena who loved this series as much as I did. I'd go home from the school bus and run to watch CCS! I was so, so, so happy then! My life has somehow did a 360 degree turn. From old favorites back to current favorites. It's quite strange. Series that I have abandoned in the past are greeting we back home. Like Prince of Tennis, etc. I love these series, and I'll cherish them forever.

The drinks menu! It's still similar to the original CCS Animate Cafe collaboration... just this time, you only get the drinks. :) There's a small counter beside the windows where you can sit down and have a cooling drink.

Kero-chan and Spinel!

You can become a clow card here~ hehe~ 

Just a couple of photographs I wanted to share of the cafe. :3 I hope this somehow brightened your day. 

God bless!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Animate Cafe x Kuroko no Basuke Collaboration Part. 1

Oversaturated photos, ahoy!

So how is everyone? It took me such a long time to get into this post. I actually have plenty more cafes to share with you all, but I'm doing them one by one in the hopes that I get 'em all done eventually. The way my life is right now, I can't help but feel grateful. It's honestly been a lot of hard work, but I've managed to pull through. It's never going to be an easy ride. There was a point in time when I wished for things to become easier, but the more I reflect on what's happened, the more I learned that hard times do serve a purpose. Instead of complaining and notice what's unimportant, I'll just continue being grateful and thank God and my parents for everything. I think that would be the more noble thing to do.

After all, when I think about it... I don't want to read and look back at entries here and read about how anything negative. I am truly blessed, and it's important I focus on those things instead of finding problems that aren't even important. 

I want to continue being grateful!

Moving on, when I went to the Kuroko no Basuke cafe, I was a bit tired from shopping the day before. But I remember the excitement that I felt because I was able to visit the ever so popular cafe. My Mom purchased plenty of chocolates, and I remember lugging them around like a lunatic at the elevator but looking around in excitement. I thought to myself, "I finally got to go here!" and I was like a giddy young girl!

Everything was so colourful, and the menu looked appetizing! I couldn't help myself and my heart felt so full that I was jumping in place!

Seirin boys!


My pure and sweet son! I wish I made my Kise bag prior to this visit! Just seeing his bright smile makes me very happy!

Akashi-kun! Captain! I can understand why he's the favorite among lots of girls~ Hehe~ I'm really hanging onto Kisecchi though! 

More photos!

... and this concludes my short and brief entry for the KnB cafe! I shall return with the food posts so please stick around!