Saturday, March 18, 2017

Kuroko no Basuke x Animate Cafe Collaboration Part 2!

I'm finally getting this out!

I went to the cafe last October, and yet I'm still here... at this point! It's been quite a ride. Lately, I've been feeling down with no motivation. But I need to move pass such feelings in order to succeed. I believe in my capabilities, and the assurance from other has been quite powerful. I can't be afraid. I must always continue no matter what happens, because life is something that constantly moves. Opportunities come and go, and I intend to grab them at all cost.

Let's always give it our well, so we won't live with regrets!

Cheesy sentiment but everyone needs a reminder, always.

Today, we'll be talking about the Kuroko no Basuke cafe! I was blessed enough to win a slot here! This was my first ever Kuroko no Basuke cafe, and I had so much fun. Everything looked so good that I wanted to try all the meals. Of course, I couldn't. But just the atmosphere was invigorating and inspiring. I will work hard to reach a caliber of such a cafe in the near future!

As with Animate, there are incredibly strict guidelines... which I will post in a separate entry.

I sort-of regret not purchasing Tetsuya #2's drink! A lot of girls were ordering this! Honestly, I should be a little more adventurous when it comes to ordering.

The meals looked so appetizing, but as most cafes, they were small and rather... unfilling. I love how all of them are presented though. There are 2 sets of coasters. The meal coasters were the boys with waiter uniforms, and the drinks had cute food-inspired coasters. I really liked the ones they had for drinks. ; u ; 


Even my Mom loved taking photographs of this particular cafe! 

You don't see that quite often with my Mom, hehe!

We simply ordered basic drinks to go with our meals. My Mom wasn't going to eat too much at any Animate cafe, so she didn't really bother too much.

This one's my order~ I think people are quite aware by now that I tend to order the cutest dishes in the group. I liked it, I mean it wasn't as good as what you'd probably get at a Hamburg steak restaurant but in essence, yeah! I can eat it~

My Mom ordered this French Onion soup with croquette~ I had some, and it was really hot but delicious!

... And finally dessert to top it all off!

Ah, I'm starting to feel motivated again. Whenever I put off something, I tend to lose feelings for it so I have to make sure I do things in a concise manner. ;__;