Saturday, April 29, 2017

October 2016: Pom Pom Purin Cafe! Happy Halloween 2016!

No trip is over complete without a visit to Pom Pom Purin cafe!

I'll be returning to Tokyo again soon, and I still have yet to type up a lot of food / cafe posts! I'm really trying my best to write as much as I can. Food is something that I'm quite passionate about as I come from a family who loves to eat. However, as of this moment, I'm on a huge diet. And I've been avoiding eating too much as I normally do. University has got me into stress eating a lot and sitting down for the most of my day is never a good thing! I'm trying to switch over from eating unhealthy food to healthy grub which is very difficult. I love my fried food, thank you very much! But it's what is needed at the moment so I'm happy enough to adjust. I am an adult now, after all.

As per usual, in my October trip last year, I ended up visiting the Pom Pom Purin cafe as I normally do. I'm sure if you've been reading my posts, you'd know that this is a longstanding tradition for me and my Mom. We've eaten here several times since it's opened, and no matter what happens, I can't seem to never ever go on a trip to Tokyo without ever stopping at one.

I just love how their mat decorations change per season. However, since I always return in the Autumn / Spring / early Summer, I tend to have the same theme for my photographs! I'll try returning in time for December this year. We'll see if my schedule does allow! I really want to bring my Mom during Christmas season because then she can appreciate the decor. My Mom loves Christmas, and she absolutely loves Japan's decorations so I'm sure it would definitely be a treat!

LOVE! LOVE! Hot Marshmallow Latte (790 Yen)! This was my Mom's drink~ Mama didn't want to eat as she already ate at a tempura place prior to our visit. So she went on to drink this instead. I, on the other hand, ate the marshmallows because it was only right. Om nom nom. Purin and Macaroon~I feel the love~

This was the pancake dish! Umm, it's no longer on the official website, so I'm assuming it's phased out. (The new dishes look great by the way so it's alright!) This tasted so average that I let my Mom finish it. It didn't impress me at all, but Purin's face certainly brought a smile to mine.

Rose Meat, Roast Beef Bowl (1290 Yen)! When I first laid my eyes on this dish, I was really freaking out. How could something be so... so meaty yet so, so cute?! I can't explain my feelings. However, it was really good. I love it so much! It should be an image of Purin holding a rose, and I can't. I just. It's too cute. Too beautiful to be real. I can't believe I ate this!

There is no real end to this entry... because I have another one from my more recent trip to write and then another one in my next then another one... 

I'm a Purin fangirl and I ship PuriRoon so very mucho!