Saturday, May 20, 2017

Tsukiuta -The Animation- x Animate Cafe at Ikebukuro! Part 1

Blessed. Blessed. Blessed.

Hello, hello! How is everyone? I'm feeling very, very good! (So many repetitions, Mika, stoooop!) Oh my, God. Thank You so much for all the blessings You've bestowed upon me and my family. I want to honour You and everyone that believes in me. I want to work harder so that I can repay everyone for their faith. Thank you, everyone! I won't ever betray your trust. I'm very much in love with everyone and the world right now. #GoodVibes

I will definitely continue following my dreams and visions!

I just wanted to share with everyone my experience at yet another Tsukiuta Cafe! (Am I lucky or what?) 

It was a particularly cold day, and we were fortunate enough to get in the very first slot. I accidentally mixed up my schedule with the Yu-Gi-Oh cafe and went to Ikebukuro 2 instead. So embarrassing! The lady there had to show me the directions. Thankfully, she assisted me with a huge smile on her face. I'm so grateful that people help me on the crazy journey I am currently on. My Mom didn't particularly liked the fact that she had to walk farther back to where we came from ;;;; (Thank you, Mom, for bearing with me. Where would I be without you?)

When we got there, they were only just allowing people inside! We made it just in time! 

It was my first time visiting the Ikebukuro 3 cafe! It's a bit smaller than the Ikebukuro 2 cafe which is more spacious and has an open area overlooking Sunshine City. Also, I felt a bit claustrophobic as the spaces between the tables are narrow and there was basically around 20-40 people of us in the room. *sweats* With that said, I did have a fun time! 

I do understand that space is expensive and difficult in Tokyo.

The character stands are absolutely adorable! Look at that cute bunny peeking behind Kai!

The goods are still similar to the previous Tsukiuta cafe I visited at their Good Smile Collaboration in Akihabara. The art is quite different though, and I definitely prefer this over the previous one. I love how cute the characters are with their bunnies~ I absolutely love the Spring theme! (Granted this was in March so, duh, Mika. Duh! XD)

The guest books (content cannot be photographed) and the condiments section!

Forgive me for the rather short entry~ I just wanted to have a post wherein I featured the overall look and feel for the cafe. 

I hope you enjoyed! And surely, of course, more cafe posts soon!