Saturday, May 27, 2017

Tsukiuta -The Animation- x Animate Cafe at Ikebukuro! Part. 2

Oh, well. Finally!

How is everyone?

Oh, my goodness. I've been having this huge surge of inspiration. I'll keep quiet about them for now, but I'm brewing something good at the back~ (Hehe~) I don't know how it'll go, but I'm sure it'll be go well. I want to write better articles, make more people happy and do great things. I'll achieve them someday soon! You come to a point that you just gotta do what you can to get out of a rut. So I'm working the best that I can. Lately, I've been either sleeping and reading like a robot with not much else to go on. I want to do my best so I can make more people happy!

For now, let me share with you what I ate at the Tsukiuta cafe! I've always been blessed to somehow end up with a Tsukiuta cafe with each of my returns to Tokyo. I'm not sure if it's purely coincidence, but I'll thank God anyway. Because at least, I was able to attract this circumstance in my life! I'm always such a positive person (or at least I try to anyway, not saying that things don't get to me...) so at least I can see it bear fruit in many ways.

Compared to the Good Smile Cafe, the menu is far smaller. There are 2 main menus, 3 desserts and 6 drinks. Not bad, it's alright for me! The venue, too, is quite small compared to the Akihabara Animate Cafe. 

I got to sit on ARATA'S TABLE! A few days before, Kuya Isaac and I were talking about the Tsukiusas. He said he liked the orange bunny and that orange was his favorite colour. I was quite surprised to have ended up on Arata's table that day. I was so excited, too! Coincidence? AH, but this thought makes me very happy. I can't contain it too much! 

Another Arata coaster?! Arata, Arata, Arata! Orange, orange, orange, huhu! <3

These were our drinks. I ordered Arata and Aoi's "Party Drink". It contained water mixed in with blue syrup topped with whipped cream, petal-shaped chocolate and silver dragees. It looked very beautiful, and I was impressed with how elegant it looked! My Mom ordered Kakeru and Koi's "Kira Shuu Energy Drink!". It's basically an energy drink mixed topped with whipped cream, candy sprinkles and a colored edible print.

Standard cafe stuff, nothing too impressive. As always, this isn't as high end as THE GUEST or CharaCro, so I feel no need to drag them. XD

Shirousa! Shiki no Basket~  I ordered the Procellarum burger~ The burger itself was made with steamed chicken, tartar sauce, lettuce and cheese. It reminded me of an upscale version of what you'd get at a random side store here in the Philippines. Nothing impressive, I could've done this at home myself. :')  It came with some soup stock as well as star fries. Not really worth the money, but look at my awesome photo! Aww, yeah!

Haru-san's Limited Edition omanjuu for his Birthday Special! It was really cute! And I brought it home with me to our apartment after to eat for later.

... as if my conversation with Kuya Isaac wasn't anymore timely, I also got You! Kuya's birthday is on August so! >////<

"Come, come! Procellarum!" Full Moon Cake Platter! I was begging my Mom to finish this. I didn't want to! x___x The custard cake was dry. Everything else seems shoddy. I mean, it's cute. Don't get me wrong! But I could've bought 2 huge meals outside for the price of this platter. It's basically just custard cake (which kinda felt store bought), random fruits like strawberry, kiwi, blue berries and star-shapped pineapple, vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream. The price must've been because of that You print!

I'll show this photo to Kuya then! Maybe at least he'll be happy I got his birth month boy. ;;;;;;;