Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Guest Cafe & Diner x New Prince of Tennis II Cafe Part 3

I feel so strong!

Ah, maybe because it's the prospect of writing this entry. I love Prince of Tennis so maybe just the very thought of writing something for this series is giving me a little zing! I feel as though I'm falling into a routine. Like, I want to come out of my shell, my routine and do plenty of great things. This is how I feel right now. And surely, I know... that I will succeed at everything I choose to do. I know that some form of confidence is needed to succeed. I feel like I'm capable, and I am willing to do anything it takes to get there. Even if I'm berated, I'll rise above everything. I cannot afford to lose the faith that people have given me. 

For people to believe and trust in you... I think that's one of the most priceless things in the world. A lot of people are willing to die just to feel that, and I'm glad I am reminded of my worth every single day.

Today, I'd like to talk about my final (and second) visit to The Guest Cafe for the New Prince of Tennis collaboration!

I wasn't able to take photographs of the menu during my first visit, so why not post some now? I love the Red-Blue-White theme. It reminds me of a diner-themed cafe. I truly enjoyed the illustrations of the boys. Look at all those handsome captains (+ 1 future captain!) <3 It's truly a wonderful sight for the eyes. I've been blessed!

I was able to try everything on the meals menu. For the dessert menu, unfortunately, I couldn't try 2 desserts. Let me roughly translate them for you! Kintarou's "I won! I won!" Shitennouji Dessert Tower (1680 Yen)! So yes, Shitennouji has a meal, too. The most expensive item in the menu, too! I already tried a dessert tower from the Yowamushi Pedal cafe, so... I didn't prod myself to try this. It basically contains lots of small tea time sweets and fruits. This was pretty popular! Next is Ryoma & Ryoga's French Toast (1380 Yen). Ryoga supposedly added extra milk for Ryoma. (It seems Ryoga was narrating this, hehe!) He also added Vanilla ice-cream and oranges which are his favorite.

The drink menu! The only item I wasn't able to try here was Sanada & Yanagi's Japanese Style Black Tea (680 Yen). I was trying to convince myself that maybe I should order it for my Mom for photography's sake, but I couldn't bring myself to it. The ladies I sat next to ordered it, and it seemed fine for them... but just! No. The description goes something like, A Japanese-style tea wrapped in a black aura of refreshing taste. Light taste that Yanagi likes. Perfect for a meal. 

Let's head onto Seigaku's meal which is Fuji's Triple Counter Pasta with 3 Spices (1180 Yen). Tomato soup with clams and shrimp. The seasonings, as written on the spices' container, are Fuji's counters namely: Higuma Otoshi, Tsubame Gaeshi and Hakugei. Now, these are your typical spices like hot sauce, cayenne pepper and togarashi seasoning. I guess the concept is pretty cute and innovative. However, my Mom commented that it was pretty bland and didn't enjoy it so much.

Goya Taco Rice (1180 Yen)! This was what I ordered for myself on the second day. If you've been reading most of my blog / cafe entries, I absolutely love taco rice. A Higa reference! Well, it was really good and I liked it a lot! The soft boiled egg really made everything come alive together. Also, I love how they fried the ampalaya / bitter gourd / goya and it was like an added element of texture. Over-all, it was so yummy! 

Another Higa School offering is this Hirakoba and Kai's Okinawa Pineapple and Kiwi Shake (780 Yen).  They sprinkled on some brown sugar and added fresh cream to top everything off. It was good! I liked it a lot. I would have rather drank Niou and Yagyu's drink again because I'm more interested in artificial jelly flavours, but this was a good change of pace.

Tezuka's Zero Shiki Drop Mousse (1280 Yen)! "Let's eat without being careless!"A tennis ball passion fruit mousse and a sponge cake. The biggest cop out ever in the cafe. I really didn't like this meal. At all. I wish I'd taken a risk and eaten Ryoma and Ryoga's dish instead. I feel like this was my only regret from the cafe. To begin with, the cake itself was way too dense. It had a grainy texture that goes against your taste buds so it felt scratchy on the throat. The mousse, ideally, would've cut down that texture but it was way too light and you couldn't taste its flavor if any at all. The salad it came with was good. But it was a very basic fruit concoction. 

... and probably the highlight to end of my beautiful TeniPuri cafe experiences is... getting to see Takeshi Konomi-sensei work in action! He drew Ryoma and thanked everybody at the cafe which is something I'll never forget in my entire life. I was supposed to go earlier, but God has His ways and was lucky enough to get to be in his presence for a short time! I felt so blessed and happy! I couldn't ask for more! Thank you, God! I've loved this series since I was in 7th grade, so I felt my Grade 7 self surge out from my consciousness and felt grateful. <3

To more Prince of Tennis adventures!