Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Guest Cafe & Diner x The New Prince of Tennis II Part 2

 Ah, ah, finally getting this out!

My story, HC's story is just beginning. Has anyone listened to Kana Nishino's Story? That's how I feel about everything right now. No matter what I've triumphed or overcome, I still feel like everything is only just unfolding, as though it's not even where I'm supposed to be yet. Everything is only starting. And there are times when I am tempted to give-up, but it's something I can't do.

So, I'll just let it go~

I wasn't sure if I was ever going to get this out. A part of me didn't really want to ever post this because it's making me relive all the fun I had... and that it's never going to happen again. Anime cafes in Japan only ever appear for a certain period of time. It sucks that when I return soon, I'll never be able to go to this Prince of Tennis cafe again. (Unless they'll be doing another collaboration in the near future.) I'd hope I could visit once more, but visiting two times in one trip must already be considered a lot. Haha!

However, with that said, I'm more than satisfied. I got to meet new friends, spend time with my Mom and eat most of the goodies!

Let me talk about the food I ate during my first visit! :3 

Now, disclaimer: I am quite the glutton. With that said, some of these were split with my Mom. If only I had extra space for more food, I'd eat everything all at once!

Hyotei Cafe Latte (680 Yen)

It's pretty much like your average, run of the mill cafe latte. Nothing new, nothing spectacular. Just some good ol' cuppa joe. Why I ordered this though was because of the Hyotei school emblem. And y'all know how I like to represent mah boys! A lot of girls were ordering the same thing. They had every possible school in TeniPuri world to choose from. :) Naturally, I stuck to my ultimate bias because why not? 

Niou and Yagyu's Ball Disappears! Illusion Soda (880 Yen)

For awhile, I didn't figure out how to drink this! I tried to look around the other girls drinking theirs, and they pretty much did it all differently. Some would eat the cotton candy separately while others placed it on top of their drinks and recorded it as it disappeared. As the name suggests, it seems the proper way to do it was the latter. 

It's a gimmick drink to be sure! My third-world self can't comprehend why I should waste cotton candy (which is kinda a perfectly good treat on its own) and put it on my drink only for it to disappear and not have an effect on the drink itself. 

However, I do love this drink! It has a very fruity, green apple taste to it. Apparently, it has 3 different layers including Calpis and orange jelly. It was super refreshing.


Shiraishi's "Ecstacy!" Cheese Doria (1380 Yen)

A LOT OF GIRLS WERE ORDERING THIS. Probably 60% of girls were eating this dish, and for good reason. It tasted phenomenal. If you love cheese as much as I do, you'd probably love this. Hands down. The veggies were fresh and cut the richness of the cheese. You'd probably feel a little dizzy after eating this, but it'd send you to heaven, that's fo' sho! The doria was strewn around with some salmon, spinach cream and rice at the bottom. 

The menu's description said that the cheese on top was to simulate Shiraishi's bandages. *tilts head* I really, really don't see it. But, whatever. It was good. I can't fault it for whatever reason. A+! This was the best meal.

Please... don't tell my husband Atobe. 

I wanted to replace Shiraishi with Atobe, haha!

Atobe's Elegant Sunday Morning Plate with Tea Set (1580 Yen)

If you've been following me, you'd immediately know that I have a huge bias and love towards Atobe. Hence, it was only natural that I would order his meal. This was also the most expensive item in the meals menu. Indeed, as the name suggests, it looks so elegant and not to mention expensive. The buttery bread was crisp and freshly baked. The prosciutto tasted rather too smoky. Basically, it was a basic dish with plenty of components. It's delicious, but I tend to not eat these kinds of things. I like food that has a lot of explosive flavour! 

But for Atobe, I will!

... I asked my Mom to finish the rest. ;;;;

Atobe's meal also came with a basic tea.

Yukimura & Bunta's Gardening Style Cake (1380 Yen)

My Mom can't eat too much sweets so we split this dessert. I'm not sure why Bunta (Marui)'s name is included here. (Am I missing some reference?) I just know that he loves sweets as do I! The chocolate ganache was thick and decadent. When you eat the fruits alongside the tart, it cuts the richness of the chocolate which I appreciate. I don't like extremely thick and heavy chocolate dishes. This, however, I love!

I know it looks rather big because of how I photographed it, but please don't be deceived. It was small as heck!


Please watch out for my third entry!

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