Saturday, July 1, 2017

CharaCro Cafe Feat. Yowamushi Pedal Part 2

And I finally pushed this out.

Amidst all the cafes I've been to... so far, the CharaCro cafe is the first of its kind to give you the same character coaster as your drink. This isn't common. Partly because people will only purchase the drinks of their favorite characters, right? I'm glad that at the very least, one cafe does this. (Though let it be known that my knowledge of anime cafes is still limited.)

One thing that I noticed about this cafe is that it's quite tight-knit. It is in the sense that you feel like you belong with the other people in the cafe. Does that make sense? They have games, prizes, karaoke segments and a popularity character poll which you can definitely join in. (They'll give you tokens!)

I went to the Yowamushi Pedal cafe. It's my favorite anime, and I absolutely love the characters. I'm glad they opened one right at Akihabara because I'm often there. (Daily, in fact.) Their menu is huge, and I'm a fan of all the choices you can pick! I actually had a difficult time choosing the meal that I wanted. There was just too much! If I was a millionaire, I would have purchased everything! Imagine all the noms, yeaaah~ XD

My Mom and I purchased Hayato and Manami's drink respectively. As it took me awhile to do this entry, I've forgotten most of what everything tasted like. ;;;; Woops! This is why entries must be done... promptly, haha! All I remember is that Manami's drink tasted like blue Gatorade but fruitier (does that even make sense?) and Hayato's was a fruit shake!

I just love Manami's drink so much! Look at that wing detail!

My Mom ordered Hayato's set meal. It comes with salad, soup and Abu's (lol, haha!) dessert. Hayato's meal is basically