Saturday, August 12, 2017

Attack on Titan Season 2 x Animate Cafe Collaboration Part. 1

Hello, cuties!

Didja miss me?

It's been so long since I personally wrote something. I've just returned from my third Tokyo trip this year. (Just last August 05.) And, you know, I couldn't find the confidence to write something. I've hidden my feelings of insecurity for a lot of things. Even though you guys and a lot of people were encouraging me, I felt a bit defeated. I couldn't reconcile a lot of things in my mind. No matter what success came to me, I felt they were futile. I was never happy with anything.

But I have to shrug these feelings off!

A lot of people believe in me, so I have to be strong for all of you as well as my future. I want anime to be in my future, and this is something I want to pursue albeit a side from my true career of being a doctor. 

This cafe was way back in May, so I have to really recall what happened...

I-I can't stop laughing, haha! I'll do my best though, I promise.

Okay, so what happened at that day?

Well, I woke-up late. And I recall riding the Yamanote line with so much fear because I really wanted to go to this cafe. That, and I had over 30 orders from this cafe. I wasn't about to let anyone down! (And come on, refunding would be a pain the arse.) So I managed to walk as fast as I could with my Mom and we were about 10 minutes late which is kinda amazing because here in the Philippines, you can never just be ~10 minutes~ late. LOL. I'm speaking the truth though!

Okay, so I'll be really honest. I've never devoted myself to this series.

I recall Daryl, a friend from college, would be like, "WELL, Armin is a girl" blah, blah, blah. And I'd just nod. I never passed from the first episode... probably because of the colour scheme. And I don't really wanna lie and say I like something if I don't. My brother loves this series, so he was very happy when I got to go! I was happy, too, that I was able to make him and lotsa other people happy, y'know? I could say happy every day! 

The menu and item selections were... amazing. I was very pleased to see Akane-sensei's art. They had an Easter collaboration which just amped up the cuteness factor for everything!

And, you know... me and cute things go hand in hand like God and Jesus, right, eh, eh? *nudges you*

Pictures are below and pretty much self-explanatory at this point! (I know you come here for the pictures so I'm not gonna bother you now. XD)

Part 1 is finished! I'll see you next time for Part 2 (and 3!) <3

I love you, and thank you for sticking with me!