Saturday, August 19, 2017

Attack on Titan x Animate Cafe Part. 2!


Ah, ah, ah~ I've been so into Collar x Malice! I absolutely love Mineo and would love to date someone like him! I think he's super cute! Why isn't he real? O ^ O *gets looked at by <3* HE'S ALSO HANDSOME, OKAY. PLEASE TELL ME YOU AGREE WITH ME!

Time to write the second part of my Attack on Titan x Animate Cafe experience! This time, we go for the food!

Do you like my pretty top up on the photo? <3 I love it a lot, hehe! You'll find me wearing a lot of white shirts, because it's my top favorite colour! (Well, next to pink, that is!)

Not that I have an experience with design or whatever, but I absolutely love how they've done the menu. Compared to the usual colour scheme of the series, this is colourful and very happy which I love! Though I'll have to be honest, the music / clips of the show playing wasn't all that... joyful. The soundtrack that was playing was sad, too! I spoke to my Mom about how much my brother loved this series, and our topic revolved around him the entire time.

I honestly couldn't decide what to get as well! I wanted to try everything!

Check out the tables! So cute, too!

Survey Corps Matcha Latte! This was merely a basic matcha latte, probably from a packet with cocoa powder on top, haha! I do appreciate the design so this was the drink I purchased. More of a commemorative drink than anything. The design was very pretty against the green coloured matcha.

Ah, the ever popular Attack on Titan roll which is often eaten by Sasha. My Mom loved this!

Jean's Omurice! It included a print of him as a child. I love eggs, and my reservation was at 11 AM so I thought, "Why not have this for breakfast?" It tasted fairly average, so I didn't expect much as per usual. The eggs were quite fluffy though, and I absolutely loved how it was presented. I'm glad this was the dish I purchased. Strangely enough, everything tasted fresh and homemade. Does that make sense or something? Probably just my imagination because let's face it... most Anime cafes aren't going to do that. It's just reality.

My Mom's main dish was this ~Kebab Set~ with the Wings of Freedom Logo! It was a bit spicy. The set included tortillas, a salad, some concoction of meat and an egg. Give me a break, guys! It's been awhile so I can't quite remember everything. But, surely, I am trying. My Mom... she left me to eat the remains. So I was really full afterwards! 

And lastly, for dessert, we split Mikasa's Red Muffler Roll cake. It's a simple dessert which resembled Mikasa's red scarf. It tasted like normal cake... with cream. I assume they just added red dye. The black ice-cream was also just vanilla, really. Still, my Mom finished it so, yay! <3 I'm glad she found something to like because she usually doesn't when it comes to these cafes.

I hope you enjoyed my brief post. Onto doing more work! I love you! <3