Saturday, September 16, 2017

Animate Cafe Shop Shinjuku x B-Project ~Dangerous~ Collaboration Part 1

Pretty 2D boys are HC's weakness. 

Well, mostly mine. Heh.

I finally got to a point wherein I feel reassured with myself to just like anime and don't give a flying f- who says what. It's a pretty liberating feeling. I understand that I'm pretty and smart. These feelings may come across differently to others, but for such a long time... I lived in such a poor self-image. And then I began to exercise, wear make-up, dress up differently and it changed a huge part of my life. It took me a long while to get to this stage, so I make sure that I try to encourage other girls. I feel it's the least I can do. These days, I no longer stutter or behind anyone. I'm proud of the trials I've faced, and all in all... it's been a pretty fun (yet strange) ride. I want to continuously do things that I'm proud of that'll benefit others, too!

The Thrive boys are my absolute unit. <3 I love almost all the songs they produce from Needle No. 6 to Love Addiction!

Up next are photos from the shop! Enjoy!